20 Connected Breaths Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise 20 Connected Breaths – a preliminary breathing technique for Rebirthing Breathwork.

This breathing exercise is one of my very favorite ones, and it can be used on a regular basis to improve your energetic flow and clear energy blocks. Great breathing technique to help you feel more relaxed and centered during the day!


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    Overcoming Fear

    […] can be quite easy for anyone to become present at any moment.  Take a few deep breaths and reconnect with how your body feels.  Pay close attention to what you are doing, whatever task […]

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    How to Increase Your Energy Level Naturally 9 essential tips

    […] Beyond just deep belly breathing, basic pranayama can work miracles in healing both the body and the mind.  Remember that the subtle energetic flow of the body is like a median between the emotions, thoughts, and body.  It’s one of the easiest ways to effect all three at once.  If you are new to pranayama, I recommend checking out these techniques:  Alternate nostril breathing, Skull shining, and 20 connected breaths. […]

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