3 Fun Activities that Actually Make You Smarter

3 Fun Activities that Actually Make You Smarter

Of all the questions I get from people, I would say more than half of them deal with the issue of intelligence.  People want to know how to succeed in their studies, how to sharpen up their mind, and how to revive their brains that they feel may have gotten “sluggish”. So in this article, I am offering up 3 fun activities that actually make you smarter. The great news is that anyone can do these for little to no money, and have fun while doing them.

So just how possible is it to actually make yourself smarter?

When I was growing up as a kid I remember that it used to be accepted that the brain reaches its full potential in early adulthood and slowly declines from then on into old age.  Fortunately for us this has been found to be grossly false, with our growing understanding of neural plasticity.

So the answer to the question of “Can I make myself smarter?” is YES! ABSOLUTELY!
Regardless of age, of your past, of how smart or not smart you feel right now, it has been scientifically found that you can increase your IQ, improve your working memory, and much more when it comes to the realm of your intellect.

I’ve already spoken in the past about how miraculous brainwave entrainment can be for this, but today I want to focus on a few easy, fun, and practical things that anyone can do to increase their IQ or mental aptitude for free (if not very cheap):

Play Chess: 

Yes, it has been proven repeatedly that playing chess increases IQ, improves working memory, and benefits the brain and mental function in a variety of ways.  And it’s fun!  Anyone who’s taken even a casual interest in chess enough to play a good game or two can imagine why this classic game of strategy can make you smarter.

Learn a New Language:  

Though learning a new language hasn’t been proven to increase IQ, it has been shown to enable the brain to work in ways that a non bi-lingual brains can’t.  And it deals largely with communication.  Want to be more witty, charming, able to persuade, or learn conflict resolution?  Learning a new language is easier than ever before with the several different choices of free mobile apps (Memrise is one of my favorites) and courses available.

Read Books: 

 Fiction or non-fiction.  Fiction can take you on journeys in your mind that your imagination might not have been able to take you on by itself.  And it will stretch that imagination and creativity.  Non-fiction enables you to take the sum knowledge gained by years worth of someone’s striving to master a certain subject and digest it in less than a few months.  The benefits of either cannot be underestimated.  And the task of reading anything in a focused environment (not talking about speed browsing through your phone online) has the tendency to increase IQ, build new pathways in the brain, and stretch your mental capacity.

These 3 common and accessible activities are easy, fun, and basically free so if you are looking to sharpen up that noggin for whatever reason, pick one and run with it! 
Of course you can always add our Genius Bundle to whatever else you are doing if you are really looking to race to the finish line.

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