4 Game-Changing Tips On Manifestation (Apply NOW for Instant Results)

4 Game-Changing Tips On Manifestation (Apply NOW for Instant Results)

The Law of Attraction, or as I prefer to call it, the art of manifestation, has gotten very big in recent times; huge even. 

And yet, with all the various books, programs, and materials out there about how to make it work for you, it’s surprising that so many people are still having difficulty getting results.  It seems that it’s very common for one to try out their new advice, new technique, or game-plan, to get some good luck at first, but ultimately end up still struggling and waiting for their big dreams, the real “dream come true” results, to manifest.

 I must admit that this was the case for me for a long time, even though I have been immersed in learning about this stuff for almost 10 years now.  Realistically, many of the most useful things I’ve been able to figure out were actually things that I figured out through my own experience, rather than from reading, attending seminars, and following other people’s advice.  The advice and material was obviously very helpful, but the truth is, there are many subtleties, important subtleties, that can make or break how far someone can go with this type of stuff, and, unfortunately, much of it still is not being taught, or is not being taught thoroughly.

This is something that I hope to change, and I do encourage you to stay tuned, because I have been working very hard to put some amazing stuff together, that is really going to change the game entirely.  For now

I’d like to share some information that you can start using right away, to move through some things that may be stopping you, and experience some exciting results as soon as possible.

There are a few very common mistakes that many people are making, as well as a few bogus teachings that have floated around that I have picked up on while working with people in a coaching scenario.  Aside from these, there are also a few important things that need to be clarified.  I’m going to list some of the most crucial ones here, right now.


The Dream as Big as You Can Myth 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the law of attraction to date, and is one that has been holding many people back for a long time.  A large number of teachers and materials have urged people, when they are getting down to clarifying what they want to create in life, and setting their specific goals, to make the goal as high as they can possibly imagine.  For example, go for one million dollars, or go for that platinum record deal, or the huge network of international real estate properties, etc.  The old idea has been that if you can conceive it, you should make it your goal and go after it.  

There is a serious drawback to this.  The more we learn and understand how this process actually happens, the more we see that our ability to manifest reality is based upon our deepest and innermost beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.  Let’s say that you are struggling with money right now, making just enough to make ends meet.  If you set a goal right now to make over 1 million dollars a year, two things are going to happen.  One is that the dissonance between your actual experience and the goal you are beginning to visualize and repeat is going to be SO GREAT that there will be a huge disconnect in your mind.  This will cause a great deal of mental discomfort, and negative emotion, and will work to reinforce more of the negative aspects of how things are now, which will meddle with the persistent positive emotional states needed to manifest your success.

Secondly, plain and simple, you know damn well that you don’t believe this is possible.  We have learned that it’s not just enough to imagine it, and have “faith”.  You need to believe it.  When someone places a goal that is so high that neither the conscious or unconscious mind believes it to be remotely possible, nothing is going to happen.  You end up just spinning your wheels.

Now I am not saying that it is not useful to dream big.  In fact, this is very important and useful, but it needs to be used in the right way, under the right context.

When it comes to setting actual goals to visualize, repeat to yourself, and move towards, you must start with something that is just at the edge of your belief.  You need to believe it is at least possible.  So if you are wanting to make 1 million dollars, but are making about $2,000 a month, your first goal to move towards should be to increase your monthly income by 1-2 thousand dollars a month, or something to that effect.  Of course this is just an example.  What is most important is that you are able to gauge what you feel is possible.  It’s ok for it to seem hard, or a little “out there”, but it needs to be conceivable to you.  Once you have achieved this goal, your beliefs “stretch” a little, as the physical evidence presents itself, and your faith and belief in your ability to manifest grows as well.  At this point you can set a higher goal, that moves you closer to the actual dream come true.


The Cycle of Cognitive Dissonance 

Something I just mentioned above that I’d like to elaborate more upon is the idea of cognitive dissonance.  This is something that everyone is destined to run into along this path, and it is something that throws many people off. 

Any time you set a goal, and begin to clearly imagine that goal coming into reality, a gap begins to form in your mind between what is being experienced now, and the experience you want to be having.  This is a slippery road, because one of the most important keys to manifesting effectively is maintaining a constant feeling of gratitude and acceptance of what it now.  This gap between the ideal, and the present experience can be prone to cause negative emotions, impatience, even hopelessness.

This one can be quite sneaky actually, and it’s important to be ready for it, and to watch for it as it approaches.  Usually one starts a goal with a great sense of hope and enthusiasm.  Things go well for a while, maybe a few weeks, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, it hits like a ton of bricks.  The distance between what you want, and what is going on now becomes incredibly clear, the obstacles that are holding you back rise to the surface of your awareness, and you realize the game that is actually being played, you see the challenge in its fullest extent.

Does this sound familiar to you? 

The sad thing is that many people will completely lose enthusiasm at this point, or even worse, completely give up.  What some don’t know about this experience is that it can actually be used to increase the speed of progress, and really get you to a point where you know exactly what needs to be done to realize that goal.  

There are a lot of different things that one can do with this to use it their advantage, and completely blast any negativity that it can elicit.  The biggest tip I am going to share with you about it right now is that, when this happens, take a few moments to (instead of look forward at the goal) look backwards at where you were before you even started the journey.  See the progress you’ve already made.  See the momentum that has been building.  This will give you the fuel to realize in the darkest moments that you are moving in the direction you want to go. 

So, in summary, when cognitive dissonance tries to knock you off your feet, take a look backwards at where you were, and how far you’ve come, rather than dwell upon how far away the ideal is.  Also, understand that this is a natural part of the process, and know that it is going to come up to test you again and again.  You can master this as one of the many phases of the whole package.


Where is Your Motivation Coming From?

I believe that this is one of the largest and most common set backs that many people who have tried and failed at manifesting their dreams run into. 

Where is your motivation coming from?  More specifically, what emotional state is your desire to create these new things in your life stemming from? 

The underlying belief, and underlying emotion about why you want what you want is one of the foundations that everything rests upon.  Understand that what I am talking about is subtle here, but of paramount importance.

This can also be quite paradoxical.  In our present state as human beings, we have such an urge to want more.  We want more money, more love, better relationships, better jobs, more comfortable living situations, more toys, material objects, experiences, success, etc.  It is so critical to realize that this constant desire for more can sabotage our efforts entirely, because of the underlying belief behind it.

The belief behind it, in a nutshell, is that we are separate, lacking, and incomplete.  And when we consider that it is actually beliefs that manifest reality, this really is in exact opposition to our strategy of creating the life we want to live.  This is a belief that must be tackled, and changed, if not at least weakened from the get go.  

The good news is that once you’ve identified these “issues”, it can actually be used as a fantastic shortcut to getting results sooner. 

By tackling the core issue, many things can be shifted at one time.  This is something I will be elaborating upon further in future articles and programs that I am diligently putting together right now.

To get a foothold on this setback right away, the most important advice I can give anyone is that it is absolutely, 100% necessary that you learn to accept and enjoy your life exactly as it is now.  It’s not just necessary to accept it, but to feel grateful for it.  This lays the necessary soil from which all the seeds of your goal writing, visualization, and other mental exercises can sprout from. 

Also, make sure you are actually having fun with all this!  This is not an escape plan.  This is not do be done, because you hate life and need it be better, or else.  Manifesting the experience of your perfect job will not work if you are doing it because you absolutely HATE your current job.  It will work if you are doing it because you know you can, because you’re on an adventure of seeing what’s possible, because you get a thrill from leaning over your edge and growing as a person, and are exciting to see what can happen.  Do you see the difference that I am talking about here?

 I understand that, depending upon where one is coming from, and what stage they are in right now, this can be a real challenge.  If this is something you struggle with, I want you to know that there are multitudes of resources out there that can help you.  I would highly encourage you to place a large degree of your focus on mastery of your emotional state, and the skill of cultivating happiness now.  For starters, feel free to download a copy of my emotional mastery ebook here.


It is Most Important That You Feel GOOD! 

One thing that I don’t think is clarified enough in most law of attraction/manifestation teachings is the importance of emotion.  Yes, it is mentioned in all of them, but I don’t believe that it is stressed enough. 

Emotions trump thoughts every time.  They send a much stronger signal.  They’re more all-encompassing and intense.  They have a stronger effect on the body, and make strong changes to the way the brain works and functions.  I am not saying that thoughts are not important, but what I am saying is that you will get leverage to the hundredth degree by focusing on emotions first. 

You could be writing clear, precise, and perfect goals every day, twice a day, visualizing your success clearly, talking to yourself in the right ways, and keeping a strong awareness of your thoughts, but if you are not feeling good, if you are grappling with negative emotions, sorrow, anger, guilt, or fear on a regular basis, you will not be able to get anywhere, or you will at least be holding yourself back from a huge potential.  It’s all about what happens on a day to day basis, how you feel in the morning when you wake up, how you emotionally process and handle the challenges you are faced with in your work and your relationships, just how you feel from moment to moment. 

When you look at your life in this way, it gives you a clear perspective.  How many times in a day do you get angry, or feel helpless, or experience sorrow?  And how many times in one day to you experience gratitude in your heart?  How many times in a day are you enjoying the thrill, stoking the flames of your passion, feeling confident and excited, loving yourself, and others? 

If you can create a life filled with positive emotions, predominantly positive and consistent emotions, much of the manifestation work will take care of itself. 

If you go about it this route, mastering your emotions first, learning to live happy and inspired each day, positive things that you will be more than happy to experience will manifest whether you visualize them or not.  

Then, once you’ve mastered this, adding the thoughts, the goals, the positive visualization, and the affirmations will kick it up a notch, and turn you into a manifestation machine.


Remember Who Is Really Doing the Creating

The conscious mind does not create anything.  This is very important to understand.  It is the unconscious mind that actually manifests things.  It is manifesting your world and your experience at every moment, and yet, the actual manifestation process is hidden from our awareness. 

Though conscious mind doesn’t actually manifest, it plays a huge role in programming the unconscious.  This is what we are actually doing with all the law of attraction and manifestation techniques and practices.  We are intentionally using the conscious mind to program, affect, command, and send signals to the unconscious, so the unconscious can then manifest the experiences we want.  It’s good to think of the conscious mind like the gatekeeper.  It has the job of deciding what we want to be sent to the unconscious, and what we don’t want to be sent to it.  It can eliminate negative programming, and maximize positive programming.

This is an important thing to understand, because it makes the whole idea more realistic, and practical. 

Thoughts aren’t being “sent out to the universe” from our conscious mind.  They are being sent to the unconscious, where our beliefs, identity, and emotional triggers are affected. 

It is these beliefs, emotional patterns, and our self identity that actually manifest the world behind the veil of what we are able to be aware of.



I have a lot more that I am excited to share with you in the near future.  I’m going to leave it with this for now, and encourage you to apply these tips to whatever you may be working towards, so you can notice their results in real life.  Keep your eye open for that experience of cognitive dissonance, and be ready!  Understand that this is a sign that you are making progress, and keep your head up high!

This is our destiny.  It is our God-given right.  We have been created to do this, and we are all at a place in time where we have been given incredible tools and resources to master this ability.  I am very grateful to be able to share this with you, and to be on the same journey as you in realizing our full potential as human beings.  

Feel free to post a comment below!  Let’s get a discussion going about this!  There couldn’t be anything more important and exciting to talk about.

I will talk to you again soon. 

With Love



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  1. 5

    hi ashton
    i think firstly that the most important thing is to be confident in your ability to create whatever you want,i read a book called positive inteligance and he is speaking about another inteligance called pq(positive…),he has a butifull tecnique that whenever you have an inner voice that is abusive or lack of somthing an ineer critic you are objectify it telling your self here is the critc for example and than you are taiking 10 seconds of total awarness of one of your sensses..this can help rewire your survaival brain and help you be more open to the now experience without the judgmant..

  2. 6
    Destany D Davis

    Thank you!! My spirit guides have been leading me to a more happy life by enjoying what I do have. I am already on the path I manifestation with intent and this helped me confirm a lot of things <3 thank you so much and many blessings for you!!

  3. 7

    I love reading your clear writing… Your advises are direct
    And I know that if it is possible to follow them everything can change since my emotions will rise up to a upper
    .level… And see everything from a wider side…
    Thank you. Hope the best for you.

  4. 12
    Richard Terry

    I personally have not read any of The Law of Attraction Material, however, over the years I have engaged myself in many other Self Development publications. I was therefore, a little surprised when you made reference to the importance of BELIEF, in any Goals, that you set, being absent from the advise given in, Law of Attraction. As far back as I can remember, it was Napolean Hill, who espoused the well know motivational theme “What the MIND can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, The MIND can ACHIEVE”! To my Mind, it’s a no brainer!
    Thanks Ashton.

    • 13
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Richard!

      I do not believe I specifically say that the idea of belief is absent from traditional law of attraction teachings, but you may be referring to the part that talks about the “dream big” myth, where I state that you have to actually believe it is possible. The point I am trying to make there is that if you follow that common advise to just set a goal as big as you can imagine (like being a millionaire, when you are currently at a middle-class or lower salary) there is simply NO WAY you will believe that.

      That is my issue with that part of law of attraction culture. It is naive for anyone to teach or to think that we can just excite ourselves, or just sort-of “decide” to believe something. Our beliefs are complex, and set in our unconscious mind, formed by memories, programming, and life experience (plus a lot of other things). It takes work and a long process to change a belief, or develop a new one.

      Hoping that clarifies or answers your question!



  5. 14

    Can you elaborate of why an experience of cognitive dissonance is a sign that I am making progress? I don’t grasp that. Thank you for a insightful article. ❤️

    • 15
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Ingrid! I will certainly do my best!

      The fact that you are experiencing cognitive dissonance means that you have stirred up previously unconscious beliefs that are holding you back. Say you set a goal to be in a wonderful relationship. The fact that you have not been able to manifest it already into your life means there has been something holding you back (a belief about yourself or others, trauma, past programming, etc.). The tough thing is that these blockages that we have are rooted in the unconscious part of our mind. As soon as we start intending to create these things, setting goals, using affirmations, or anything like that, we FIRST become aware of what is holding us back, that was previously hiding in the back of our minds.

      It is through this process that we overcome these limitations and reach our goals! However the first step is feeling this cognitive dissonance, as we become very aware of where we are, and where we wish to be. Hope that helps!

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