5 Easy Steps To Fully Cleanse And Detox Your Body For Optimum Health

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detox! Here is how to do it in five easy steps


Healthy diet and cleansing has become more important in modern times than ever before.  Our generation is faced with challenges and “threats” to our health that previous generations simply were not.  Electromagnetic chaos from electrical equipment, the fact that everyone now has and carries a cell-phone, increased toxicity and pollution in the air, and increased amounts of impurities and chemicals in food and drinking water (not to mention genetically modified crops) all play a part in our physical health, and give us further reasons to eat right, and regularly cleanse our bodies of toxins and impurities.


The great news is that it really isn’t that hard to effectively cleanse the human body of toxins, impurities, and blockages that come from a less-than-impeccable diet, and we really don’t need to sacrifice all of our favorite indulgences, or master self-discipline to take great care of ourselves.  One of the great things about regularly cleansing is that it gives you the leeway to “cheat” on your diet every now and again.


I will be releasing a series of articles over the next few weeks on cleansing and taking great care of the physical body. This one will outline the basics, and the necessary steps to do this.  The next few will go into the specifics of some of the cleanses, and the details of maintaining a healthy diet.


I like to break the process of cleansing and maintaining a toxin-free body into five simple steps.


1. Eliminate poor habits, and minimize your intake of unhealthy foods:


There is no use in cleansing if you are just going to immediately load your body back up with toxins and unhealthy stuff.  This step includes learning about proper diet, and adjusting your routines and habits to minimize the intake of unhealthy materials.  A few general steps to take at this point are:


-Finding a supply of healthy, filtered drinking water.

-Learning about the difference between raw foods containing enzymes, and cooked, pasteurized foods, which deplete the body’s enzymes.

-Learning about foods containing healthy gut flora and live cultures such as yogurt, certain kinds of cottage cheese, kombucha, kefir, etc.

-Switching the majority of your foods to organic.

-Finding out which foods just simply are not easily digested by the body (ie: dairy, wheat, gluten, artificial sweeteners, etc.) and minimizing your intake of them.

-Reducing, if not eliminating, intake of fast foods, microwaved foods, processed foods, and genetically modified/processed foods.

-Considering vegetarianism/veganism


2. Colon Cleansing


The colon must be cleansed first, or there will not be proper, efficient elimination of any other toxins you will be cleansing afterwards.  It is crucial that you are properly digesting and eliminating as you are releasing any toxins, parasites, heavy metals, etc., or these impurities will simply get caught in the colon, and re-circulate back into the bloodstream.  Cleansing the colon will also greatly lift your mood (much of the body’s serotonin is created and released in the colon), and will allow your body to take much more nutrition from the food and supplements you are ingesting.  A few basic recommendations for colon cleansing are:


-Find a good source/supplement of healthy gut flora like lactobacillus, acidophilus, etc.

-Receive at least four colonics during your cleanse.

-Eat mostly raw, and foods that aid in colon cleansing (kale, beets, etc.)

-Drink lots of fresh, raw juice.

-Find a colon cleansing product with bentonite, psyllium, etc. to aid the colon in releasing impurities.


3. Liver Cleansing or Liver Detox


The liver is one of your most important organs.  It aids in your immune system, it is one of your main sources of energy, and is also an important tool for cleansing the rest of your body.  A backed up unhealthy liver can cause severe and uncomfortable health problems.


Fortunately, the liver is very easy and painless to cleanse.  We will talk more about this in the near future.


4. Cleansing the Parasites, Candida, and Heavy Metals:


If you have not ever cleansed these things it is highly likely that you need to.  It is very likely that you will have already cleansed some of these, especially parasites, already at this point from doing the colon and liver cleanses.  Though people hate to think about it, almost everybody has parasite to some degree if they do not regularly cleanse them.  Many people also suffer from candida, and, if you have ever eaten fish, or had any dental metal in your mouth, you certainly have certain degrees of heavy metal in your body as well.  There are many different methods for detoxing these different impurities.  We will explore a few of the more effective means in future articles.


5. Re-load the body with nutrition, and maintain a healthy diet:


The majority of us are literally nutrient deficient.  Studies have shown that the soil across the world is depleted, and that crops being grown from it now have less than 1/10th the amount of nutrition in them that the same crops had generations ago.  The average human being is lacking several vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the optimal health and function of the body.  Much of this comes from the fact that someone, who hasn’t cleansed before has so many blockages in their liver and colon that these organs are not able to optimally absorb even the nutrition that is coming from regular food intake.  At this point it is time to consider a vitamin/mineral supplement, and perhaps a few other supplements, added to a knowledge and understanding of what is healthy and nutritious to include in your regular diet, and what is not, and thus should be avoided.

So that’s it for now!  Stay tuned for further specifics of these steps.  Next we will talk about the basics of proper nutrition, and the specifics of colon cleansing.


Talk to you again soon!




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