5 Easy Ways to Stay in Touch With the Earth Without Going Outside

5 Easy Ways to Stay in Touch With the Earth Without Going Outside

There is such a powerful healing and balancing energy that comes from the earth.  Simply being outside in the sun, within trees, and next to rivers, lakes, and the ocean has a profound effect on our emotions and physical health.  Aside from the practical reasons (for example the natural vitamin D we absorb from being in the sun), there are also more subtle and even esoteric reasons why our time spent in nature and with the earth is so important, and so rejuvenating to our body, mind, and spirit.

It is my opinion that the earth has it’s own type of consciousness, and even more so that the earth has a “willingness” to help us heal and process our emotions.  What do you think?  To some this is far out, and to some this is normal.

Whether this is your perspective or not, you will always be able to benefit from both the practical and the more subtle energetic healing that the earth provides us.  With the winter approaching us, our time outside in the more harsh parts of the world is severely limited, and can have a pretty dramatic effect on how we feel.  In this article I want to share some practical and useful ways to help yourself still stay in touch with the earth and take advantage of the natural harmony that nature provides our body and mind. 

I do hope that these are helpful to you as well in staying happy and balanced during the winter season:


#1 Own Plants!

I know this sounds simple, but having plenty of plants in your home is very beneficial to you for more than a few reasons.  First, they are alive, and they add a great amount of earthly energy to whatever part of your home that they inhabit.  Secondly, many plants are quite effective at helping to neutralize, or at least minimize, electromagnetic frequencies that come from the electronic equipment in a house.  These electromagnetic frequencies carry an AC charge that interferes with the DC balance of the human body.  One of the reasons that spending time outside in nature is so healing is because reconnecting with nature rebalances this DC charge of the body.  By having certain plants in the home, you can minimize the chaotic effect of these AC electromagnetic fields on the body, and minimize the need to go into secluded nature to rebalance.  Studies have found that philodendrons are particularly good at this.  

The third reason plants (and the more the better) are good for your home is that they help to keep the air fresh by breathing in your carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen.  This is something we all know, but can less easily overlook during winter months when we keep our windows shut tightly and rarely let the door hang open.  Fresh air goes a long way in keeping us happy and healthy.  Again, philodendrons have been founds to also be particularly effective at this.  In fact, NASA has been known to take philodendrons into space to help maintain the air quality for their astronauts.


#2 Crystals

A good pair of large crystals also goes a long way in keeping your body in tune with the healing energy of the earth, and minimizing/healing the overloading effects of electromagnetic chaos.  There are several out there that effectively do this, and it is worthwhile to spend some time studying which crystals are known to produce which effects.  Different people may get more profound effects from different crystals.  I have personally always been a fan of good old clear quartz, or selenite. 

When purchasing a crystal (or crystals), it is also important that you spend some time holding it, and feeling how your energy interacts with it.  It will be subtle, but the one that is right for you should feel right.  Once you have your crystals, it is good to spend just a few minutes each day holding one in each hand and intending for your energy field to merge with the energy field of the crystals.  This does not have to be an elaborate meditation.  You can visualize it, or imagine the feeling if you like, but more importantly just hold a relaxed intention for this to happen.

It also helps to keep your crystals within 5 feet of you while you are sleeping, while you’re in front of a computer, or while you are in an environment with a lot of electronic equipment or fluorescent lights.  Sometimes I’ll personally just put one in each pocket as I’m going out into the busy world.

Update: I’ve just come across an excellent article, 38 Awesome Crystals for Spiritual Growth , where you can find more detailed info on each crystal – definitely worth checking out!


#3 Get a GOOD Air Purifier

Once again, fresh air is very important, and we get a lot less of it when it’s too cold for us to crack the windows and hold the doors open.  Also, in many parts of the world, especially more mountainous regions, it is not so uncommon for pollutants to be trapped in the breathing air by inversions for several days, even weeks and months.  These inversions and trapped pollutants in the air become more and more toxic as time goes on, as the human race continues to add to the overall pollution of the planet.

During the winter a few years ago, my hometown endured one of the worst inversions in its history.  The air quality was comparable to Beijing, China.  My roommates and I were literally feeling short of breath, and everyone was getting respiratory issues.  I took the initiative to research high quality air purifiers at that time and felt a great sense of relief immediately after mine arrived and began running.  Just like water, the quality of our air is important!

You can also take advantage of any canyons in your area as well to rise above any pollution and get that fresh mountain air.  Maybe take up snowshoeing, winter hiking, or skiing!


#4 Eat Raw!

The amount of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that we eat on a daily basis does hold a large amount of sway on how much of the earth’s healing energy we have access to.  It has always been a tradition in many different cultures to eat raw foods as a means to stay in touch with the earth.  The food running through our bodies and its direct relationship to the planet and the elements that were utilized to create it is one of our most fundamental connections to the earth. 

In times when we are not able to go outside, stick our bare feet in the earth, and breathe fresh mountain air, it is very helpful to eat as much of these raw foods as possible.  You may be surprised how much this can enhance your mood in a positive way.  This is one of your largest, most potent supplies of earth energy!


#5 Balancing the Polarity of Your Body With the Earth’s Magnetism

The first four methods have been quite practical. Perhaps you’ve heard them before.  This last one is a bit different.  It is also very powerful.  I learned this method from an obscure book that I have recently brought back to life from my old book collection, called The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.  I was originally reading this book more for fun than anything else, but was reminded that it also shares some interesting practices.

One of which is a means to balance the energetic currents of the body, using the earth’s magnetism.  The claim is that practicing this technique for 2 hours each day is enough to create physical immortality.  I have not been motivated enough to dedicate two full hours to this each day, but have been practicing it for about an hour regularly.  This technique makes you feel good!

The practice is very simple.  Lie on your back with your arms and legs uncrossed, first with your head pointing north.  While your head is pointing north, focus your attention on the area of your body from your chest up to your head.  Just relax, lie there, and focus on this area.  Then, still lying down, point your body the opposite direction, with your feet pointing north.  While laying this direction, hold your attention on the bottom of the chest down to your feet.

The original practice calls for you to spend one hour in each direction.  My thoughts have been that if one does not want to spend this amount of time, it is still important that an equal amount of time is spent in each direction to maintain balance. 

I have been quite surprised with the positive rejuvenating effects I have been getting from this simple meditation, and have noticed right away that it is going a long way in counteracting my time away from nature blues. 

I’m interested to hear your thoughts and experiences 🙂

That’s it for now!  I hope that this season is treating you well and that any change you are going through in relation to the weather is allowing you to learn something new about yourself and life. 

To your happiness and success, 

-Ashton A.


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