5 Ways Yoga and Meditation Puts You on the Right Path

5 Ways Yoga and Meditation Puts You on the Right Path

Regardless of who you are, and what you are striving to achieve, it’s a pretty safe bet that the practices of Yoga and meditation can be of service to you on your path. In fact, in one way of looking at it, nearly EVERY practice that has come about in the self-help and spiritual world has come from or hinges upon these core disciplines.As I talked about in my last article, meditation is a fundamental part of Yoga. So in one way of looking at it, the two are the same thing, and could both be classified as Yogic practices. To learn more about this click here.To better explain the point I’m making here, it’s good to touch upon the fact that Yoga is one of the first disciplines on the planet that deals with the energetic system of the human body (the chakras, the aura, the meridians, and various energetic channels and flows). Centuries ago, Yogis of old were efficiently learning to master their energy flow, direct it at will, and use this advanced knowledge of the energy system to accomplish great feats of mind, body, and spirit.Not only was Yoga one of the first disciplines to understand the energy system, but it is also still to this day one of the most scientific, practical, and understandable methods for doing so. Regardless of what one is striving to do with their life, their energy, or their mind, the fundamental principles of Yoga and meditation are going to play a powerful part in helping them achieve these aims.To spell it out in greater detail, here are five specific ways that the practice of Yoga and meditation in your daily life will help you walk your spiritual path.  

Increased Self-Awareness  

These ancient practices have a tendency to increase one’s ability to be self-aware. And when you boil it all down to the bare essentials, this is what waking up and walking a genuine spiritual path is all about. It’s really the most critical factor in anything. As self-awareness develops, awareness of the fundamental truth and reality also develops, as the Truth is the Self and vice versa.As self awareness increases, the mind begins to unravel the Gordian knot of emotional issues, associations, thought patterns, misunderstandings, and ignorance that make up the illusion of the false self, and of the idea of separation. It is a slow process, but steadily the end result is sure to be attained.  

Purification of the Body and Mind  

Yoga has the power to purify the physical and energetic body at a deep level. Meditation has a tendency to purify (and clarify) the mind. This purification enables one to live with more youth, vitality, and health, but also more importantly allows one to live life with a clear head, with the ability to see things as they are, to separate intuition from rationality, and to understand the difference between authentic inspiration, and impulses that come about from programming.If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, you may be amazed at how powerfully a yogic diet, a practice of meditation, and the practicing of the various yogic purification techniques can enhance your ability to live in a more peaceful and spiritually aware state of mind. There is just something about keeping toxins out of your body, and “crap” out of your mind that enables you to live in a different world, a more joyful and connected world.  

Mastery of the Energy Body  

Yoga is all about mastering, controlling, and directing the energetic flow of the body. Learning to do this opens the door to a whole world of other more advanced techniques. It’s really a fantastic place to start, regardless of what you’d like to do in the world, or on your spiritual path.Mastering the flow of the energy body through Yoga will improve one’s ability to send healing energy to others, to practice Reiki, quantum touch, or other hands on practices, and to achieve more advanced states of mind and being through working with the chakras, and surrounding energy fields of the body.  

Resolution of Past Trauma and Negative Patterns  

This is a huge one. The path of Yoga, and daily meditation has a tendency to AUTOMATICALLY bring any type of repressed negative energy, painful memories, or negative thought patterns out into the light of your awareness so you can deal with them once and for all. This fits hand in hand with increased self-awareness, and with the purification of the energy body.As you practice Yoga, and meditate, the energetic system begins to flow more fully and freely, and any types of negative blocks begin to “unblock”. When this combines with the power that meditation has to put one’s conscious mind in greater contact with their subconscious mind, you have a very powerful means of total self-healing. This path, when walked diligently, patiently, and continually, has the potential to lead someone to total healing, total peace of mind, and total mastery.As you may already know, we here at brainwavelove are advocates of a technology called brainwave entrainment. One of the amazing things that this technology can do is super-charge this specific process I am talking about, enabling the conscious mind to directly begin to communicate with the subconscious mind in a way that negative programming, negative thought patterns, and unresolved emotional “baggage” automatically begins to resolve itself. This is basically because it enables someone to meditate at the same advanced level that usually takes years or even decades to achieve naturally. It’s really a beautiful process when one goes through it themselves (albeit an intense one) that is truly a metamorphosis of the human being from one form into another. To learn more about all this click here.  

Healing the Nervous System  

Right now the human race is living in a very unnatural state. For various reasons (ie: our modern diets, excessive electromagnetic chaos, overly busy work schedules, distance from nature, etc.) our bodies are completely out of balance and harmony.This results largely in our nervous systems running on overdrive 24/7. For most of us, this has always just been life, and we don’t really know the difference. But once you actually FEEL the difference, you can never forget it. Yoga and meditation heals the nervous system, by giving it the space, the necessary deep relaxation, and the purification to slow itself back down, recharge, and reprogram itself to handle modern life in a new way, that isn’t constantly overtaxing the system.When this healing process begins to happen, life is lived at a different level. The senses become more pleasurable (yet at the same time less addicting), the mind becomes less fixated on constant stimulation, and more thoroughly enjoys small, peaceful activities that it used to find boring (ie: watching a sunset, enjoying a cup of tea, meditating), thoughts become more stable, clear, and meaningful, the emotions are balanced, and the body has a surplus of energy that used to be wasted on…nothing important.Once this healing occurs, the human being is standing at the threshold to achieve that next level.


Regardless of what you are aiming to achieve, it is clear that this pathway is a fundamental cornerstone of both spiritual development, and material success. It is the foundation upon which the ability for the human being to truly evolve rests. And nearly every discipline, self-help practice, or spiritual path draws upon Yoga and meditation in some form or another.If you’re like me, you may start out with Yoga, and end up following this path for the rest of your life. Or perhaps this will just be the beginning, before you move on to something far more interesting and unique for you.  

Yours in service and wishing you the best,

-Ashton A.

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