6 Best Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit (Part 2)

6 Best Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit (Part 2)

Here are the next 3 tips on the BEST ways to stay healthy and fit (to see the first three, click here)

best ways to stay healthy and fit

4. Learn to Release and Let Go of Tension and Negative Emotion 

learn to let go and relaxLetting go of tension and negative emotion is not just a hippy feel-good recommendation.  The damage that stress and negative emotions can cause to the body has been well documented in numerous studies, along with the benefits, and sometimes even miraculous healings that have occurred from people learning to let it go.

The truth is, this does take practice, and the willingness to learn.  Many people, even intelligent people, are still stuck with an old mentality that their emotions just “happen” to them, or seem to be in some sort of strange mild trance-like state that keeps them from realizing that they have A LOT of options when it comes to how to handle, manage, and master their emotional energy. 

The biggest issue with emotions in this day and age is that many of us have been taught to STUFF them. 

We’ve learned by growing up in society, and in dealing with the real world ever since we were children that it isn’t always OK to fully express negative emotions.  Without understanding proper ways to release this emotional energy, we end up burying and suppressing it.  Though we can all do this quite naturally, when you pay close attention to this process, it’s actually quite complex and unnatural.  There is a certain type of restriction on the breath that we must perform.  There’s a type of bodily tension in the muscles that must be manufactured.  There’s a great deal of emotional control and discipline that engages in the frontal lobe when this happens. 

If we can learn to stuff our emotions as effectively as we all have, we can easily learn to let them go.  Of course, we must first learn to express our negative emotions in a healthy way.  There is a way to express negative emotion in a way that releases it, but doesn’t cause harm to others, or elicit negative emotion in the people you express them to. 

But also, most importantly, you must learn to release the pent up negative emotion and resulting tension that accumulates in the body.  This energy is a very real, physical thing, and it causes real, physical consequences.  Constant negative emotion and tension alters your body’s pH level, causing it to be more acidic.  Acidity of the body results in a weakened immune system, lower energy levels, less efficient digestion, foggy headedness, and a whole myriad of other complications (many of which the average American is currently suffering from unduly.)  

Pent up tension in the body also begins to manifest as specific ailments and illnesses.  There is much research that shows that unreleased grudges and resentment have a direct link to cancerous tumors.  Back and joint problems often come from negative emotion and stress, and often miraculously clear up when this stress is finally managed and released. 

There are many different means with which to effectively release stress and negative emotion.  Much of these can be very simple, but come with the task of building them into your lifestyle.  A few of the more effective means to release tension and stress are:

 Deep meditation (using brainwave entrainment greatly enhances this)

-Regular professional massage

Yoga (particularly Pranayama Yoga and Hatha Yoga)

-Cleansing (as recommended earlier)

-Taking regular naps, baths, etc.

-Turning off the cell phone on a daily basis

Deep breathing techniques 

The most effective, fast, and powerful means I have ever come across for releasing stress, negative emotion, and tension from the body is a technique called Rebirthing Breathwork aka Energy Breathing.  This requires discipline, but is also one of the fastest means of really getting the gunk out. 

One thing you will find along this pathway is that learning to release tension and negative emotion is basically a first step along the larger path of learning to control and intentionally affect your own personal energy system.  Many of the above techniques listed will be moving you towards this goal, which, as you can imagine, is another huge secret to physical health and vitality (amongst other things).


5. Give Your Body What it Needs


healthy nutrition




Many people are not aware that they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies.  In fact, the large majority of the western world’s population is lacking in several essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.  

There are a few different reasons for this.  One of which has to do with the way we farm and use land for mass production in a way that does now allow the soil to replenish its own nutrients.  The lack of nutrients in the soil gets passed along to the fruits, grains, and vegetables that grow from it.  Studies have shown that there is less than 50% of the nutrition in a vegetable or a fruit that has grown on American soil in the present day than there was 3 generations ago.  Our grandparents were getting a lot more nutrition from the food they were eating in their day than we are now.  One single apple, or orange was taking them a lot farther.

Another reason has to do with our poor dietary habits, and our society’s lack of awareness of what it means to use food to nourish the body.  With fast food, genetically modified food, chemical additives in food, foods being made and consumed that are made largely of processed sugar and other artificial ingredients, etc, the average human being can fill their stomach completely full three times a day and not get even a fraction of the needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs to remain in optimal health 

It can be amazing to find that A LOT of bodily issues, including some of the more serious ones, will magically go away when the body begins to receive the nutrition that it needs.

 Unfortunately, because it is so hard to find the necessary nutrition in our food supply these days, one must supplement to get full amounts of what the body needs.  There are high quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplements that can conveniently give you everything you need in one simple solution.  When deciding what multi to get for yourself, there is one very important consideration to make: 

It is essential that the vitamins and minerals in your multi are sourced from FOOD (plants, fruits, vegetables) rather than being synthetically created in a lab.  A synthetically created vitamin can not be fully assimilated and used by the body, and can actually end up causing damage to the body in the long term.  Each vitamin that the body needs has a complex “code” that needs to be full and complete for the body to be able to use and assimilate it.  When the vitamin is sourced from food, the code is already naturally complete and ready for the body to use.  When a vitamin is unnaturally created in a laboratory, the codes are incomplete, and there are no enzymes available to help the body actually use it to its advantage.  In fact, if you feed the body an artificial vitamin, it will have to pull from its own stores of nutrients and enzymes to help complete the code in order to use it at all.  This can ironically lead to further nutritional deficiency.

 There are two products that I recommend.  One is the Garden of Life Vitamin Code product, and the other is the Youngevity brand Tangy Tangerine.  Both of these have come from high-quality, whole food sources.


6.  Pay Attention to the Quality of your Water!!! 

quality of water for how to stay healthy and fitI have thought of this as a given for so long that sometimes I forget to recommend it to people.  The truth is that this is absolutely, unequivocally important to your health

We’ve all heard the figure about water making up about 50-65% of the adult human body.  Is this not enough to care about the quality of the water you are putting in there?  What easier way to improve and maintain 50-65 percent of your physical body? 

Tap water is, at best, questionable.  At worst, it’s poisonous.  I will not get into the details of the harm that all the different additives and pollutants (ie: fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, etc) in tap water can do in this report, but I urge you to do your own research, if not for more than half of your own body.  

It is so important in this day and age that you have a good-quality water filtration system for your regular drinking water, and that you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.  Just like I mentioned many people suffering from oxygen deficiency above, the next huge deficiency that people are suffering from is lack of plain old H2O.  

My recommendations for water filtration: distilled water is the cleanest water you can possibly get, but because the distillation process removes such small particles from the water, it also removes essential minerals and electrolytes.  If you go this route I highly recommend adding trace minerals back to the water, and making sure you have a high-quality multi vitamin/mineral that you are taking regularly. 

I would also highly recommend using a shower filter, as your body absorbs TONS of water through the skin every time you shower.  Your lungs also absorb toxins from the steam that comes from your shower as well.


The commonality between all of these solutions is that they are all simple means of bringing the body (along with the mind) back into a state of greater harmony with nature

The human body has the natural potential to stay healthy and in good condition for the duration of its lifetime.  The disease, illnesses, pains, and ailments are the unnatural part.  By simply giving the body the nutrients that nature intended it to have, supplying it with fresh, clean water, untainted by the chemicals and toxins that have come about through our human interference, learning to use the basic function of breathing to it’s full potential, and learning to keep the body itself free of the plethora of toxins that accumulate from living in the modern world, we allow the body’s remarkable ability to restore and rejuvenate itself to step in and do the real work for us. 

Oh and one more thing to add to this, just as it is unnatural for us to ingest toxins and chemicals, and to starve the body of its essential nutrients, it is just as unnatural for us to hold on to negativity, grudges, and emotional pain.  This is why step number 4 is just as important as the others (if not more).  And besides, what’s the point of having excellent physical health and a long life without being happy enough to enjoy it?

Yours in service,

-Ashton A.

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