6 Best Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit

6 Best Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit

best ways to stay healthy and fit


This subject changes over time, and becomes more and more important as our planet continues to accrue pollution, toxins, contaminants, and radiation in its air, water, and earth where our food is grown.  Now more than ever it is important for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, and be more proactive about treating their body well.

At the same time, we’re all busy!  We don’t always have time to exercise daily, nor the money to buy all the latest and greatest new health drinks, supplements, state of the art miracles, etc.  But this is not a reason not to try, or to resign ourselves to living in a physical state we are not satisfied with.  Across the planet there are thousands of individuals, who have cracked the code to keeping their bodies in perfect physical health, regardless of their external circumstances.   

This is why I have written this article, to help you take the next steps to becoming a MASTER of your physical body, and also to save you both time and money while taking above-average care of your physical machine. 

Keep in mind that these are some of the world’s best ways to stay healthy. 

Each of these have come from different sources, different philosophies, and have also been personally tested and verified through experience and word of mouth.  There will also be reports in the near future about the best ways to heal the body, the best detoxes, and the best nutrients to feed the body. 


1. Get and Use a Mini Trampoline


jumping for healthWhaaaaat?!  I’m reading this article hyped up to have the world’s absolute BEST information on staying healthy and this is it?  A mini trampoline?  

Bouncing on a mini trampoline for just 5-10 minutes a day is one of the best things a person can do for their body for a variety of reasons.  The unique movement of bouncing up and down on a mini trampoline effectively stimulates every single cell, organ, and tissue in the body simultaneously.  It is also one of the most easy and effective means of detoxing the lymphatic system and keeping it clean, keeping in mind that the lymphatic system is a major component of the immune system, and can only be thoroughly cleaned through physical movement.  On top of this, bouncing on a mini-trampoline is also a highly effective, highly controlled means of aerobic exercise.  You can easily control your heart rate without overdoing it, but can alternately increase it quite quickly at the same time.  

A miniature trampoline costs about $50 in the United States, and is a fantastic investment in your health for years to come.


2. Learn to Detox Effectively 

detox is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit

We will talk more about some of the easiest and most effective detoxes in the near future, but this is a subject that everyone should be an expert on.  The only real way to become an expert on this subject is through experience, because everyone’s body needs its own unique thing, and reacts to different things in its own way.

Some people may have a greater genetic or dietary propensity to have digestion issues, and could greatly benefit from learning to colon cleanse regularly.  Some people may have weaker immune systems, lower energy levels, or particular health concerns that would be greatly helped through liver cleansing.  Some people may have a job that works directly with different metals or chemicals, and some people may have had mercury fillings or dental accessories in their mouths when they were children.  It all depends on an individual’s lifestyle, their diet, their profession, their history, and even which part of the world they live in. 

It is my recommendation that everyone do at least one of each different detox at least once, and then from that point, go on to target which ones their body may need the most, based on their particular lifestyle.  How often one detoxes is also a personal detail that should be ascertained through personal intuition and experience.  I am not personally one to believe that people need to detox religiously.  There needs to be a balance, and each person has different goals, standards, and desires for their personal level of health.

I can promise you, however, that regardless of who you are, doing at least one of the following detoxes will dramatically improve your level of health, energy, emotional balance, and ability to feel great in your body.

I recommend doing each of these cleanses at least once, in this order: 

-Colon cleanse (it is essential that this one is done first, in order to ensure that any other toxins/contaminants that are released through the other cleanses can be efficiently eliminated without being circulated back into the bloodstream.)

 -Liver cleanse

-Parasite cleanse

-Heavy metal detox

Candida cleanse

-Infection cleanse

Doing each of these cleanses effectively and thoroughly, in the right way and through the most efficient means will change the very chemistry of your body, your cells, and your DNA.  It is incredibly likely that at least one of these could heal or cure any number of health issues that you may be experiencing. 

 (*The above statement is solely the opinion of the writer, and has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Remember to consult your licensed health care practitioner before beginning any sort of detoxification procedure.  In fact, doing so in conjunction with professional advice will increase the efficacy of whatever process you are performing.)

More than just doing these cleanses once, it is important that you learn what helps you the most, and how often your body needs this for you to feel top-notch.  It could be as simple as a thorough colon cleanse once every 3 years, or perhaps you need a liver flush twice a year.  It’s all on you my friend 🙂


3. Learn How to Breathe Properly and Efficiently

just breatheThe average human being does not know how to breathe to their full potential.  This may sound like a trivial thing, but, more than anything in the entire realm of the human body, NOTHING has a greater effect on the entire function of every part of the body than the breath.  The way one breaths has an effect on everything from the range of basic things like energy level and overall health to things like cognitive self-awareness, emotional balance, and the ability to reach transcendental states through meditation.


I actually feel so strongly about this subject that I wrote a book about it.  You can click here to learn more.

In my book, I make the bold assertion that the majority of the human problems, ailments, sorrows, and ignorance can be traced down to one simple thing: 


This is a vast and detailed subject, but just to give you some basic knowledge that can get you started, I’ll tell you that the majority of human beings only breathe into the upper 1/3 of their lungs.  This cuts the full potential of the breath’s ability to supply the body with oxygen by more than 50%, as it is the bottom 1/3 of the lungs that is responsible for absorbing the full amount of oxygen from each breath and passing it on into the bloodstream.  By simply overcoming the vanity of not letting your belly fully expand when you inhale, you make a huge stride in giving your body and brain more oxygen. 

Breathe deep!  Let that belly expand!  Use the diaphragm! 

By learning to breathe to your full potential you will experience greater physical health, a large increase in energy during all times of the day, better sleep, a profound improvement in your mood, greater abilities of concentration, a greater ability to relax deeply, improved immune function, the ability to meditate more deeply and have more profound meditation experiences, an enhanced level of self-awareness, an improved ability to manifest thoughts into the physical world, etc, etc, etc.

Again, if this is something you are interested in, check out my book, The Power of the Breath, where you can immediately begin a simple and easy step by step process of healing the breath, and maximizing your ability to use this core function to your full advantage.

To be continued with three more of the 6 best ways to stay healthy and fit


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