7 Life Changing Tips to Empowerment

7 Life Changing Tips to Empowerment

So what does it mean to be empowered?  Before reading any further, take a second, maybe close your eyes, and just think about that for a moment.  What does the word empowerment mean to you?  What would your life be like, what would have to happen for you to feel completely empowered?  This can mean different things for different people, but it is my intention with this article to cover more of the “foundation” that is necessary for you to have this feeling in your life.  There are several different things you can do, skills you can learn, and habits you can adopt, that will pave the way for you to create your own personal version of empowerment, whether it has to do with your spirituality, your success in business and personal relationships, or your mastery of yourself.  No matter what you are looking for, these skills/tips will propel you forward towards this actualization.


Tip #1 Learn To Breathe Properly 

Sounds simple enough, right?  Have you ever considered that your breathing habits may not be doing you nearly as much good as they could be?  The breath is a mysterious thing, being the only vital life function that you can both take control of consciously, and also hand back over to the unconscious to do for you.  It is a very primal link between your body and mind. 

The breath has a profound effect over your emotional state, your physical health, your overall energy level, and your level of mental clarity.  There is much to learn and understand about it.  The truth is that most people do not breathe optimally at all.  We live in a world of shallow breathers.  Not only does this limit our energy level and mental function, but this shallow breathing also greatly inhibits our ability to release and integrate emotional experiences

Have you ever noticed how constricted and shallow your breath becomes when you are upset, or in a state of anxiety?  In emotional times like these, we unconsciously do this to suppress, and “stuff” our emotions.  This unconscious habit has developed over centuries in a society, where it is not socially acceptable to fully release and express emotional pain.  Sometimes this is still a useful reaction, depending upon the circumstances, but the problem is that if we do not find a way to release this “stuffed” emotional energy at some point in time, it will literally burrow into our energy system, causing blocks in our energy field, and also into our muscles, causing tension and pain, that can later build up to manifest as a health problem.

So how do we learn to breathe properlyPranayama yoga is a good way to start.  Even just developing a habit of stopping regularly to take several deep breaths into the lower belly can make a huge change in your life. 

The ultimate means of healing the breath is rebirthing breathwork.  This is a powerful practice that addresses every level that the breath is involved in, infusing the body with oxygen, breaking poor breathing habits, and releasing tension and emotional energy. 

This is something I have been especially involved in for most of my life, and I have also written a book on it. Breathing is so profound that it’s actually a complete Change Your Life System, and I started this series as  complementary free coaching to those, who got hold of it. You don’t need to have the book in order to benefit from and apply these tips, though, so read on… 


Tip #2 Educate Yourself On Nutrition 

What we ingest into our bodies has a much larger role in our lives than many people give credit to.  Obviously this plays into our energy level, and physical health, but have you realized that how you eat also has a large effect on your emotional and mental state?  There are several different factors that directly affect your mood.  The amount of, or lack of certain amino acids in the body can have a direct role on how relaxed or anxious you feel.  The balance of healthy flora in your digestive system can also affect anxiety levels, and one’s likelihood of experiencing depression.  Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids also have a direct effect on one’s mood and mental function.

It is also important to understand that much of the food, and even much of the water, that is being supplied to us in this day and age is latent with toxins, heavy metals, genetic modifications, and unknown ingredients that can damage our physical health, cause mental fatigue and confusion, and hinder our ability to think clearly and feel good.

This is something that one can spend their life studying and perfecting, but at the same time, is something that you can start experimenting with right away to notice quick and significant results.  A good place to start is my Detox and Nutrition Article Series.  There are also thousands of fantastic books that are worth reading.


Tip #3 Take A Stand Against Your Comfort Zone 

If there is one common denominator amongst the most successful people on the planet, it’s that they have all been willing to push themselves past their comfort zone, over, and over, and over again.  Comfort can end up being one of your worst life enemies, and it’s a sneaky one, too.

Of course I’m not talking about how comfortable you feel lying in your bed, or relaxing on your down-time.  I’m talking about psychological comfort.  I can imagine you know at least one person in life that never wants to push or challenge themselves out of their comfort zone.  Maybe they’re socially nervous, and never want to go out or meet new people.  Maybe they are afraid of leading, or confrontation, and thus hold themselves back from reaching a higher potential in their professional life, or maybe they’re the type of person that has a fantastic and unique talent, but doubts their ability to share it with the world.  I’m sure that, from an outside perspective, you can see clearly how this person’s comfort zone can limit them.

Something I heard from a very successful person once was that “the extent to which someone is willing to have difficult and awkward conversations is the extent to which they will succeed in life.”  Food for thought.

So lean over the edge a little!  Push yourself if not just a little bit into those situations that freak you out!  Any time you push yourself a little further on a consistent basis, you stretch and expand yourself that much more.  The human mind is an incredibly flexible and moldable thing.  You eventually get used to it, and master it.  Then you are able to move even further to that next level, and this is the key to growth and success in any endeavor.


Tip #4 Write Goals 

The law of attraction has become a very popular thing these days, and thus, goal writing has become more popular along with it. 

But even before people were using the law of attraction, or learning to manifest things with their minds, they were still writing goals for practical reasons, and getting results from it.  Almost any person that has experienced an “above average” level of success will tell you that they write their goals down, and keep them somewhere, where they will see them regularly. 

Simply taking the time to decide where you want to be in your life, and writing it down, then looking at it to remind you can have a huge impact on your level of success.  It gives you direction, and clarity, and motivation.  It reminds you why you wake up each day, and what your values in life are.  I would urge you, whoever you are, to write goals at any interim or change in your life, and to also write one year goals, and five year goals.

If you are really interested in taking this to the next level, try writing your goals down and reading them out loud in the morning and night each day for 3 months.  You may be surprised at what happens.

A few basic tips for written goals: 

-Write them down with a deadline for when you want them to be accomplished. 

-Also, write them in the present tense, as if they are already happening. 

-Make them specific.  Get the details in there about how you want it to look, sound, feel, etc. 

-Make them measurable, so when they are accomplished, you’ll know that they are (ie: if it’s an income goal, write a figure.  If it’s a goal about traveling, write which specific places you want to visit.


Tip #5 Learn To Detach And Accept Everything As It Is

Acceptance of what is is one of the most powerful forces in the entire universe.  It is very counterintuitive, but the truth is that you cannot change anything without first accepting that it is how it is first. 

The opposite of acceptance, resistance, is one of the leading causes of many people’s unnecessary grief throughout a large majority of their lives.  The thing that is always important to understand is that we cannot cause anything in the present moment to be anything other than what it is.  We may very well have the ability to take action to change something into the future, but as it stands, RIGHT NOW, resisting something as it is is nothing more than a complete waste of energy, and an open door to further negative emotion.

This is something that can go very deep esoterically.  Some might argue that the ability to completely, 100% accept everything as it is is the same as being spiritually enlightened.  Energetically, resistance causes persistence of anything, because it builds whatever is being resisted up to be something bigger than it needs to be.  Resisting it is an affirmation that it has power over you, and thus lends the creative power of your mind to the opposite of your desire. 

One method that can be used to train yourself to accept, rather than resist, is to catch yourself in resistance, and just ask yourself “How would it feel if I were to completely accept this?”  Wait a moment to get the feeling, then ask “How would it feel if I were to accept it even more?”  Again, pay attention to the feeling.  You will always find that it feels better to accept!


Tip #6 Learn To Recharge Your Battery

We live in a very high-stress, fast-acting world.  There is always an ocean of content facing us each day, and there are always a million things to do, and think about.  We are also bombarded with more electromagnetic energy than ever before, with power lines, electrical equipment, cell phones, etc.  All of this has an effect on your body, mind, and energy system.

Learning to truly rest, relax, and recharge is vital to succeeding in the world, and feeling good, while you are doing it.  It is important that you find a method that works best for you.  It could be as simple as taking a nap, or relaxing and doing something that you love.  It could be sitting by a fire, doing Tai Chi, walking your dog in nature, or meditating.

Being in nature, and actually making physical contact with nature (ie: putting your bare feet on the ground, touching a tree for a moment, etc.) has many advantages.  For one, being out in nature distances you from the electromagnetic fields of industrial and residential areas, and for two, coming in direct contact with nature, and especially putting your bare feet on the earth, will actually connect and rejuvenate the DC charge of your physical body. (Most electrical equipment is AC, which has a subtle draining effect on the body).


Tip #7 Love Yourself

I know this sounds very fluffy, but it’s also very practical and important.  It really is true that if you don’t love yourself, you cannot fully love others.  It is also true that if you don’t love yourself, it can be hard to perceive other people loving you.  Thus many people, who do not love themselves believe that other people do not love them either.

Unfortunately, for those that struggle with this, it can take some time to learn, but nothing is more valuable than doing this.  With each increment of progress made comes a whole new paradigm of experiencing power and freedom in the world. 

I have personally found that hypnosis works quite well for this, and quickly too.  If this interests you, check my Self-Hypnosis guide for more information.  It is also very helpful to simply acknowledge yourself for all the things you do on a daily basis.  Speak kindly to yourself.  Tell yourself you’re amazing when you take care of business, and accomplish things.  Tell yourself “I love you”. 

Words are very powerful, and actually have the power to change the molecular structure of your body.  By repeating very kind and loving words to yourself, you will experience a positive change.  Forgive your own shortcomings and realize that everyone has them.  Accept your human imperfections, and give yourself constant recognition for the goodness inside of you.

**BONUS TIP:  Check out some of the audio technology programs that I review on this site.  Every one of these products has been personally tested by myself, and is specifically designed to make positive lasting changes at the deepest level of your mind. Click HERE for more information.**



I do promise you that these tips will set you along a path, where you can realize your own power, and express it more fully in the world.  You are meant to be a master of your reality, and your own life.  The journey towards empowerment is not just a means of employing a couple tricks, it is a lifestyle.  The best thing you can do is start to develop a few of these tips as habits right now, and plan on learning more and more about them as your life progresses.  Mastery is the key.  Mastery and empowerment go hand in hand.

That’s it for now!  Stay tuned and feel free to contact me at any time.

Here’s to your empowerment,




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  1. 1

    Great Article! Loved how you talked about Resistance on learning detachment. It is necessary to learn how to detach oneself from different situations!


  2. 6

    Eating right and taking time to truly relax and recharge has helped me so much. I’ve seen real physical changes, such as a healthier complexion and more energy, and mental ones as well.

    I’m more positive and I can think so much more clearly now that I devote time to taking care of my health and well-being.

  3. 7
    Lynn Ross

    Learning to love myself has been a long, hard journey.

    I am finally coming to terms with who I am and learning to accept myself. It hasn’t been easy but I feel so much more in control of my life and empowered now that I know my worth and have respect for who I really am.

  4. 8
    Allen Rogers

    I agree that writing goals is immensely helpful. I was doubtful at first but it has really helped me to visualize and plan for my future. Seeing my goals on paper makes them seem real, solid and achievable. It makes me accountable for the choices I make and acts as a constant reminder of the great things that are to come.

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