7 Simple Life Truths to Remember at All Times

7 Simple Life Truths to Remember at All Times

In this article I want to share 7 of the most empowering truths of life.

Growing an understanding of each of these life truths (or we could just say remembering them) can unlock the door to everything you’ve ever wanted, material or spiritual. 

More than anything else, it is these truths that open your awareness to the experience of life being a miracle again; a place, where we can fully express ourselves, play, love each other, actualize our dreams, and be at peace with ourselves on a deep level.

The first step is relating to these truths, and the next is learning to apply them in any way that you can.  Life is here to help you take every step, as this is your natural path as a spiritual being in the physical realm.  


1. You Are the Author of Your Own Reality 

For some this can be a scary idea to take in at first.  It gives a whole new meaning to the term “personal responsibility”.  It takes away the ability to indulge in blaming others for misfortune, and begins to break down the seeming reality of the many limiting and painful stories that people are inclined to dwell upon, and use as an excuse not to feel good and live life on their own terms.

But beyond it calling you to a deeper responsibility, it also begs you to take back the inconceivably awesome power that you have.  Your mind is creating all of this!  You are the author of this story of you, and you have the power to direct it and retell it however you’d like.  It all starts with this basic understanding, and grows to a development of using your mind, your emotions, and your intention to live life in the best way possible for you.  There are a lot of resources for this on my blog, and more are being added every day.  Be sure to check it out for some good tips and ideas to help you along this journey! 

You can use this understanding in your daily life when you are faced with challenges and situations you may be inclined to resist.  Rather than sinking into victim mode, or placing blame, you can enter a much more powerful state by owning your own creation, and asking yourself “How have I created this?” and “What can I do in my life to create something that I would prefer instead?”


2. All is One

This is the most basic way to describe reality.  It’s so incredibly obvious, right in front of our faces even, and yet is also one of the most elusive truths, because it completely clashes with the way our human brain and rational mind is used to working.  The brain and ego arbitrarily divide everything.  Understanding that these divisions are simply thoughts, simply something that has been made up, that need not be given belief, will open a new reality with new options, feelings, experiences, and possibilities.  It will give you a whole new perspective on life and other living things.  It will help you find peace, and a connection to your source and creator. 

It is easy to talk about it, but it is another thing to experience it.  Many of us have already heard this idea, but there is a big difference between living it and thinking we know it rationally. 

One of the best ways to discover this truth for yourself is to diligently practice meditation!

Specifically the type of meditation that silences the mind and the physical senses enough that you can simply see this truth as it is, right in front of you, without the rational mind stepping in to divide things again. 


This is one of the most valuable things to seek in life, and will yield rewards greater than you could possibly imagine from a place of separation and division.


3. People are YOU

This naturally follows the truth that all is one.  Because all is one, and you are a part of that Oneness, everything is also you.  This includes people.

Discovering this opens up a new understanding- that forgiveness and acceptance of others is one of the most powerful things that exists in the universe.  In seeing that you create our own reality, that all is One, and that people are all one, you begin to forgive from a different perspective.  No longer are you forgiving with the intention of “taking the high road” or because you still feel wronged, but want to “do what’s right”.  You are now forgiving in a much deeper way, that initiates powerful shifts in your experience of reality.  You begin to forgive from the understanding that other people’s supposed “wrongs” cannot really hurt you, that you are really just hurting yourself by focusing your perception on negativity.  More so you see that by overlooking other people’s supposed faults and wrongs, they cease to exist in both them, and you.

There is a part of your mind that still knows that you and other people are truly One.  When you forgive people of the things that bother or hurt you the most, you are really forgiving yourself, and restoring yourself to an ability to perceive this truth. 

As we forgive people in our lives, we heal ourselves at the deepest level possible, and pave the way to truly perceive the oneness and wholeness of reality.


4. What you give is given to you 

Everything comes back around, whether it comes back delayed or instantly.  It is always a useful practice if you are feeling that you lack something to stop for a moment and take stock of how much of that thing you feel you are lacking that you are giving to others and the world.  

If you feel lacking in compassion, ask yourself how much compassion you are giving yourself.  Could you offer more?  If you are feeling a lack of abundance or money, ask yourself how generous you have been, and how much of yourself you have been willing to give to the world and others in service. 

A quick exercise you can do to prove this to yourself in simplicity is to focus on someone in your life with your eyes closed, and offer them as much love as you possibly can.  Now what do you feel now?  Of course!  You feel Love!  By giving them your love, you also gave yourself that love.  The same goes with compassion, forgiveness, energy, service, and on and on and on. 

Sometimes the best way to cheer yourself up or get yourself out of a rut is to spend time in service and healing others.


5. Love and peace is the context of reality 

We all go through rough times, and deal with difficult people and situations.  By remembering that the very source of existence is benevolent, we find the most powerful center inside of ourselves that we can use to orient our lives around.  This understanding is both like a compass that can direct our lives, and also a comfort that can soothe us through hard times.

This is a truth that anyone can find if they have a strong desire to!

The power is not through the intellectualization, but through the experience!

It is through times of silence, meditation, and appreciation of the simple things that this becomes obvious.  Once you have learned this through experience, it is always there for you to use as a reminder.


Remembering this is also valuable in the sense that it helps you create a loving and peaceful experience of life.  By constantly being in touch with this truth, you expand it and begin to project it outwards into your experience, manifesting its supporting evidence in the form of abundance, healthy loving relationships, success, and good times.


6. You can do, be, or become anything

You can literally do anything, and become anyone that you want to be. 

Science has proven this to us through the idea of neural plasticity.  Your brain can learn and master any skill through repetition, practice, and consistency, no matter how hard it may seem, or how impossible you may believe it to be.  All you need to do is decide what you really want, and keep taking forward steps towards it.  As you continue to move towards what you want, your brain literally begins to re-wire itself to accomplish your goal, and the resources you need slowly begin to unveil themselves. 

If you have been following my materials, you know that this is something that I am very passionate about.  I am always striving to help people unlock this potential within themselves in any way that I can.  If you’d like to learn more about this, be sure to check out my blog, and subscribe to my email list (if you haven’t already).  I have also specifically put together a powerful mp3 bundle that will massively benefit anyone, who is looking to speeden up their progress and results in any endeavor they may have undertaken.


7. Prayer works

 Myself, I’m not a religious person.  Yet, the power of prayer has proven itself to me more than a few times in my life.  In fact, some of the most miraculous occurrences in my life have come from prayer.  This includes the inspiration and direction that allowed me to find my own spiritual path, and continue to walk it up to this very day. 

There are many ways to pray, but there is an underlying idea to any kind of prayer that draws great power, and is in alignment with a fundamental truth of our existence.  Prayer is an acknowledgement that we are not able to do everything all by ourselves.  It is an appeal to help from a higher power.  Some people pray to God, or Christ.  Some call upon the Buddha, the Enlightened beings that have gone before us, or their spirit guides or guardian angels. 

The basic premise is the same.  Though we are incredibly powerful beings on this earth, some of our greatest power comes from us understanding that, in our present state, there are some miracles that we cannot accomplish alone.  By praying in a way that acknowledges this, and at the same time gives our belief that we will be supported by these higher forces, we can be a channel to the great power that does accomplish miracles.

Prayer works.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, or how “spiritual” or “worthy” you may believe you are.  It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to realized through prayer that the most powerful forces of this existence, whether you call them God, or Angels, or the Quantum Field, are always here to assist us.  Not only is this great power available, but it is also delighted to help us when we call upon it. 


So try this!  No matter who you are, you can access the power that moves mountains and use it in your life for your benefit and the benefit of others.  The results will prove it you.


In conclusion, I’d like to make the point that these truths are tremendously powerful in your life because they are TRUTHS. 

We all have many different beliefs, thought, and ideas about life and ourselves that mold and shape our experience and perception.  But behind ideas, and beliefs, and thoughts, there is Truth.  We can go a long way in living happy lives by changing and directing what we believe, and implanting more successful and happy thoughts into our minds, but nothing can beat bringing your thoughts and beliefs into alignment with the happy, ultimate truths of our existence.  This is where the realization comes that life truly is a miracle.  The fact that our very reality is created with Love and peace, that we are all one, that we create the world around us, and that we can do, be, or have anything that we truly desire proves that we are very blessed to be alive and having this experience. 

Let’s take advantage of this and bring peace, love, and happiness to everything we do in all areas of life! 

Yours truly,







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  1. 1

    Sometimes I still struggle with accepting that I am the author of my own reality and that I can
    become the person I want to be. It can be difficult. It takes so much work and self reflection to accept that I am in control of my life.

    The first step, for me, was learning to take full responsibility for my actions. Once I did this I was able to work towards making better decisions that would aid me in my journey to becoming the man I want to be.

    I’m still a work in progress, but I’m getting there.

  2. 2
    David Abar

    I agree that prayer does work. It has made a huge difference for me.

    Prayer can be a very powerful and meaningful way to better yourself. I’m not religious at all, and sometimes I do struggle with even being spiritual, but prayer has always benefited me and aided me in true times of need.

  3. 3
    Lynn Ross

    It is always the most simple of truths that prove to be the most profound, isn’t it?

    We must simply respect one another, be responsible for our own realities, and trust that a greater power will watch over us always. So fundamental and yet so difficult for many to grasp.

  4. 4
    Allen Rogers

    Yes, the mind is truly an incredible thing! Too often we forget that it is responsible for shaping and interrupting this reality. We really are masters of fate. We are responsible for all we see, feel and experience.

    That we are in control is realization that is both powerful and humbling.

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