A Miraculous Healing Story

A Miraculous Healing Story

A Miraculous Healing Story

I recently came across this video on the web and had to make sure I passed it along.

In this video Anita Moorjani shares a miraculous healing story and some inspiring wisdom that she gained from a near-death experience. Anita was terminally ill with advanced lymphatic cancer.  But on the day it appeared she was destined to die, another destiny revealed itself.  Anita left her body and had an enlightening near-death experience.  But not only did she return to her body, but she returned to make an almost instantaneous, miraculous recovery.  In a few weeks she walked out of the hospital 100% cancer free.

Her story defies all reason, and is truly inspiring.  And she also has some amazingly simple yet powerful wisdom to share from her experience.

You can skip to 2:40 to hear her story of leaving her body and having a transcendental experience.

At 12:45 she explains how awareness shapes and creates reality, and at 13:30 she shares the 5 most important lessons she brought back from visiting the other side.  Her wisdom, love, and clarity really come through in this amazing talk.

I hope you enjoy!

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