Ashton Aiden has been studying and experimenting with both the use and creation of brainwave entrainment audio technology for over a decade. As an avid user himself, Ashton was able to make substantial breakthroughs in his own life, going from having emotional problems, drug and alcohol abuse issues, and even trouble with the law, to living a life of prosperity and personal/spiritual fulfillment. He attributes large amounts of his success in all areas of his life to his use of brainwave entrainment, and works to make the most potent and powerful forms of this technology readily available and fully understandable to the public.

He is also a certified life coach, a practicing Rebirthing Breathworker, a Course in Miracles graduate, and has done consulting at both the personal and corporational level. His passion is helping people accomplish their goals, regardless of what they are, as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Ashton lives at his home in the Midwestern United States, and in his down-time enjoys spending time with his dog, making music, pursuing his own spiritual path, and exploring the abundance of nature that his home town has to offer.


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