Why Law of Attraction Tips Won’t Make You Rich (And What Actually Will).

Why Law of Attraction Tips Won’t Make You Rich (And What Actually Will).
Today I wanted to share a short but simple idea that really makes the difference between being someone who plays around with law of attraction techniques their whole life and gets little from it, and someone who becomes genuinely successful.
The idea of law of attraction “tricks and tips” is incredibly misleading and falls under the whole fast food approach to this type of teaching that I detest.
One of the most common tactics for selling this type of stuff to people is that wild success story where someone employed said technique (maybe some kind of meditation, visualization, hypnosis, etc.) and in a very short amount of time got a huge chunk of money to solve all of their problems.
Well I can guarantee one thing.  If someone went from broke to having a million dollars fall in their lap in a very short amount of time, there is no way that they held onto it.
Because it is thousands of times harder to keep something than it is to get something.  This definitely applies to money, but also to anything worth having (like a great relationship).
In fact there are countless smooth pick up artists out there that can get any man/woman that they want to come home with them, but they can’t maintain a healthy relationship better than a moody high school student.
Well money is no different, and this is why I would not recommend attempting to take a short cut to wealth and success via a holy grail of a technique or a magic tip.
The opposite mentality to this is in understanding that success, and definitely wealth, is about your lifestyle, not about techniques.  Because in order to keep whatever you attract into your life, you must become the person who has the things you wish to have.
It’s in the every day things.  It’s in the times when you don’t feel like doing what you know you need to do, and wrestle with yourself.  It’s in those early hours in the morning, when you choose between getting that early start on your goals, and your snooze button.
And every day adds up.  Days become weeks, weeks become months, and months become your life.
And all of this boils down to the deepest part of your mind:  The beliefs you hold about yourself, the way you think in those moments when it is time to act.  For example, if you don’t belief that you will succeed, how are you going to motivate yourself time and time again?  If you don’t believe that you’re worth it, or that you deserve it, there is no way that you are going to work hard for yourself, and really see what you are capable of.
My personal law program was created with the specific purpose of rewiring your beliefs at the deepest level possible.  It allows you to identify your most core-level beliefs, the ones where your other beliefs sprout from, and change them to become your greatest ally.  You can click HERE to learn more or download it and get started today.
I know you’re sharp and already know all this, but a reminder never hurts anyone, right?
Wishing you the best as always,

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