6 Unlikely and Incredible Alternative Healing Methods (Part 2)

6 Unlikely and Incredible Alternative Healing Methods (Part 2)

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Looking for freakishly effective, but surprisingly cheap and simple methods of healing? Here’s the second part of the article, for the first part click here

#4: Frequency Generator

Frequency generators have been around for several decades, but are highly suppressed and criticized by popular opinion.  To someone who has never heard of one before, it may sound too good to be true, but you can find several testimonials and personal stories that vouch for their efficacy online.  Check out www.rifeforum.com.

The general idea behind this type of technology is that every microorganism, whether it be a parasite, yeast, mold, fungus, virus, or bacteria has a specific frequency that destroys its cellular structure and thus kills it.  There are also many frequencies that can bring healing and balance to the body, specific organs, DNA, bones, tissue, etc.  I cannot personally state whether this is true or false, but you can imagine the staggering implications of this type of thing.  Again, do yourself a favor and check out the website above to see for yourself.

There are many different models of frequency generator being sold on the market today.  This unfortunately includes many “knock offs” and ineffective machines.  Be sure to do your due diligence in researching different models if this is something that interests you.  I highly recommend the GB-4000.  There are a few others out there that are equally effective.


#5: Colon Cleanse

belly A good colon cleanse, in my opinion, is the best kind of cleanse.  For one, a good quality colon cleanse doesn’t just cleanse the colon, but ends up cleansing the rest of the body and digestive system at the same time.  Also, once the cleanse is complete, the body will be able to naturally cleanse itself through proper elimination and digestion.  This aids the whole body and gives support to all the other digestive organs.

There is also a mystical proponent to this.  In yogic tradition, proper digestion is a crucial key to the health and resonance of the astral and energetic body.  By cleansing the digestive track, one opens up a new awareness to connect with higher states of consciousness.  I would certainly back this idea up from my own personal experience.

A good colon cleanse involves components that help to remove build up toxins and impacted fecal matter from the colon walls.  Often times psyllium husk and bentonite clay are used for this purpose.  If these ingredients are being used in your cleanse, it is vitally important that you are drinking A LOT of water, and are receiving colonics on a weekly basis throughout the cleanse.  Otherwise, these ingredients can do more harm than good.

My idea for a perfect cleanse is the use of Dr. Schulze’s intestinal formulas #1 and #2, plus a product known as Colosan, along with at least 2-4 colonics, plenty of water, and a good vegetarian diet of plenty of raw fruits and veggies, minus gluten and dairy products.

Understand that I do not make any commission from the products I’ve mentioned above.  They’re just the ones I’ve experienced as working the best.


#6: Energy Work

 energy work

The last (but not least) solution I have for you in the endeavor of physical healing is to learn to get in touch with your energy body.  Every illness, issue, or ailment that you experience on the physical level has an energetic counterpart in your personal energy system.  In fact, most physical issues first started long before they manifested as an energetic blockage or imbalance.  In a very real way, the cause of many a physical ailment can be traced down to negativity.  Things like grudges, consistent negative emotion like anger or depression, self-limiting beliefs about the body (or other parts of one’s “self”) and negative self-talk have been scientifically found to have a negative impact on physical health, affecting DNA integrity, cellular stability, and the pH level of the body. 

Energy work does not have to be “spiritual” or “esoteric” at all.  In fact, it is my hope that as we move into the future as a human species that this component of our existence will become more and more practical, more and more recognizable as a real variable in the overall equation of health and emotion. 

There are several different methods for accessing the energetic body to improve health and vitality.  I have always been privy to the ones that you can learn to do for yourself.  Some examples are: Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Yoga.  Pranayama yoga is a fantastic place to start, as it focuses heavily on the foundational component to all of the afore-mentioned techniques: the breath.  Pranayama translates to mean “control of the life-force”. 

If you have yet to learn a technique that you can use to help yourself, or are in the process, you can also draw upon others expertise in the meantime with modalities like Reiki, professional massage, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, etc.

The reason that energy work is so effective is because your energetic system is the middle ground between the physical and the emotional.  With this premise in mind, one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself is address any negativity that you are harboring in your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.  Of course we are human, and we all face certain negativities, but things like grudges and persistent overwhelming negativity and stress are not natural, nor are they good for us.  Working at this level is working at the root of the issue.  Not one physical issue is independent of the mind, which rules and creates every experience of life. 

I encourage you to work at this level, however you can at this time while you are applying some of the more physical and practical methods that I have given you above.  The application of both will get you the results you are looking for, and will also help you to understand how to avoid creating any more issues or problems on into the future. 

Stay tuned for my next article, where we will explore more specific methods for bringing balance and harmony to your mental/emotional state, and thus more health, happiness, and abundance into your experience of life! 

Yours Truly,

-Ashton A.


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