About Ashton Aiden

About Ashton Aiden

Hi There! My name is Ashton. I am the creator and founder of BrainwaveLove.  Aside from being a creator of brainwave entrainment programs I am also a:

  • Fully trained Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist
  • Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  • A Course in Miracles graduate
  • Business Consultant
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Humble student of Shaolin Kung Fu

But more important than listing credentials or accomplishments (I think more than anything our testimonials speak for themselves),   I’d like to tell you about how I first discovered brainwave entrainment, and how it enabled me to make a profound transformation in my own life at a time when I thought there was absolutely no hope for me.

So in sharing my story I’ve been as open and honest as possible, in hopes that   

It will give you an insight into how brainwave entrainment can give you the power to drastically improve your own well-being

So here it is..

The story of how I discovered brainwave entrainment began with me at the age of nineteen, as I hit a new low in my life. I was just stepping into adulthood and I had already hit rock bottom. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, in trouble with the law, and the final nail in the coffin: my girlfriend at the time had just left me for what I had thought was my best friend.

But the external circumstances weren’t nearly as bad as what was going on inside. I was deeply unhappy with life, and myself. I felt like a coward, a pushover. I was lonely. I was suicidal. I was depressed. And more than anything, I felt helpless to change any of it. It was like being trapped in a life that I didn’t want to be living.

Deep inside of myself I knew I was a good person. I wanted to contribute to the world and help people. I wanted to live a spiritually fulfilling life. I wanted to be free and love life.

And though I had just about given up on myself there was this small but persistent voice somewhere inside of me that told me it was possible.

So I gave myself an ultimatum. I decided that I was either going to give up entirely and succumb to living a hopeless, depressed, and pathetic life of self-loathing, or I was going to do everything in my power to make my life livable and become the person I wanted to become.

I had already read a few books on self-help and spirituality, but I knew I needed to act. The one common denominator that I found between all of these different teachings was meditation. So I decided I would start by learning to meditate.

Well after a few weeks of frustration and not knowing at all what I was doing, I found myself at the computer searching “meditation instruction” on Google and came across an ad that read:

“Meditate like a 30 year monk at the touch of a button.”

My thoughts were: “This is bullshit.” but my curiosity got the best of me.

This led me to visiting the website of one of the most popular brainwave entrainment programs on the market, and trying out the demo. I’ll never forget how floored I was when I put on my headphones, listened for just a few minutes and woke up later after nodding off, flooded with endorphins and feeling like something amazing had just happened.

I bought the program and ended up sticking with it for years. But even after a few months my life was making dramatic changes:

-I started hitting sales records at my job, and ended up being awarded manager of the year for unprecedented success at achieving financial goals.

-I grew the confidence to attract women into my life and found an amazing woman to be my girlfriend.

-I met new friends that resonated more with who I was and who I wanted to be.

-I began experiencing genuine and exhilarating spiritual growth.

But again, what was happening inside was far more important than what was happening externally. I was beginning to feel confident. I started to believe that I could accomplish anything if I stuck to it and believed in myself…and I was starting to believe in myself!

All that talk about how if you focus on your own mind, the outside circumstances will automatically start manifesting was starting to make sense. Brainwave entrainment wasn’t “fixing my life”. Brainwave entrainment was increasing my self-awareness at an accelerated rate, which was enabling me to create the life I wanted to live.

I was becoming more aware of the though patterns and emotional habits I had that held me back. I was more aware of my self-sabotaging behavior. And being aware of these things naturally gave me the knowledge of how to better overcome my limitations and become the person I wanted to become.

My next biggest manifestation was to purchase a home, even though I didn’t have the money (I had less than $1,000 to my name), and the U.S. had just hit the largest economic decline since the great depression. This was my challenge to myself, to see if I could do it.

Months later with some hustle, help from my friends and family, and some out of the box thinking, I had purchased my first home at age 23. This was the first manifestation of one of those “Big dreams” for me.

A few years later I saw another dream I had never thought would come true realized when I started a business doing something that I loved (you guessed it, this one).

And then years later, I saw a dream realized that I absolutely never thought would actually happen. I married the woman of my dreams.  (Isn’t my wife a babe by the way?  She’s got the personality to match it!)

I still have plenty of goals and dreams I hope to accomplish, but I have been blessed to see things happen in my life that I could have never convinced my 19-year-old self would be possible.

Like I said, brainwave entrainment didn’t fix my life. It didn’t solve my problems. What it did was enable me to become the person I wanted to be, who could accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish, by increasing my self-awareness and by enabling me to use more of the resources lying latent in my brain.

My goal here with brainwavelove is to give you the tools to help you achieve your goals faster and easier, regardless of what they are. I know personally that no matter how low you may be now, no matter how much you doubt yourself, you CAN be who you want to be and create what you want to create for yourself!

Whether you want to improve your academic performance, become smarter, attract better relationships into your life, manifest more money, or awaken spiritually, brainwave entrainment can help you do it by unlocking more of the full potential inside of that amazing brain of yours!

I’m always happy to talk on a personal level so please, if you haven’t already, sign up for our free audio (or one of our other free gifts on the site) and join my mailing list, and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at if you have any questions.

With Love,


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  1. 3
    Valerie Yule

    Thank you for sharing your story Ben, I really appreciate the depths you have touched and your discoveries of unlocking your potential and the generousity you have to share your discoveries with those who find your site! This technology is a new discovery for me and I do feel encouraged to have your insights and reviews. Bless you! Valerie

  2. 5
    Joe p.

    Also started with Holosync. Had good results but wanted more specific areas of improvement.
    I am just starting with the Genius package and see the intensity level is much greater.
    After some practice I get right to a semi dazed state of mind and just absorb the sounds and enter a very pleasant state of mind. Each day that feeling stays with you longer and longer.
    Glad to have found Brainwave Love.
    Thanks for all the honest info and support.

  3. 7

    Hi Ashton,
    Congrats on finding your true purpose in life. Many people continue a path of self-destruction and get no where. You intuition and soul guided you accordingly. I am always happy to read about people who are able to turn themselves into an inspiration. My history was not much different despite the fact that I never spent time in jail. Partying, drugs, problems with authority, and getting in trouble with the law are things I experienced when I was around the same age. There were many things that pulled me out of that stage in my life and I will always be grateful for it.
    The first time I heard binaural beats I was entranced. Reiki healing tunes are also incredible. I think I will enjoy everything this site has to offer.
    Also, I am working on my blog that is related to this subject. If it is okay with you can I ping back to your site if the post seems relevant? I am really in the beginning stages and having a hard time trying to fit everything I need to in my schedule, but I love the work on this site and feel very drawn to it. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information!

    • 8
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Amanda!

      Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your story. Definitely feel free to reference the site if you feel it would be helpful 🙂 Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

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