Supplements for Superhuman Health 2

Supplements for Superhuman Health 2

(This article is part of the Best of The Best Series and continued from Supplements for Superhuman Health 1)

#4: Omega 3-6-9 

Supplementing with Omega 3, 6, and 9 is also a wise decision for anyone, in any situation.  The main components in these oils, DHA and EPA have been shown to play important roles in heart function, vein and circulatory system integrity, brain function, and digestion.  Studies have also shown that regular supplementation of Omega oils can also aid the body in fighting infection and illness, and specific studies have shown that these oils are particularly helpful with bladder and urethral infection.  

There are only so many foods that supply these vitals fats to the body, so nearly anyone can benefit from supplementation.  I personally recommend plant-sourced products (due to the continually increasing amounts of toxins found in ocean fish). 


#5: High Quality Protein and Amino Acids

 Though this is not conventionally thought of as “supplementation”, I had to add this in here.  Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw diets are becoming more and more popular in today’s world.  Though I support this fully, and feel that it is an incredibly good thing both for our planet and the individual, it is important that the body is still getting a regular supply of good-quality protein.  

As a vegetarian myself, I can tell you how tired I am of hearing the “how do you get your protein?” argument.  The truth is that there is an ample amount of protein all around, even in vegetables.  But what I am talking about here is more in the quality and diversity of the protein being given to the body on a regular basis. 

Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of the human body, from the cellular structure, to muscles, to neurons and the neural net of the brain.  Protein is absolutely essential, and thus, one can benefit tremendously from ensuring that the body is getting a regular supply of good quality protein, and complete amino acid chains. 

Though I started this out talking about vegetarians and vegans, this also applies just as much to meat-eaters.  Many people are confused into thinking that as long as they are eating X amount of grams of protein that they are taking care of themselves.  Well there is a lot more to it than just quantity.  You can’t satisfy all the body’s needs by just eating the correct amount of grams of protein in eggs and ribeye steak.  You need to make sure you’re getting good-sourced, digestable, and useable amino acids. 

There are two products I highly recommend.  One is Bragg’s amino acids.  This is a liquid that tastes similar to soy sauce, and can be used as a seasoning.  The other is the Garden of Life brand RAW protein powder.  This can be mixed with water (I personally prefer almond milk.  It’s delicious!) and used as a protein shake as a meal replacement (or enhancement) or as an aid to a work out regimen.  This is giving the body exactly what it wants and needs!


In dealing with this subject, I must reiterate that it is important to consult your health care practitioner before undergoing any supplementation routine, especially if you are already taking any type of pharmaceutical.  Also, I cannot stress the inestimable value of visiting a naturopath or herbalist to see exactly what your individual body needs.  Though I feel that all of the supplements I’ve listed can be helpful to anyone, in any situation, there may be something that your particular body is craving, or needing in your individual situation that an expert could easily point out.  There are thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, etc. out there to help you on your quest to feeling good.

Regardless of your situation, I do urge you to explore this area of health.  Our bodies truly are amazing machines, designed to take a great deal of stress and pressure, and still carry on.  The body is literally designed to heal itself.  One of our very first steps should be making sure that we are giving it the resources it needs to operate at its full potential!  We don’t expect our cars to run without gasoline.  When an engine blows because the car doesn’t have oil, we don’t just get a new engine and continue to run the new one without fixing the oil leak as well do we?  This is very simple, and its also very promising to all of us.  

Start with the basics and move from there.

We’ll talk again soon,

 -Ashton A.


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