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Guest Post by Kelsey Lehnertz

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Many people who do not take part in yoga classes assume it is just another chore in a day filled with endless tasks, low energy, and little spare time. Or, that yoga is only for the pros who can wrap each foot around their head while cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. Joking aside, yoga is the driving force for many as a crucial part of day, producing more energy, positive thinking, and making work time more productive ultimately allowing for more dedicated spare time.

Yoga can elicit significant mental and physical health benefits at any time of day lending itself to be one of the most practical and practiced routines for people of all ages, physical fitness levels, and financial status. Just as with a running, cycling, or even Zumba workouts, many fitness gurus have preferences on the best time of day to practice these routines reaping the most physical benefits. On the contrary, yoga can be performed at any time of day and offer unique benefits depending on which time best suits your schedule.

Whether a yoga novice or expert, I encourage you to examine the breakdown оf benefits of yoga during each daily time frame. The catch is that no time is better than the other, it solely depends on which will cater to your personal, daily needs.



Morning Energy & Metabolism Burst

Stretching opens blood vessels, promoting proper circulation. To put it simply, when blood gets to where it is supposed to go in the body oxygen is equally distributed, offering alertness which is often described as energy or feeling well-rested. Allowing your body to circulate will also prompt your metabolism reducing mid-morning indigestion and regulating bowel movements. A morning yoga routine will prepare your mind and body for a productive day ahead.


Mid-Day Rendezvous

The highlight of practicing yoga over “lunch” hour is that it will induce alertness, enhance focus, induce productivity and offer an overall more efficient work period. Living in the “now” is one of the hardest feats for people across the world. As a collective, we worry about past mistakes, upcoming events and long-term goals. All deserve proper reflection and planning, but the major void in question is; “What about now?”

When you are in a blur of day-to-day tasks it is easy to have a lingering anxiety and fear build-up with a “what’s next” mentality.  Coming home for lunch or walking to the nearest park on a formidable weather day and devoting as little as 15 minutes to yoga will help focus your attention on current tasks and complete the work day with the utmost attention and present state of mind.


After-Work Unwind

One of the most difficult and stressful times of day is right after work. Many can love what they do and still experience a perceived stress from positive daily tasks such as feeling overwhelmed, unproductive, or simply exhausted. If you find yourself exploiting complaints of “It’s been a long week at work”, and claiming to relieve your perceived stress with a drink or two you are only digging yourself a nice, dark, deep hole.

Back away from the bottle as it will only increase your anxieties. Allow yourself time in the early evening for reflection and reevaluation of your day, your priorities, and your purpose. More times than not, our fears and anxieties are magnified by our unconscious mind and can be put at ease with controlled breathing to lower the heart rate and clear mind to remove unnecessary and exaggerated thoughts. After gathering, or rather, eliminating unproductive mental blocks, after-work time can be wholly devoted to friends, family, and extracurricular activities, and the need for that daily cocktail will soon be resolved.


Bed-Time Routine

Running, cycling, or taking part in a pick-up game of your favorite sport is a work out – No doubt about that. Many assume their exertion and impressive calorie burn will induce an instant restful sleep coma giving hours of happy dreams and a welcomed sunrise. But, said routines can cause muscle strain or tension and leave you hyped up on endorphins and adrenalin. Many find themselves tossing and turning from sore muscles or suffer from hours of trying to failed sleep attempts.

Yoga as a bed-time routine will allow you to unwind from other strenuous activities and be used as tool for restful sleep. Properly held poses will relax your muscles, and diaphragmatic breathing will allow for proper melatonin release to get you prepped for a great night’s rest.

Whether a morning energy boost or night time relaxation tactic, yoga can be whatever makes sense to you. If you are a yoga novice looking for tips and advice or practice on the regular, play around with which time of day best suits your personal needs. Finding your perfect yoga schedule is a win-win situation as any time will offer physical and, more importantly, mental benefits making each day in this life one of clarity, alertness, and serenity. Reduce stress – Be free. Namaste.


Author Bio: Kelsey Lehnertz is a content writer for various health, wellness, and lifestyle initiatives including Samahita- a yoga retreat in Thailand. She graduated with a liberal arts degree in Mass Communication and currently works from The Marketing Zen Group as a Content writer and strategist. Her passion lies in writing creative content, sharing stories with a purpose, and giving readers the information necessary to make healthy, well-planned life decisions.  Follow her @kelslehnertz.


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