Binaural Beats – All About Binaural Beats and  Benefits

Binaural Beats – All About Binaural Beats and Benefits

Binaural beats were the first discovered method used for brainwave entrainment technology, and are still used today for many mainstream products and programs.

binaural beats and binaural beats meditationHeinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats in 1839, but it was Dr. Robert Monroe who first introduced them to the public in products used to affect brainwave states.  His organization, The Monroe Institute, specializes in bringing one into specifically targetted brainwave states to induce out-of-body experiences, and to train remote viewers. 

Throughout the years, as binaural beats have become more widely known, many other people and organizations have used them to create brainwave entrainment products for various other uses.  A few of the more common uses for binaural beats are to induce deep effortless mediation, aide hypnosis, and to support relaxation, creativity, or focus.

Binaural beats lead the brain into specific states through what is known as the frequency following response.  When two specific rythms are introduced to either ear with stereo headphones, (for our example, lets say one beat resonates at 220 hz, and the other at 212 hz) the brain will naturally reconcile the difference between the two beats and create its own perceived rythm that is the difference between the two (in this case it would be 8 hz).  As the brain produces this “phantom frequency” it is then naturally led into the brainwave state corresponding with that frequency.  For this example, when the brain resonates at 8 hz, it is producing Alpha waves. 

Binaural beats have been shown to effectively lead the brain into beta, alpha, theta, and delta states. 

The benefits of listening to binaural beats can then be linked with the known benefits of whatever brainwave state the audio has been designed to lead the brain into. 

Alpha, Theta, and Delta are known to cause deep relaxation, and have also been claimed to produce spiritual experiences, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, and other “esoteric” effects.  Aside from these perceptual effects, there are also certain physiological benefits that come from visiting certain brainwave states (ie: being in the theta state has been shown to reset the brain’s sodium/potassium ratio, and the delta state has been shown to increase production of Human Growth Hormone.)

There is some disagreement in the brainwave entrainment field as to whether or not binaural beats can effectively produce gamma waves in the brain, and many claim that only isochronic tones can accomplish this.

Another positive side effect of the brain entraining to binaural beats is that it causes the left and right hemispheres synchronize, promoting whole-brain functioning.  One of the many advertised benefits of regularly listening to binaural beats is that it stimulates the forming of neural pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain, enabling it to more effectively function as a whole, even when one is not listening to a brainwave entrainment audio.  

Research has shown that if the difference between any two given frequencies exceeds 30 hz, the brain no longer perceives its own frequency, and is able to perceive the two given frequencies as separate. 

Many recent makers of brainwave entrainment assert that isochronic tones and monaural beats are more effective than binaural beats in entraining one to a specific brainwave state, and producing beneficial change in the brain.  Though there is evidence to support this claim,  it is also important to note that certain specific processes and benefits from the use of brainwave entrainment can only be produced with binaural beats. (for more information on this subject visit Holosync vs the Competition.)

Aside from The Monroe Institute, one of the more popular brainwave entrainment products using binaural beats is The Missing Link which uses a combination of both isochronic tones AND binaural beats each month. 

For more information on binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, and some of the most effective products available, feel free to browse through the other pages of or contact Ashton directly for some free guidance and advice at

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