Brain waves audio programs vs individual mp3s

Brain waves audio programs vs individual mp3s

brain waves audio programOne question that I get often is whether or not I recommend buying a full on brainwave entrainment audio program, or just purchasing an individual mp3.  As usual, my answer to this question depends on what the person asking it is looking for.  If you’ve done your research on this type of product  you know that brainwave entrainment has many different uses.

I sell both individual audios and programs on my site because I understand that there’s a big difference between someone who wants to revolutionize their entire life, and someone who just wants to dabble enough to get a taste for what the whole BWE craze is all about.

So let’s consider some of the people who may benefit from purchasing an individual meditation music mp3.  If you’re short on cash, you can definitely get your hands on some amazing brainwave entrainment audios for very small amounts of money (in fact, click here to get one of the best deals on the internet for this.)  Also, if you’re not sure whether or not you like brainwave entrainment, or want to spend a great deal of time on it and just want to try it out first, this would be another obvious reason to only purchase one audio.  If you have a very specific purpose to use this type of technology, say, you just want to help yourself sleep better, or are working on improving a lack of concentration, the individual mp3s may be a good fit for you as well.

But if you’re really looking to improve your life, to overcome persistent negative emotions like depression or anxiety, to reach the highest potential you have within yourself, or to accelerate your evolution, the individual audios are not really going to cut it. 

A good brainwave entrainment audio program is masterfully and intentionally put together to train the brain and consciousness to go on a journey, to complete a metamorphosis.  To do this one benefits greatly from utilizing many different brainwave states, different stimulation, and a timeline that has been set up by the program creator to help bring about the changes you are looking for in a more natural and safe manner. 

Any old internet salesman can sell a binaural beats mp3 for example, but the people who have experimented with this technology themselves; the ones who really know and understand what this technology can do are the ones who make the programs.  They are also the ones who are able to answer your questions legitimately and support you as you are undergoing the changes and transformations that these programs induce. 

So, there is usually much more support and clarity when using brainwave entrainment in this way.

Overall you really get one thousand times more out of using a program, whether it be Holosync, the Morry Method, or one of our own Missing Link program.  These products are leading you through an evolution, a process, whereas just one audio is going to leave you with the limitation of whatever brainwave state it brings you to.  Eventually the brain will acclimate itself to this one audio, and need more to continue a journey of self-development. 

Another great benefit of just about any quality brainwave entrainment program is that it comes with more than just audios.  It comes with instructions on how to use the audios, and usually any program will come with plenty of bonus materials and extra benefits, whether they be other audios, ebooks, online video coaching, or information in general.  Even if one is short on cash, a full program is usually a better deal long term, as it holds a much better value for the amount of audios, support, and other material that you get.  Our bundles, The Effortless OverachieverHeal Yourself, and The Missing Link are such an example of this.  

So, in short, I’d really recommend going with a brainwave entrainment package or program over an individual audio to most people, unless you are unsure if this is what you really want and need to try the technology out first.  No matter what your aim is, the pros outweigh the cons.  The only other scenario I could think of where it would make more sense to buy one audio is if you have already purchased a program or two and are looking for that one specific thing to complete your BWE library.

I do hope that this information is helpful, and please do check out the rest of the site reviews and resources, as I have put a good amount of effort into giving you as much information as you need to be able to make a decision that you will be happy with when purchasing this type of product. 

Cheers to your success!

-Ashton A.


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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Andrew!

      Yes that is totally fine. It is recommended if you are listening long-term and wanting to maximize your benefits that you learn to stay awake and sit up straight, but falling asleep is fine and will do not harm. I still do this occasionally and find that it often helps me get some great naps in.

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