Brainwave Entrainment and Affirmations

Brainwave Entrainment and Affirmations

Brainwave Entrainment, Affirmations, and do they really work?

brainwave entrainment and affirmations










Many people, who have found an interest in the benefits of using brainwave entrainment are quite familiar with the use and application of affirmations in achieving personal success, attaining goals, and using their mind to create and attract the things they want to them in life.

There has been some talk of late in the self-development arena about how effective affirmations really are, and how well they actually work.  Though some will make claims that they simply do not work that well, and others will assert that, yes, affirmations do work very well, I feel that the issue of how they are used makes all the difference in the results that one can expect from using them.To some that are experimenting with more technologically-based solutions like brainwave entrainment, the use of affirmations may appear to be a bit “old school”, but I am here to make the proposition that brainwave entrainment technology and affirmations can be used together in combination to concoct a very effective approach to changing beliefs, and utilizing the power of mind.

Let’s first explore

One of the biggest reasons why people aren’t getting the results they want from affirmations:

Conscious Doubt

One thing that can really hold people up from receiving the benefits of affirmations is the doubt factor.  Often times we are constructing affirmations about future goals or dreams that we would like to realize.  The issue here is that, if we already fully believed in our ability to accomplish these goals, or have these dreams realized, by law of attraction we would have already manifested these circumstances.  By rule, our affirmations are pushing right up against our self-imposed limitations and doubts.  Of course, this is the reason why we are using them in the first place, to change our beliefs and overcome our limitations.  I’m sure anyone, who has used affirmations can relate to the experience of stating an affirmation out loud, only to feel immediately that it’s not true, or to have their inner dialogue chime in with a “you can’t do that”. 

Unfortunately when this happens, it sends a very mixed signal to the unconscious belief system.  You’re telling it (for example) “I have a beachside home right on the coast of Tahiti.  No I don’t, I want one, but how will I ever get one with the income I’m making, and the lack of funds I have in my savings account.  I love Tahiti, but I haven’t even been there in years.  I’d need a new job, or a new business, or something has to change before that’s possible.”  Etc., etc. etc.  On top of this being a mixed signal to the unconscious, it can often backfire even more by dredging up negative emotions that come from these feelings of doubt, or a dissatisfaction with the fact that this dream/goal is not already realized. 

We can run around in circles playing this game.  Our conscious, rational mind is very good at doubting, especially when you are feeding it affirmations that are intentionally meant to counteract this doubt.  

But we all know that the unconscious doesn’t have this kind of filter.  By rule, the unconscious mind simply accepts any feedback, command, or programming it is given, and says “sure thing”.  So long as we are able to give it a clear, unfiltered command, without a second guessing, or doubting, or rationalizing doubt, it will accomplish what we ask it to.  It seems that if we could only just sneak those affirmations past the conscious mind, they could slip right into the unconscious, undeterred.

 And this is where brainwave entrainment comes in!

As we begin to sink into deeper meditative brainwave states like alpha, theta, or even delta, our conscious mind begins to relax more, and become much more quiet.  It also becomes more picture and emotion-driven, rather than inner dialogue and rationalization driven.  Experienced meditators have even classically been able to completely shut the rational mind off in these deeper brainwave states.

Now, while we are in these meditative states, not only is our rational mind more quiet, but it is also much more connected to the unconscious.  These meditative states are like a bridge between the two, and any thought you think, emotion you feel, or word you state to yourself is going to have a super-charged effect, with a higher likelihood of being manifested into your life.

Thus, many people have seen fantastic results from listening to their brainwave entrainment audio, drifting into a comfortable and peaceful state, and then starting their affirmations to themselves.

Brainwave Entrainment Programs With Affirmations:

A few brainwave entrainment product creators have taken this a step further even, and have created products that combine the two.  My very personal favorite of this type of product is our Sleep Well Live Well audio

This audio, designed to be listened to as you are falling asleep each night, has been implanted with both consciously audible affirmations, and subliminal affirmations as well.  These affirmations have come from a personal mentor of mine, who is currently earning a seven-figure income, and living the life we all dream of having, traveling the world, in a successful relationship, with absolutely perfect health (even though he’s older than 70).  These are the affirmations he used to improve his life, and they include all areas: health, relationships, money, and self-confidence. 

As Sleep Well Live Well takes you from your waking state, gradually through all the different brainwave states, all the way down to deep delta, the brain is programmed at all levels to accept these affirmations.  The final plus to the quality of this programming process comes from the fact that you fall asleep while listening, which completely bypasses your conscious doubt altogether.

My absolute favorite thing about this product is that it requires almost no effort at all.  You don’t even have to pay attention.  In fact, it’s better if you don’t.  All you have to do is play the audio through headphones and sleep comfortably.  To learn more about it, click here.

There are a few other products and programs that also incorporate affirmations into their agenda, like the Holosync Solution, but none that I have found are nearly as thorough as our Sleep Well Live Well audio.

Instructions for Using Your Own Affirmations with Brainwave Entrainment

If you want to start using your own affirmations with brainwave entrainment, try following these steps.

1. Sit with eyes closed and relax, listening to your brainwave entrainment track for at least 8 minutes.  Scientific research has shown that it takes approximately this amount of time for the brain to begin fully following the frequencies.

2. Once you have reached a deeply relaxed state, focus on feeling grateful for the things you have, and what’s going good in your life.  Let yourself enjoy being relaxed, and feel as much positive emotion as you can.

3. While you are feeling good, begin to state your affirmations to yourself.  Do not think or worry about whether or not they are true, or are going to happen.  Just feel good with the knowledge that each repetition is bringing you that much closer to your goal. 

4. After you are done stating your affirmations, continue to relax and forget about them completely.  Releasing your desires and forgetting about them is one of the most powerful steps! 

For more information, and to read some thorough, honest reviews on some of the best brainwave entrainment products on the market, visit the Product Reviews section, and browse through the other article on the site. 

As always, feel free to contact me as well if there is anything I can do for you.



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