Brainwave Entrainment and Outside Influences

How to Use Brainwave Entrainment and Mind Power to Protect Yourself from External Negativity, Persuasion, and Influence

We live in a very interesting and intense time in history. This truly is the age of information and communication.  As we all know, our ability to communicate world-wide with the internet, along with our ability to find loads of information about any subject at the touch of a button is an incredibly positive thing.  Unfortunately, there are many negative consequences associated with this as well.  We are now bombarded with more advertising than ever before.

Persuasion tactics are available to anyone interested in learning them (and possibly abusing them), and the drama and negativity of the entire world is readily available to be placed right in front of our faces.

Of course, we are the masters of our destiny, and it is always important to keep in mind that our external world is simply a reflection of our internal landscape.  We DO have the power to shape our personal world to our desires, and bring harmony into our lives.

This being said, it is still very important to consider the effect that negative influences, non-integrous persuasion and advertising, general drama, less-than-helpful thought forms and negative emotional energy can have on our lives, our subconscious manifestations into the world, and our overall mental/emotional health.  Any time we are focused on anything, we are that much more likely to begin manifesting it into our world, and any time we are being subjected to negativity, or unhealthy thoughts, our subconscious mind is soaking it in! Unless we are using our awareness to consciously filter it in a beneficial way.

So how do we protect ourselves from all these external influences? And how does brainwave entrainment relate to all this? 

Within your mind and brain you have some very powerful resources to be awakened.  Two of the most powerful being sheer AWARENESS and the ability to intentionally form and shape neural pathways in the brain.  This is where I will introduce one of the most powerful tools at our disposal for tapping into these resources. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, I am sure that you know that anything you focus on continually will have a way of manifesting itself into your life.  If you focus on drama or negativity, or if you are continually exposed to persuasion or advertising, these things will begin to form beliefs in your mind which will later manifest themselves externally.  Taking this a step deeper, any time you focus on these things, a neural pathway begins to form in your brain.  The more you focus on them, the more defined the neural pathway becomes, until it turns into a habitual thought/electrical reaction in the brain. The best way to counteract these outside influences, in terms of your neural net, is to focus on forming positive neural pathways that are more powerful than any negative external input.  This is where affirmations, visualizations, and positive action come into play.

But aside from this strategy,

nothing can really trump the power of increasing your self-awareness! 

self-awareness and brainwave entrainmentWhen you are AWARE of yourself, and the world you are perceiving, you grow an unparalled resiliency to outside influence.  You notice the lack of resonation with your external stimuli.  You see and hear the subtleties of a less than integrous advertising scheme.  You feel the energy of someone, who is trying to manipulate or persuade to you to do something that will not benefit you!  You notice those certain words, those tacky appeals to your lower nature of sex appeal, social conformity, and impulsive pleasure-seeking (some of the most targetted areas of advertising and sales pitches).  Most importantly though, you begin to see the cause and effect relationship of your thoughts, and their manifestation into the physical realm.  The way of increased self-awareness is a magical and empowering journey!

One of the most powerful tools we have today to quickly and effectively increase our self-awareness is brainwave entrainment.  By effortlessly being able to reach the deeper brainwave states (alpha, theta, delta), we are able to draw upon our subconscious mind, and bring the power of what was previously subconscious into our conscious awareness.  This is the same thing that meditation has been known to do for centuries, but until now, it has taken years of disciplined practice to be able to consistently reach these deeper brainwave states on a consistent basis. Brainwave entrainment will also drastically increase the communication of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, bridging your intuition with rational thinking.  In turn, this helps us have a much more practical connection with our “gut feelings” about things that are happening in our lives. Not to mention that listening to brainwave entrainment has mind power, brainwave entrainment and whole-brain functioningalso been shown to increase IQ, promote emotional balance, and super charge the brain’s forming of new neural pathways. So if I were to be asked, “What is the best way to protect oneself from negative external influence?” I would say first, intend to think positively.  Set a standard of positivity for yourself, and do not accept anything below that standard.  Turn off the TV when drama is occurring.  Turn off the radio when the same happens.  Do not accept persuasion or manipulation from anyone if you know that it does not resonate with you.

Secondly, make it easier for you to do this.  Get yourself a high-quality brainwave entrainment program and start meditating and bringing yourself into those deeper brainwave states.  The combination of increasing your self-awareness and holding an intention powerful enough to program your neural net to be positive is a force to be reckoned with indeed! Your thoughts and focus are a very powerful thing.  With great power comes the responsibility to use them wisely.  This is where we make the decision between living the harmonious and prosperous life that we want to live, and manifesting circumstances and situations that we do not want.  The choice is yours, thankfully.

I would encourage you to take full responsibility for yourself, your emotions, and your ability to manifest your life. 

We are very fortunate to have technology and information that helps us to do this easily and effectively. Please feel free to browse the site for more information on brainwave entrainment technology and to read reviews on some of the most powerful and effective brainwave entrainment products on the market to date.  Please also feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to be of assistance to you in your movement towards greater peace, prosperity, and happiness.

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