Can Brainwave Entrainment Be Used As A Drug?

Can Brainwave Entrainment Be Used As A Drug?

brainwave entrainment drugs

As long as brainwave entrainment has been around, even before the more popular and well-known programs were introduced into the market, there have been certain companies and brands that sell, offer, and market brainwave entrainment products that are meant to mimic or induce the effects of both pharmaceutical and recreational drugs; drugs like ayahuasca, LSD, mescalin or peyote, pot, alcohol, or even barbiturates or pharmaceutical opiates like oxycontin or lortab.

I was just exchanging emails with a subscriber of my email list last week about a situation where she purchased an audio meant to simulate an ayahuasca journey.  She had been rather disappointed with the audio (not to mention the customer service) and had asked for a refund.  I told her I wasn’t surprised.

 The Truth About Brainwave Entrainment Drugs

I may make a few brainwave entrainment sellers upset by saying this, but my personal opinion is that people selling brainwave entrainment audios by telling their customers that they can simulate these types of “highs” are selling people what they want to hear only to make some money.  

The reason being (and this is the same thing I told my subscriber when we talked about it) is that

It is impossible for a technology like brainwave entrainment to recreate these types of experiences!

I like to think this is common sense if you understand how brainwave entrainment actually works

You see, when you break down brainwave entrainment and how it works, though it is a very dynamic and amazing technology, it is limited to one simple thing:

Brainwave Frequencies

Though there are so many uses and amazing things that brainwave entrainment can do, any of these things are based upon the fact that what brainwave entrainment does is lead your brain to a specific brainwave frequency, which in turn affects its “state”.  So when you simplify it, brainwave entrainment technology can only lead your brain to any frequency within the alpha, beta, theta, delta, or gamma range.  Any other effect that follows from that (ie: increased release of dopamine or serotonin in the brain, or even the healing of a condition like ADHD) has come strictly from that basis.  It’s that simple.

When you look at how drugs work on the brain and body, especially say, a drug like ayahuasca, you will quickly see that there is a lot more going on than just the brain being at a certain frequency.  Obviously, there is the basic element of the drug itself acting on the brain and body, whatever substance it may be, that causes its effect. 

A brainwave frequency cannot “create” the physical effect of a physical substance entering the bloodstream or acting on the brain.  Once this substance, whatever it may be, has begun acting on the brain and body, many of the effects of a drug high are then caused by physical conditions.  For example, it is postulated that much of the effects of the mind-state that comes from mescalin have to do with the fact that the brain is not getting nearly as much glucose/sugar as it normally does, thus a certain part of one’s awareness seems to be inhibited in relation to the part of the brain that relies on this sugar to fully express itself. 

Physical changes in the brain and body like this, the ones that result in a drug high, simply cannot be recreated just by a technology that leads the brain into a certain frequency range.  And I believe that anyone who understands brainwave entrainment technology enough to sell it would probably know that.

Not that I’m against trying to recreate a high or experience in a safer environment, or through means that are more legal and responsible, but I just don’t think this is somewhere that the brainwave entrainment bandwagon can go.

Thus being said, there is still absolutely something to be said for the profound relaxation, the powerful release of pleasurable neurochemicals, and the fascinating changes in perception that this type of technology produces. One thing that people crave about drugs and their highs is the way they stimulate the brain to produce dopamine and serotonin. This is one of the things that people REALLY get addicted to when they are using drugs. Considering this, there is still what you may call a “high” that comes from using brainwave entrainment, but it is its own high, not one that mimics a well-known drug or entheogen.

In fact, brainwave entrainment, for that reason, can be a very powerful way to help oneself get OFF drugs, and supplement, in a healthy way, those pleasurable neurochemicals that the brain produces. We have a few audios on the site that are absolutely fantastic at doing this. Check out our Deep Alpha Playground, or Speed Healing audios if you are interested in experiencing this effect with brainwave entrainment.

In a way, I’m still holding at least enough of an open mind to let someone try to prove me wrong with all this. We would all love to hear anyone’s personal experiences with this type of product in the comment section below. If anyone has had an experience with brainwave entrainment that is comparable, please feel free to share.
 …Though I’m still holding at least enough of an open mind to let someone try to prove me wrong.  We would all love to hear anyone’s personal experiences with this type of product in the comment section below.  If anyone has had an experience with brainwave entrainment that is comparable, please feel free to share.

If this is something that has appealed to you, and you have found this article to be a let-down, let me help cheer you up by telling you that

Though you may not be able to simulate drug experiences with brainwave entrainment, you are able to monumentally catapult the journey of evolution and self-awakening within yourself with it

If you ask me, there’s no bigger trip than the one of waking up to yourself an ultimate reality.  I was a pretty heavy drug and alcohol user when I first began my own journey of self-discovery, and it was this journey that lent me the excitement and fulfillment that I needed to lose almost all interest in drugs.  Perhaps now is your time to begin.     

Yours Truly,

-Ashton Aiden


P.S.  If you are looking for a truly amazing experience with brainwave entrainment technology, why not just try my deep alpha mp3 (totally FREE) . If you’re wondering why, check out what others have to say about it here.

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