Brainwave Entrainment for Weight Loss

Brainwave Entrainment for Weight Loss

Brainwave Entrainment for Weight Loss – Can Brainwave Entrainment Help You Lose Weight?

brainwave entrainment for weight lossIf you have spent some time browsing my site, you would have learned that brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven method that literally re-programs your brain, helping you easily shift your habits and behavior into a direction that supports your goals. And let’s face it – no matter what other aspirations one might have, losing weight and maintaining a healthy body image is a goal common for a large percent of the world’s population. Not surprisingly, ‘Can brainwave entrainment help with weight loss?’ is a question often asked by people, who have come to the realization that our physical appearance is closely linked to our mental and emotional state.

If we carefully examine the routine of professional athletes from all spheres of the sports world, we will notice that their physical training is cleverly combined with mental exercises such as visualization, positive affirmations, and other methods that ensure they form mind control habits, contributing to their future success. In fact, this is exactly what brainwave entrainment does – through the forming of new neural pathways, brainwave entrainment audios help you more easily learn whatever you need to learn that will assist your weight loss. What I mean by saying this is that there are various reasons of why you might not be able to lose those extra pounds, and I will go over each of them, explaining how brainwave entrainment technology can help.

Lacking the motivation to exercise or live more actively

You should be well aware that no matter how well you control your diet, or what pills you try out with the aim of losing weight, all effects will be temporary unless you keep your body active. In fact, if you look at how restless children are, you will realize that our inborn instincts are to move and do things with our bodies (run, walk, lift various objects, etc.). Modern day lifestyle to a great degree numbs those instincts, and this combined with the stressful situations we face every day, we end up falling into a state of apathy when it comes to exercising. We start finding different excuses like the lack of time, or we simply feel warn out, because we find it difficult to handle everyday stress. This can easily lead to a mild or not-so-mild depression (which is another factor for gaining weight!).

As you can see, although the first reason we are exploring seems physical in nature, it actually stems from somewhere else. What brainwave entrainment does is assist your mental and emotional state in two ways – first, it helps you maintain a brighter attitude towards life through naturally releasing ‘happy’ hormones like serotonine, as well as other endorphins which make it that much easier for you to fight stress and become resistant to negative external influences. This instantly influences your physical state – you feel much healthier, stronger, and naturally feel the desire to move and keep your body active. This has an immediate effect on your metabolism, but the process is much faster with brainwave entrainment, because once you pick up a sport or activity, you find it’s a lot easier to learn than without using the technology. As mentioned earlier, brainwave entrainment is scientifically proven to assist the forming of new neural pathways, which literally means that you can learn a new skill much faster.

This helps you keep your motivation and not give up before you even started.


Eating too much or feeling hungry all the time

Eating excessively or eating the wrong foods can also hinder your weight loss. Often you feel like you can’t control yourself, which in turn brings feelings of guilt, and it all becomes a vicious cycle you can’t get out of. Again, brainwave entrainment audios will assist in forming new habits of eating healthily, while also keeping you much more happy and relaxed.  Our Reduce Cravings audio is particularly useful for this.  Higher levels of stress and anxiety are often the reasons for one’s inability to control their hunger, and brainwave entrainment easily eliminates those by consistently bringing you into states that keep your mind and body relaxed.


Having formed a negative self image

Finally, I would like to explore the formation of a negative self image as a major reason for one’s inability to reach their healthy weight. Oftentimes I get to know women, who rigulously try to lose weight by exercising and dieting with minimal results. Ironically, the moment they stop ‘caring’ and basically ‘give up’, they find themselves with that dream body they have worked so hard for. The reason for this is that they eventually stop holding that negative attitude they have formed towards themselves. Re-shaping the image you have for yourself can be quite hard, and sometimes it takes years to do. Brainwave entrainment tracks are great for re-shaping that image, as they immediately position you in a whole different light in front of yourself – you instantly become a happier, more motivated person, who you find easier to like and accept right from the start. 

So, are you ready to break all these harmful habits? I think you are! Grab a brainwave entrainment audio from our online store and see the results for yourself. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line with your personal story, I will be more than glad to assist you in choosing the right brainwave entrainment product for your goals!

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