Brainwave Entrainment and Hormone Production

Brainwave Entrainment and Hormone Production

One of the most beneficial effects of using brainwave entrainment technology is its ability to stimulate the body to produce more healthy hormones. Nearly any brainwave entrainment audio will, to at least some degree, get the body producing more serotonin, melatonin, DHEA, and human growth hormone. Scientific studies have also shown measured results in brainwave entrainment also decreasing the production of cortisol (one of the most prominently linked hormones to aging, stress, and fatigue)

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When you consider how much a part these healthy hormones play in our overall health, mood, and ability to feel good, it’s really quite astounding that such a simple, effortless technology can do this. And yet, this is not even generally the average brainwave entrainment product’s aim, it’s simply a happy by-product of listening to any audio, with any purpose, whether it’s for sleep, meditation, or peak performance.

Science has linked the production (or lack of production) of these beneficial hormones to almost any physical or emotional issue in the human condition. The lack of a healthy amount of any of these hormones (serotonin, melatonin, DHEA, HGH, etc.) has been linked to chronic depression, anxiety, neurosis and severe mental disorders, poor digestion, poor sleep and insomnia, chronic fatigue, early aging symptoms, and poor immune function. Low amounts of these hormones are often times coupled with a high amount of cortisol, which is sometimes called the stress hormone.

There is a great deal to understand about the balance of these different hormones in the body and how they affect health. For example, it is good to know that DHEA is a precursor to both estrogen and testosterone. When there is no DHEA, there is not ample ability to maintain healthy levels of these hormones, which can often lead to an imbalance between the two (which can both lead to low testosterone and high estrogen levels in men, and the vice versa in women).

It is common for the body to produce less and less of these beneficial hormones as one ages, and yet, when there is sufficient amount of these hormones present in the body, it functions optimally, one’s mood is much happier, sleep comes easier, there is more sexual libido, muscles tone easier, energy levels are higher, stress levels are lower, and body remains more youthful, aging slower.

Sounds like a great deal right?

Unfortunately, due to various factors in our modern environment like genetically modified food, unnatural ingredients in food, rising toxicity in water and even air, chemicals that come from plastics such as bottled water, and increased electromagnetic chaos (it seems the list could go on and on) it is more the norm than not for the average human being to have serious hormonal imbalance and deficiency. This is one reason why brainwave entrainment technology can be an incredibly invaluable tool for maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health.


Studies Done on Brainwave Entrainment and Hormone Production

In a study by Dr. Vincent Giampapa MD, a prominent anti-aging researcher and former president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, it was found that even periodical sessions of deep meditation (with brainwave states of Alpha and Theta) had DRAMATICALLY positive effects on the body’s production of DHEA, melatonin, and cortisol, helping produce much more of the first two, and decreasing production of the latter.

In fact, the results were unexpectedly positive, with some participants of the study showing up to 90% increases in DHEA, and even less positive results still at 44%. Melatonin increases were even more positive and dramatic with participants experiencing anywhere between 98%-300% increases!

Cortisol was also shown to decrease by an average of 47%. Though not everyone in the study achieved these results, and average of about 70% did.

With such promising results, it would be quite a surprise that this technology is not already being handed out left and right as a means for improving health and well-being to almost anyone!
Let’s explore some of these key hormones in greater detail, and examine which brainwave entrainment products can directly benefit their production the most. Keep in mind that this is still an experimental area of research, and results can vary for each individual.



Nearly 80% of serotonin is stored in the intestinal tract, where it is used to help regulate digestion. Some is also stored in platelets, and, of course, in the nervous system where it interacts with the brain, and plays a crucial role in ones mental function and overall mood. Serotonin is definitely a “feel-good” hormone, and one can notice if they pay attention when their body is producing more of it, because it brings on a feeling of comfort, happiness, relaxation, and well-being.

It is commonly agreed upon that the frequency of 10hz (alpha) is known to directly stimulate the brain to produce more serotonin. Here at brainwavelove we start many of our audios out at this frequency, even it descends lower into the deeper brainwave states. Not only is this for production of good old serotonin, but also because this frequency has a grounding effect, and seems to help the brain more easily descend into the lower frequencies beyond it. You can experience this for yourself by signing up for our free Alpha audio that pops up on the homepage of this site.

Aside from 10hz and alpha, much research has also shown that the theta and delta brainwaves also produce serotonin as well.



Produced by the pineal gland, melatonin is most commonly known for its role in helping you sleep well. But it has also been found that while melatonin is being produced in the body (in larger amounts at night) it is also acting out the role of an anti-oxidant, helping to boost the immune system and fight off free-radicals.

You can see how important melatonin is when you consider the importance of these two roles that it plays. Sleep has been found to be linked to nearly every function of the human body; metabolism, aging, cardiovascular activity, immune function, etc. (to learn more about the role sleep plays on your health click HERE) and the body’s ability to fight free radicals is in the same category, affecting all aspects of human health.

In short, Melatonin is absolutely vital to overall health in many different ways.

I have yet to hear verified scientific data on a specific brainwave frequency that can be used to specifically produce Melatonin, but I have also heard that 10hz works well for this, along with any brainwave slower than beta (alpha, theta, delta).

Our Sleep Well Live Well audio has been specifically produced to help with the production of melatonin (and the other beneficial hormones) by starting out holding the brain at 10hz, then gradually descending the brain down into delta, stopping along the way at specific frequencies in all brainwave ranges to really get these hormones flowing.

Click HERE to learn more about this.


Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is known as the anti-aging hormone. Many studies have found that increased levels of HGH slow the aging process, sometimes by staggering amounts. To read more about this click HERE.
HGH production greatly decreases as one ages, and is often times found in incredibly low amounts in adults, usually being linked to health concerns, poor sleep, or advanced aging symptoms. It has generally been known for a long time that meditation can be used as a tool for boosting HGH production, but this becomes even more powerful when coupled with brainwave entrainment technology.  Aside from meditation,  during deep sleep is about the only other time that the body is observed to be producing legitimate amounts of this hormone.

As with the other hormones, HGH has been observed to increase in production with all of the different brainwaves, but is most commonly known to produce in larger amounts in the delta brainwave state. If you are looking to use brainwave entrainment to specifically enjoy the benefits of increased human growth hormone, both our Sleep Well Live Well audio and our Speed Healing audios are recommended for this purpose.



Cortisol is most commonly known as the stress hormone. Increased amounts of cortisol spell trouble for the body, and have been linked to a variety of health issues such as fibromyalgia, chonic fatigue, anxiety disorder, adrenal fatigue, etc. Often times increased cortisol levels are a result of intense stress or anxiety, or the relentlessness of regularly low level stress. As the adrenal system becomes depleted through poor diet, stressful lifestyle, caffeine dependence, poor sleep, or conditions like anxiety disorder, cortisol levels rise and can result in more serious health concerns.

Though the reason that brainwave entrainment is so effective in lowering cortisol levels is still not concluded upon, it would be my opinion that it is due to the powerfully relaxing quality of being fully immersed in the slower, deeper brainwave states. Many report that their experience listening to brainwave entrainment is one of profound relaxation, often times a state of relaxation that had never been experienced before. As one is able to regularly enter deep states of relaxation, the nervous system begins to heal, and the body’s adrenaline squeezing fight or flight response begins to be replaced by the relaxation response. This begins a profound turnaround for both emotional and physical health, and is reflected by the rebalancing of the body’s various hormones.

To decrease cortisol with brainwave entrainment, we would recommend listening to any of the audios that you can purchase on our page HERE.


Other Hormones, Neuro-Peptides, and Endorphins

There are many other pleasurable and beneficial substances that are naturally produced in greater amounts through the use of brainwave entrainment. This includes hormones such as Catecholamines, acetylcholine, and vasopressin, along with endorphins, and other neuro-peptides. When considering this, we gain a greater understanding of the relevance of comparing the use of brainwave entrainment with “meditation on steroids”. It is really quite similar to taking the usually slow benefits of regular meditation practice, and putting them in a place where they can be grabbed for almost instant results.



One thing to reiterate about all this is that, this is something you can get with ANY brainwave entrainment audio! So if you want to use the technology for a more specific purpose, such as increased learning capacity, or to meditate deeper, or even to curb addiction and cravings, you will also receive the benefit of this powerful positive hormone production increase simply as a side effect.

We are now reaching a new place in time, where our mental, emotional, and physical well-being is becoming more and more within our own hands to control, and this technology is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal for self-healing and achieving the goals we have for our own personal happiness. Please feel free to browse through the rest of our articles to learn more about the specific benefits that you can reap from using brainwave entrainment.

Wishing you the best,

-Ashton A.


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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Kumari,

      I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with depression and anxiety. One thing to keep in mind with brainwave entrainment (and any other tool of this nature) is that they are a tool, but not a cure-all. Ultimately it is up to us to do the work, sometimes painstaking and tedious work, to get to where we wish to be in life. Brainwave entrainment in my experience is one of the most helpful tools in helping us get results quickly and more easily, but it is not the “cure”, and is also not for everyone.

      Feel free to reach out to me at if you’d like to speak more about things or if there is anything I can help you with.



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    Clifford Gant

    Thanks Ashton, I’m a Vietnam vet and I Just want to say “THANKS” in a Big way for what you are doing and Sharing your knowledge. I’m finding i’m feeling a change inside, that’s making me feel different on the outside. Don’t know all the reasons or answers but I think You do… Thanks AGAIN for All Your Work and Help,,, Your New Friend, ,,,Sincerely,, cliff gant (p.s.) Every Vet should have access to this information…

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