Brainwave Entrainment and Human Growth Hormone

Brainwave Entrainment and Human Growth Hormone

One of the more enticing benefits of listening to brainwave entrainment is its ability to stimulate the brain’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone (also known as HGH).

HGH has been found through scientific study to benefit multiple functions of the body, and has a beneficial effect on every cell.  Produced by the pituitary gland naturally during sleep, HGH is predominantly observed to have a healing effect on the entire body, to stimulate the repair and growth of tissue, bone, and muscle, and to supply essential amino acids to the cellular system.


Many studies have found that Human Growth Hormone is a powerful key to slowing down, or even reversing the aging process.  In a startling study by Dr. Daniel Rudman, the Director of Geriatric Medicine at the Chicago Medical School University of Health Sciences, regular injections of HGH over the course of 6 months were shown to reverse biological aging of the body by 10-20 years in men in the age range of 60-80 years old.  A decrease in body fat by 14% and an increase in muscle by 9% were also reported, along with more youthful and elastic skin, an increase in sex drive, and an increase in energy.

In other studies, HGH has been given orally as a supplement, also noted to have similarly profound effects in anti-aging, increased energy levels, healing, and growth of bone, muscle, and skin elasticity.

Though these studies are exciting and promising, the downside of this type of treatment is that it is very expensive, and some would argue it is not entirely natural to supplement this hormone from external sources.

This is where the benefits of brainwave entrainment come in.  Not only is this a much cheaper alternative to HGH supplementation, but it is also much more natural, as the pituitary gland is still the one producing the hormone, rather than it coming from an external source.

The brain has been found to release HGH while listening to brainwave entrainment in the frequency ranges of alpha, theta, and delta, but some of the most profound results have been found by aerospace engineer Michael Herculese in experimentation with the frequency of 1.05 Hz (deep delta).  Not only did Herculese measure significant increases in HGH at this frequency, but also significant increases in serotonin and testosterone.

From this particular study, along with the shared experiences of the many users of brainwave entrainment technology, it seems that the delta range is the most successful in producing HGH, though all of the “slower” ranges (alpha, theta, and delta) have been found to stimulate increased production of this hormone at some level.  With delta being the brainwave of deep sleep, and HGH being naturally produced during sleep, it only seems to make sense that it would help the brain produce more.

Perhaps this could be a practical explanation to the many saints, sages, and monks that do not seem to age!  It has seemed since the dawn of time that a perpetual youthfulness of the body can come along with spiritual practice and meditation.  This type of technology may also prove to be a powerful supplement to some of the healing effects that we previously could only find from deep sleep.  I’m sure none of us would argue with having to get less sleep to feel well-rested and healthy.  Definitely interesting to think about…

I must throw in a disclaimer here at the end of this article.  From my personal experience with this technology, I would not recommend listening to delta brainwave entrainment audios if you are new to the world of brainwave entrainment.  It is important to understand that listening to delta brainwave entrainment is a lot like meditating as deeply as a 10-20 year experienced meditator on your first go.  There is a process that one would want to go through that gradually introduces their brain and consciousness to this type of exposure first in order for it to be a healthy and profound experience.  


There is a lot that goes on in the brain and unconscious mind when you reach a state this deep, and it is very possible that this can stimulate the mind to begin to process emotional and mental material at a rate that is faster than one would prefer.  In other words, doing this could cause a great deal of mental and emotional baggage to rise to the surface of your awareness very quickly.

If you are interested in using brainwave entrainment for this purpose, I would highly recommend beginning with an alpha audio, then gradually, over the course of 1-2 months, moving on to a theta audio, and then, over the course of 1-2 more months, moving to delta.  This will give you a much more natural progression, and can save you the experience of “stirring up” more mysteries of your own mind than you are ready to handle at a given time.  If you’re ready to jump right into Delta, I would recommend our Speed Healing audio that we sell on the site.

From my personal experience I would also have to say that listening to delta audios over a significant period of time (ie 1-2 years) does have quite effective anti-aging benefits.  I have often been told by old friends and acquaintances that I don’t age, and look exactly the same as I did 8 years ago.  This is one of my secrets.  Shhhh….

Here’s to your health, happiness, and eternal youth,

-Ashton A.

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