Breathe the Belly Fat Away

How To Lose Your Belly Fat With These Simple But Effective Techniques


how to lose your belly fat Hello again! I’ve recently heard from a lot of you that you are interested in some easy and holistic methods for weight loss.

I wanted to just post a quick blog here to share two yogic techniques that are both great for purifying your body/energy body, and also for toning your abs and eliminating body fat from the belly and diaphragm.  If you are having a hard time losing that weight in your stomach, these are perfect for you.  Plus, the added energy and chi flow you will receive from regular use of these techniques will also aid you in living an active, healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended that you perform these quick exercises at least twice a day, if not several times in a day.  These are also great for increasing your energy level, and work well for times of energetic lulls throughout the day.


Belly Fat Loss Technique #1:  Skull Shining


Think Yourself ThinThis is an ancient pranayama technique that helps to unlock and awaken kundalini energy flow up the spine.  It also sends a large amount of prana straight into the crown and third eye chakra.  When performed properly, you can feel this prana flow into the head, and will understand why it is called skull shining.  The welcome side effect of this breath is that it also exercises the diaphragm, and tones the stomach.

Either stand or sit with your spine straight.  Curl your top lip above your front teeth and hold it there, gently but firmly.  Inhale slowly, steadily, and vigorously.  Without pausing after the inhale, exhale quickly, and with more vigor than the inhale.  There is then a very small pause before inhaling again.  This is very similar to the classic “bellow’s breath”, but the slight differences make all the difference.  Start slow with this exercise, taking 10 breaths.  Once you get used to it, add another 10 breaths, etc, etc.  If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, stop, and sit or lie down.  You have reached your limit.  Eventually your tolerance will increase.

Doing this twice a day should make your stomach and diaphragm muscles a little bit sore for a few weeks.  This is your sign that you will be getting the desired results.



Belly Fat Loss Technique #2: Stomach Lifting (Uddiyana):


how to lose weight quicklyStand with your legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and spine straight.  Take a deep breath in, exhale fully, then, in one quick motion, jerk the stomach inwards toward the spine, then upwards towards the ribcage.  Then completely release the stomach muscles and repeat the in and up motion.  Repeat the lift 3-4 times, then take another breath and do it again.

This exercise will also tone the stomach muscles and burn fat.  It will also help push life-force energy upwards into your higher chakras, and massage your intestines, liver, pancreas, etc.  It aids digestion and alleviates digestive issues.  It’s a very good exercise for your overall health.

Again, practice these exercises at least twice per day, or more if possible.  They’re both great energetic pick-me-ups for energy lulls, or to cure restlessness and boredom, and you get the great effect of having a toned, flat stomach.  


That’s it for now!  Enjoy!



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