Can Brainwave Entrainment Increase IQ

Can Brainwave Entrainment Increase IQ

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about brainwave entrainment, and also comes with one of the most exciting answers! Regardless of who you are, what you are trying to accomplish, or what limitations or obstacles you have to overcome in your life, increasing your raw level of intelligence and cognitive function is one thing that can really give you that necessary boost to succeed. Maybe you are trying to succeed in school, grasping a difficult subject. Perhaps you are paving your way to financial success, or perhaps you are learning to attract a perfect soul-mate into your life. You may even be struggling with a lack of mental focus, persistent negative emotional states, or other persistent neurological issues.

Being that increasing IQ can help you with any of these goals or issues, it is no question that this is one of the most commonly asked questions about brainwave entrainment, and one of the most common selling points for advertisers of this type of product.

With the popularity of brainwave entrainment on the rise, many studies have been recently performed to verify whether or not it can actually increase one’s IQ.

The results from these brainwave entrainment studies have been quite fascinating, and more exciting than the participants could have possibly imagined.

In one study, Professor Thomas Budzynski used brainwave entrainment with a group of underperforming college students at Western Washington University. During the study the participants’ academic scores were measured, and they were also given regular IQ tests. Much to everyone’s suprise, each student showed a large increase in both their test scores and their IQ scores. Not only did they show these improvements while undergoing the therapy, but also continued to show increasing improvement after the treatment had ceased.

Similar results were also recorded for a test performed by Professor Budzynski with the elderly.

In another study, performed by Drs. Susan and Siegfried Othmer, participants suffering with ADD and ADHD (all of which recording an IQ below 100) showed an average increase of 33 Points after undergoing therapy with Brainwave Entrainment! Negative symptoms of their condition were also reported to significantly decrease.

Brainwave entrainment has also been shown to increase IQ in those not suffering from any neurological disorder by an average margin of 5-15 points.

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Specifics and Recommendations on Using Brainwave Entrainment to Increase Your IQ:

Though it has been proven that brainwave entrainment can and does increase IQ, it is still undecided which products and specific brainwave states are most beneficial to facilitate this outcome. It is most commonly agreed upon that Gamma waves (resonating at 25-40+ Hz) are particularly known for increasing IQ, mental sharpness, and general cognitive function. Research has also shown a strong link in the benefits of higher alpha/low beta frequencies (10-16 Hz) in treating symptoms of ADD/ADHD. The benefits of deep relaxation that come from low alpha, theta, and delta states are also worth noting.

It is useful to note that one of the most documented causes for the increase in IQ in the studies mentioned above was the improvement of blood flow to the brain that occured while subjects listened to the brainwave entrainment audios.

Aside from this benefit, there are also many other effects of this technology that may lead to this startling improvement in brain function: the synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain (whole-brain functioning), the production of positive and healthy neuro-chemicals, and the promotion of deep relaxation are just a few to name.

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