Catharsis and the Law of Self-Improvement

Catharsis and the Law of Self-Improvement

“Being inside the head of a long term meditator and self-improvement junkie would probably be so strange for someone who’d never been down this road.”

This was one of the many thoughts that flashed through my mind, as I sat in my office/meditation room at home, with my face in my hands, tears streaming out of my eyes.

I was sad, frustrated, and worn thin. This was the first time I’d broken down like this in a while. Really, I had been going strong, being consistent, letting things roll off my shoulders and facing a great amount of pressure and work with a level of resilience that had left me impressed with myself for quite a while, but today it finally reached a point where I just wasn’t going to be patient or happy go lucky anymore.

So here I was, after a few triggers had been pushed and I was mentally and emotionally breaking down.

And it wasn’t really that “I” was sad, breaking down, whatever. A part of me was. Another part of me was watching with such an invested level of curiosity and interest, and another part of me was the meditator mind that always sat up high, far away from identifying with this nonsense, just knowing it would pass and telling me to let it be what it is.

So I was noticing all of this, and the curious part of me really got the best of me. Again, this hadn’t happened to me for a long time, and as the ego mind carried on with it’s parade of my usual demons, the familiar self-indulgent, victim thoughts like:

“Human beings are so selfish, nobody really is capable of love.”

“I always give more than anybody ever gives back.”

“I can’t keep doing this.”

And on and on…

The more observant part of me finally figured it out. The reason this is happening now, when it hasn’t happened in so long, is because I’m making progress!

You see I’m going through the testing phase of a new product, one that I expect to be one of the most powerful products I’ve ever released. It is a tool designed to reverse some of the deepest and most common negative beliefs that human beings grapple with, in as short an amount of time as possible.

Update: This product is now live.  You can check it out HERE.

So I finally remembered the fundamental law of self-improvement. The catharsis I am experiencing is THE PROOF that I am moving forward, that what I am doing is working.

This is where the rubber meets the road in spirituality and self-improvement. It is also where the snake oil, false promises, and people who pose as experts and gurus are clearly revealed. (You can read more on this in my article, Truth and Lies of Brainwave Entrainment.)  You can grow, develop, and progress very quickly with the right product or program (especially when brainwave entrainment is involved), but you don’t ever just get something for nothing.

And anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying to you, or doesn’t understand how the process works, and shouldn’t be selling you a product of this nature.

You may have heard it before, but it bears repeating, over and over again, this law of self-improvement.

It goes something like this:

Any time you make a concentrated effort to become the person you want to become, manifest what you want to manifest, or achieve what you want to achieve, life will give you exactly what you want by showing you exactly what has been stopping you from already doing so.

In other words, life (God, your mind, or whatever you prefer to call it) will dredge up anything you’ve been hiding from your awareness that could potentially block you from making the positive change you wish to make.

For example, if you firmly decide that you want to be more kind, you are going to start to become more aware of all the times that you are not kind. And hopefully, with some persistence and exercised self-awareness, you will also be able to see the underlying reasons for these times that you are not kind.

And this is absolutely necessary, because if you weren’t able to see these things, or if you stuffed them, or decided you were already too advanced of a spiritual person to have these issues, you’re not going to make any progress at all. At best you will delude yourself and slip further into denial. (which actually happens to A LOT of so-called “spiritual” people who have too much pride to face their own dark side.)

Before you can plant the garden, you have to first dig out the weeds.

But your mind is almost like gardening in the dark, sometimes even pitch black. It is an incredible blessing when the light of self-awareness reaches through that darkness, even just a little bit, so you can spot those weeds and say “Ah HA! There you are!”

So it might not always seem like it’s doing you a favor, but emotional and mental catharsis is an incredible thing. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for you to move forward.

When you remember this, you will begin to see why you must be very weary of self-improvement products or brainwave entrainment programs that use the fact that they don’t cause emotional upheaval as a selling tactic. The emotional upheaval is one of the main indicators that the product is working!

And when you are combining something as powerful as brainwave entrainment with other methods (like the subliminal messages I have put in this new product I am testing), you must expect to have some “ripples” of movement in your mind as it replaces old beliefs with better ones, and reorganizes itself in a more beneficial way.

This is why I definitely wouldn’t say my products (or good quality brainwave entrainment products in general) are for everyone. They are for those who are dedicated to the achievements they wish to make. Though these can supercharge results, they are not the “fast-food” approach. And though they can produce miraculous results, they do not promise something for nothing.

I would encourage you as a fellow seeker of truth, and walker of the path towards achieving your dreams to remember this law of self-improvement on a daily basis as you state your intentions and take action towards your goals.

(PS: As far as the product I am currently testing, stay tuned.  I will be telling you more soon.)

Wishing you the best,


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