Chase Your Goals or Let it Be? Resolving the Paradox.

Chase Your Goals or Let it Be?  Resolving the Paradox.

So, my fellow spiritualist and pursuer of your own full potential, do you chase your goals or let it be?


On the one hand, you have the monk, the minimalist, the saint who tells you “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and that and more shall be added unto you.”

On the other hand you have the entire movement of Law of Attraction and Self-Help enthusiasts telling you to passionately go after your dreams.  You can achieve anything!  Manifest destiny!  Make your own way!


Have you ever come across this contradiction in your own life?


How can you make goals and make these decisions on what you want to do and be, yet let go and put your life in the hands of the divine?

I struggled with this seeming paradox for a while in my life.  I’ve spent years in full “let go” mode, and I’ve spent years in manifest destiny mode (both seemed to do me good) before I learned how to find reconciliation for this.

The secret here is that there is a sweet spot.  There is a place where the two intersect, where your conscious manifestation of destiny and the goals you CHOOSE are also in line with what some call Divinity.  A place where you can let go and also be passionately paving through manifesting destiny.

Where is this place?  Genuine inspiration.


If you’re wondering what genuine inspiration feels like, here are a few guideposts to look for:


1. First off, are you feeling like hell?  If you are, something is off.  When you are genuinely inspired, you can push forward like crazy, and even if you “feel like crap” you actually still don’t feel like crap.

An example: My wife and I decided last year we wanted to help homeless dogs by providing a foster home for one.  I was balancing all my business with added chores of driving this guy back and forth to the shelter regularly, he would vomit all over my car every time (poor guy) because he gets car sick, and Josie had to clean up his poop (mind you he was a big dog and they were BIG poops) a LOT.

We don’t like cleaning up poop and vomit.  But we were happy to do it, because we were doing what our hearts felt inspired to do.  We got an incredible amount of fulfillment taking care of this big, sweet guy until he found a home.


2. Ask yourself this question: 


“If I already had everything I want and need (money, confidence, skills, etc.) to do whatever I want with my life, what would I want to do more than anything else?”

We ALL have an answer to that question.  And we either go for it or we hide from it.  We trick ourselves into pursuing other things because we lose sight of what really makes us feel fulfilled, or we put that dream in our heart on the sideline, as we pursue other things that we hope will one day enable us to pursue what we really want later.

So the answer to the question of “Do I pursue my goals or let go and trust life?” is BOTH.

If our goals are aligned with what genuinely inspires us, we let go and find that we are still pursuing our goals, and through this we can find genuine fulfillment, even through challenges and adversity.


So how do you KNOW if your goals are aligned with your truest inspiration?  Here are three tips:


A fair question.  We are constantly bombarded with influence.  Things like advertising, or what the people around us are doing, talking about, or posting on social media can make us feel that we want certain things; that we need to compete.  We could simply develop an intense desire for something we’d never even heard of before because we saw a video of it, or heard a story about it.

Advertising, media, and even pornography can skew or perception of what we really want out of our relationships or sex life.

And as humans, we also grapple with our animal nature day in and day out.  And the animal nature will sway you at any moment to want to pursue sex, money, food, and comfort.  More and more and more of it.


So here are a few tips to help keep you on track:


Know your values and hold them close.


In order to really be in touch with what makes you happy, with what will truly awaken that passionate yet effortless flow in your life, you need to have a strong inner sense of your own values.

Take the time to sit and think about what your values are, and write them down.  Write a list of the top 10 most important things to you in life.  It could be as simple as your spiritual progress.  It could be a very specific thing like teaching children how to read, or helping the homeless.

After you’ve written this down, put it somewhere where you will see it every day.


Be particular about what influences you expose yourself to.


You know when you are having your strings pulled.  Don’t let it happen.  If you have that person in your life that prioritizes or unduly focuses on things that aren’t that important to you, limit your time with them.

Don’t watch movies or TV shows that focus on shallow things that cause you to slip away from what is important to you.    Don’t listen to music that places an emphasis on things that aren’t important to you.

Remember, you are being influenced whether you like it or not, but you have a large degree of control over what you CHOOSE to be influenced by.



Meditation enables you to gain and maintain clarity.  It gives you a moment each time to sit down to stop, let the mind settle, and just be with yourself in your most natural state.  It gives you insight into yourself, and connects you with that deepest part of your mind.  It enhances your intuition.

It gives you a break from all the meaningless noise and bullshit you encounter in a day so you can rest with just yourself, and remember who you are, what is important to you, and what really inspires you.

If you are having trouble meditating, or want to learn how to meditate in an effective way,  I have your back.

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