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Detox Time! Series – Colon Cleansing 

colon cleansing belly button Alright, we have cleared the preliminary steps of cleansing our bodies for spring, and can now get down to the good stuff. 


I want you to understand that, not only is the colon one of THE MOST important parts of the body to cleanse, but it is also necessary to cleanse the colon FIRST before attempting any other cleanse.  If the colon is not eliminating properly, has blockages in it, or has areas, where mucous or other toxins are holding up the process down there, any other toxin or material you are cleansing from your body has a high likeliness of making it down to the colon, getting stuck, and reabsorbing back into the bloodstream, causing further issues, and making your cleanse much more slow (and uncomfortable) than it needs to be.


There are many good reasons to cleanse the colon.  The most obvious is that if you are not “flowing” properly, having around 3 bowel movements or more a day, (or basically one bowel movement 1-2 hours after each time you eat something), this means that fecal matter is getting stuck inside of the colon, often times impacting against its walls and staying there.  Now you can imagine this isn’t healthy, being that this is supposed to be waste.  There’s a reason it comes out of our body, rather than being used.  Aside from it just being unhealthy to be there, it is also blocking your colon’s ability to properly absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  In fact, it is important to know that the majority of your body’s absorption of the nutrients in your foods, beverages, and supplements occur in the colon, meaning that if the colon is not clean, you are missing out on a large amount of nutrition that you could be getting.  Another good reason to cleanse and balance your colon is that 75% of your body’s serotonin production occurs there.  Recent studies are finding more and more that there is a direct link between this part of your body, and your emotional balance.  Cleansing the colon can significantly improve your mood, lift your energy, and reduce anxiety and depression.


A few other good reasons to cleanse the colon are:


-It’s the #1 cure for bad breath.

-It’s the best way to keep your skin in good condition, looking young, smooth, and clear.

-It significantly aids you in your ability to lose weight (you’ll probably lose around 2-5 lbs. just from doing it, plus you’ll lose weight more easily from then on)


-It is the cure for lower belly “pooches” (usually that pooch is a build up of impacted, old, fecal matter)

-It cures bloating, incessant flatulence, acid reflux, IBS, and most other digestion-related ailments.


Of course there is also just a feeling of ease and comfort in one’s own body that many people have never experienced that will come from cleansing.  If this is going to be your first one, I’m very excited for you.  If this is not your first one, I hope you find something interesting or enlightening, that makes this easier for you.


Let’s go over the key elements of a good colon cleanse:



Not everyone agrees, but if you ask me, colonics are essential to performing a thorough and effective colon cleanse.  The difference is like night and day.  You will see more stuff come out of you than you would have ever imagined was possible when doing colonics on your cleanse.  Yes, the other components are great for helping you to unblock, and remove all the junk in there, but the body simply cannot eliminate all of this nearly as thoroughly as it can with the aid of a colonic.


A colonic is the basic process of using water to aide the colon in the release of everything inside of it.  There are two types of colonic.  One is a closed system, where the entrance of the water, and the exit of the water are enclosed in the system.  This type of colonic is usually guided through the whole session by a licensed colonic hydrotherapist.  The second type is an open system.  This means that the water exit is not enclosed.  This type is preferred by many, as it offers more privacy, and the ability for you to guide the session yourself.


Another very important reason to use colonics during your colon cleanse is that one of the most popular materials to use in this cleanse is psyllium.  Psyllium can easily get stuck in the colon, leading to further blockages and other problems if it is not thoroughly washed out with a colonic.  I do not recommend using psyllium at all if you do not intend to do colonics at the same time.


For the agenda of this cleanse, I recommend you schedule 4 colonics, evenly spaced over the course of 2 weeks.




These are the supplements I recommend for a colon cleanse.  Note: I will recommend a few brand names in here, know that I do not make a commission from this recommendation.


Psyllium – Again, do not use psyllium if you are not intending to get colonics.  Be sure to discontinue your use of psyllium at least one day before getting your last colonic.  Psyllium is very coarse, with a lot of fiber, and works to loosen the really “stuck-on” materials on the walls of the colon.  You can get it by itself, or find other colon cleansing products that include it, often times as a mixture with other ingredients that you can add to juice, water, or a smoothie.  Take Psyllium at least twice a day, as recommended from the product you purchase.


Bentonite – Bentonite clay is an amazing thing.  It’s natural property, as it moves through your digestive system is to bind itself to toxins and other unnatural materials, and pull them out through your digestion.  Because the toxins are “stuck” in the clay, it is a very safe and painless way to get them out of your system, without them being reabsorbed somewhere along the way.  Not only does it help the colon, but also the rest of your body in eliminating toxic materials.  Also take bentonite at least twice per day, or more, as directed by the product you purchase.


Other Herbs – Though not entirely necessary, I also like to get a lower bowel support supplement just to further aide the process and give the colon some extra support and healing.  I’ve been using the Dr. Christopher’s brand lately. 


Probiotics – Probiotics are essential to rebuilding the balance of the digestive gut flora in your intestinal tract, and helping to fully eliminate toxins, waste, etc.  Some of your gut flora will be eliminated from the large amount of water flowing through you during a colonic, so it is important that you stock back up right away after each one.  My favorite supplement for this by far is the Garden of Life Raw probiotics formula.  This has a high concentration of several different, necessary strains, all of which are from organic, raw, whole food sources.  Take these on an empty stomach, preferably at night just before going to bed.




The supplements are there to aid your cleanse, but it is really the diet that is getting most of the work done.  This is the most important part.  Because of this, your ability to stick to these guidelines will have the largest determination on the success of your cleanse.  I am going to say that it takes about 95% consistency for this to be a fully effective cleanse. 

1. Water – the most important part of this cleanse is drinking plenty of filtered, good-quality water. The minimum recommendation is that you consume at least half your body weight in ounces of water, but I would encourage you to drink more than that. It is especially important that you get plenty of water to keep the psyllium and bentonite moving through your system, rather than drying out and blocking you up. The added hydration of it’s own will do a lot in cleansing out toxins and helping your colon release built up material.

2. You will need to eliminate ANY processed or genetically modified foods, ANY artificial sweeteners, and ALL meat.  For some, this will be easy, others it will be a challenge.  All of these types of food slow the colon, and will stop it from fully releasing excess material.


3.  Eat as many cooked beets as you can each day, with a minimum of at least one.  Beets are already good for bowel support, but cooked beets undergo a chemical reaction that gives them a super power in loosening impacted fecal matter from the sides of the colon walls.  You’ll see what I mean.  Keep in mind that when you do have bowel movements, they will be red.  This is no need to be alarmed.  It’s just the beets.


4. Drink at least two glasses of fresh juice a day.  DO NOT substitute this with store bought, pasteurized juice.  This would do more harm than good.  More than two glasses is definitely better.  If you want to begin preparing your body for the liver cleanse after this, drink apple juice.  Blending apple, carrot, and beet is my personal favorite.


5.  In general, you want to be eating at least 75% raw throughout the entire cleanse, mostly fruits and vegetables.  Aside from avoiding the foods in 1 above, you will also get the most results if you also avoid “heavy” foods, and starchy foods like potatoes.  Again, the better you are able to stick to these guidelines, the more effective your cleanse will be.


Basic Agenda


It will take some planning and forward thinking to work this all into your busy schedule.  It can certainly be done.  A basic daily regimen might look like this:


Early morning – Wake up, drink bentonite clay

One hour later on the way out the door – Drink glass of juice with psyllium

One hour later -Take supplements

One hour and a half later – Eat a brunch with fresh organic fruit, raw seeds/nuts, or vegetables

Midday– Drink more bentonite

One hour later – Eat a big salad with leafy greens, kale, and a cooked beet, and take supplements

Early Evening – Eat another salad with cooked beets, raw veggies, and some rice+ supplements

One hour later– Drink more bentonite

One hour later -Drink another glass of juice with psyllium

Before bed – Take probiotics


This is just an example routine.  It is absolutely important that you are consistent, but that you adjust your schedule and routine in a way that you can do this without undue stress.


A Few More Details


There will be times when the change in diet, and the releasing of toxins and old waste will give you fatigue, and sometimes even mild cold/flu symptoms.  Be sure to allot yourself enough time to rest, and take it easy until you are done.  This is crucial as well.


Regularly throughout your cleanse, and especially right after colonics, I highly recommend taking a detox bath with 2 ½ cups of Epsom Salts and essential oils of your choice (lavender is great).  This will help to pull any toxins you are releasing out of the skin as well, giving you a more efficient detox, and minimizing the detox symptoms that can occur.


So that’s it for now!  Happy cleansing, and come back soon for the next step – Liver Cleansing!


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