Do You Ever Feel Inherently Broken?

Do You Ever Feel Inherently Broken?
Do You Ever Feel Inherently Broken?
Often times when I begin to speak like this in “spiritual” circles, I offend people, hear a whole lot of “well that’s YOUR truth but not MY truth”, and get told that I’m morbid or a downer.
But making it to the point where you are mature enough to accept the truth of what I am about to say is one of the only things a human being can do to make it to a place of genuine peace and happiness.
Do you ever feel inherently broken?  Like no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, there is something “wrong” with you, or something not right at a very deep level?
Well…in a very real sense this is true.
Self-help can be very, well, helpful.  But there is something more important than self-help, something closer to TRUTH than self help.  And again, this might sound like I’m spilling a morbid and depressing opinion here, but if you hang with me here, you might find that this is actually one of the most comforting and inspiring things that anyone could know.
The reason we have a tendency to always feel broken, to always feel like we are never going to be where we want to be, or who we want to be, is because our human mind is always in direct conflict with our transcendental self, or what some would call our True Self.
The rational mind, the one we are using to live our day to day lives, to put our “selves” together moment to moment, and yes, even to “work on ourselves”, can only see things in terms of separation and duality.  And from this comes that seemingly persistent nagging feeling that sits in the depths of the subconscious, constantly telling us we need to be more, have more, pursue more in order to be happy.
And here’s the most important thing to understand about it.  This is just how the mind is.  And it is how it will always be.  And the reason this can be the most inspiring and comforting thing for you to ever know, is because it helps you realize that your job is not to fix the mind.
The way to find freedom from all this is not to try to fix something that is, at best, not ever going to satisfy that need you feel in your soul to be at one, in total peace, free of this duality and separation.  The way to find this peace is by understanding that you are not this mind.  You are something much greater than the mind.  You are beyond the mind.
Self-help and self-development can be a thrilling game, and one that can help you achieve a lot in your life.  But don’t confuse it with a path to the perfection you crave.
The perfection you crave lies counter-intuitively in realizing that you don’t need to “fix” your mind, “fix” yourself, or “fix” the world you are seeing.  You just need to see beyond it.

So how does one do this?

There are many ways.  I offer one that involves meditation, yogic practices, and a few other techniques in my Missing Link product.
The many wise folk throughout the ages have been spilling the beans about this for a long long time in books like the Tao Te Ching, The New Testament, the Sutras of the Buddha, etc.
And there are even a few more modern teachers that have come into the world with this type of knowledge like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, UG Krishnamurti, and Nisargadatta Maharaj.  (You can download a free book, “I Am That”, by Nisargatta Maharaj here)
Of course meditation is always a good starting point on this journey, along with uncompromised and sincere self-reflection.

Ok now what is the good news here again?

The good news is that you can accept that fact that you are not perfect, and are not ever going to be perfect by trying to fix things!  Just doing that, letting yourself be, will create a lot of peace of mind.  Beyond that you can start reaching for the path that will actually lead you to peace.  You have to first understand what must be done before you can have true hope that you can do it!

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