Eating Healthy, Without Being Fanatical

So how to eat healthy and start the spring cleansing process without starving yourself…


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In continuation from the last article I wrote, outlining the basic steps of full body cleansing, this article is about eliminating toxins and unhealthy materials from your diet, and exploring the options available to you to eat “right” without being over the top, fanatical, or too hard on yourself

It is important that we are still able to enjoy food.  I personally feel that it is even important that we are able to cheat sometimes, with certain things that we like (we all have our own personal “comfort foods”), and that we maybe even “go crazy” every now and again, and even abandon self-discipline once in a great while.


All things in moderation, including moderation!


Thus being said…




First off, with the body being made mostly of water, it is of the utmost importance that we are drinking healthy and clean water, and plenty of it.  Doing this alone can make the difference between feeling sick and unhealthy, and feeling great.  A few basics:


-DO NOT drink tap water.  Tap water contains chlorine, usually fluoride, and many other unidentified and unknown toxins/heavy metals.  If you are not familiar with fluoride, or are still under the impression that it is a favor brought to us by the dental community, I urge you to do some research, and dig deeper.


-Bottled water is also (generally) not to be trusted.


-Either find yourself a source for clean, natural spring water, or purchase a high quality filter.  There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a filter.  I personally use a combination of two carbon filters, two ultraviolet light filters, and a si bin filter.  This then runs through an ionizer, which controls the water’s pH, and makes it alkaline.  My setup is unnecessarily extravagant (bordering on fanatical maybe?) but this is just to give you an idea of a few options.  Reverse osmosis is also a common filtration option.


Eat Organic


It becomes more and more important as time goes on to eat organic as much as possible.  Pesticides, additives, and unnatural toxins are a main concern, but another concern is the growing monopoly of several popular crops (ie: corn, soy, canola, etc.) by large companies.  These large companies actually patent these seeds, making it very hard for independent farmers to grow and sell the same crops.  These companies also genetically modify their crops/seeds to make them “roundup ready”, meaning that the crops can be doused in weed killer without dying.  The scary thing about this is the actual process of genetic modification.  In order to genetically modify a living organism, its cells must first be “invaded” with the catalyst to change its structure.  The most efficient way to do this is with a virus.  The most common virus used to do this is the E. coli virus.  Not very sanitary.  Being that this is only an article, spelling out the basics, I will keep the information short on this subject, but, again, I highly urge you to do some research if this is all sounding new to you.  Bottom line, eat organic as often as possible.


It is also important to avoid bleached, iodized, processed foods as well.  For each ingredient of this type (flour, salt, sugar, etc.) there is a natural, unprocessed equivalent (ie: natural cane sugar, unbleached flour, sea salt, etc.)  And I promise you, these foods in their natural form also TASTE BETTER!


Read the Label!  Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners and Chemicals


How many times have you read the ingredients in something you’re eating without being able to pronounce several of them? Most of the time if you can’t pronounce it, or don’t know what it is, you don’t want it in your body.  It is appalling what regulations will allow to be put in food these days.  An eye opening experience is to purchase a popular product from the grocery store, and then purchase it’s equivalent at an organic grocery store.  Compare the ingredients.  You will find that cookies really can be made with just eggs, flour, sugar, and butter.  Yogurt can be made with just cultured dairy, real sugar, and fruit.  The simple beauty of just plain old regular food has been desecrated with artificial sweeteners, emulsifying agents, ingredients to modify texture, artificial colors, etc.


Here are a few particular ingredients to avoid at all cost:


-High fructose corn syrup

-Propylene glycol



– Any other similar artificial sweeteners/sugar substitutes


-Monosodium glutamine

-Artificial colors (ie: red #5, blue #3)

-The ingredient “natural flavors” (again it is good to research what is allowed to pass as a natural flavor.)


Other Foods to Minimize or Avoid


I hate to be the bringer of sad news, but our bodies are not designed to digest pasteurized dairy.  Believe me, I love cheese, and many other dairy products just as much as the next person, but I’m afraid this is the truth.  It is a horrible myth that pasteurized dairy products help give the body calcium and build strong bones.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Our bodies do not have the necessary enzymes to break down and digest pasteurized dairy, so, in it’s attempt to make it work, our body actually strips itself of calcium to help aid in the proper assimilation and digestion of dairy when we eat/drink it.  Not only is this bad in terms of our calcium levels, but this calcium often times ends up stuck in the colon as a calcium deposit that can cause blockages, and irregularity in this part of the body.  It is debatable whether or not raw, unpasteurized dairy is good for the body or not.  I personally feel it is, because it still contains living enzymes that the body can then use to help digest it.


Another food that most of our bodies are not equipped to handle is gluten.  Wheat products do us much more harm than good.  The good news is that there are many substitutes that we can use to help us still get that “fix” for bread, and other wheat products.


What’s Good For You?


Up to this point, we’ve been focusing mainly on what to avoid, and what’s not good for you.  Now let’s focus on a few things that are good for you, and a few things that are very good for you.  Much of these foods are not only great for you, aiding digestion, helping you maintain a healthy weight and metabolism, and giving you energy and nutrition, but they are also delicious, and can be just as addicting as the unhealthy things talked about above.


Going Raw and Digestive Enzymes


If there were one thing – one piece of information about food and diet that could radically transform a person’s physical health, energy, and well-being, it would be a simple understanding of how digestive enzymes work.  It is a travesty to me how this information is completely alien to the standard American model of nutrition.


The quick rundown of it is this:


In order to digest anything (food or liquid) properly, our bodies need digestive enzymes.  Our bodies only have a finite amount of digestive enzymes, meaning, if we use them all up, they’re gone.  Using up our digestive enzymes can cause all sorts of health issues and problems, the most common one being a slowing down of the metabolism.  This happens, because once the body is completely out of digestive enzymes, it then begins to use metabolic enzymes to do the digestive enzymes job.  Realize here that this is a “problem” that the majority of middle-old aged adults suffer from, though they don’t know it.  It is not natural for the metabolism to slow as we age.  Realize also that I am giving you one of the most important secrets to weight loss right now.


Raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds contain their own digestive enzymes, which help replenish our body’s supply and aide it in digesting them as we are eating.  Cooked and pasteurized foods do not contain enzymes, which leaves it up to our body to use what it has to digest them (high temperatures kill these living enzymes).


On a more esoteric level, enzymes are alive.  Eating raw, live foods is also beneficial to your energy body, because they have a “living” vibration and energy to them.  This is something you can feel and experience with minimal experimentation.


One of the healthiest things in the world to ingest is fresh, unpasteurized, organic juice.  This stuff is loaded in nutrients and enzymes!  I highly recommend you get a juicer and start juicing today!  You won’t regret it.


Healthy Gut Flora


Our intestines/digestive system, when functioning optimally, uses an intricate blend of healthy bacteria to assimilate and digest our food.  Many of us, especially those, who have undergone treatment with antibiotics, are lacking a good level of this healthy flora. 


Recent studies have also shown that it is possible that this balanced ecosystem within our gut may also have a large impact on our emotional state.  A few experiments have shown a decrease in anxiety and depression, and an increase in serotonin from simply eating more foods with this healthy bacteria in it.


A few foods/ beverages to enjoy that contain healthy gut flora are:




-Kombucha Tea

-Certain types of cottage cheese

-Kim Chi



Many people also prefer to supplement this healthy flora with a capsule.  These can be found at any natural health store.  As a general rule, the stuff that you have to keep refrigerated is much better than the stuff being stored at room temperature on the shelf.




In conclusion, these spell out some of the most important guidelines to follow when maintaining a healthy diet.   If anything in this article is unfamiliar, or questionable to you.  I strongly urge you to do some research.  We should all be experts on diet and nutrition!  This is the stuff that we are putting in our bodies every day.  We certainly wouldn’t put something that is bad for our car in our gas tank, or neglect to understand what our car needs to run properly.  We should be caring even more about our own body! 


A greater awareness and understanding of food marks a progress in our evolution as human beings, and not only enhances our physical health, but our emotional health as well.  As many of you already know, these physical emotional benefits begin to “overflow” into our spiritual lives as well, enhancing our energy body, our ability to meditate, and our awakening of self awareness as human beings.


Stay tuned for my next article on the next step in cleansing the body, how to cleanse the colon!


With Love




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