Exciting Testimonials on my Free Brainwave Entrainment Deep Alpha MP3

Exciting Testimonials on my Free Brainwave Entrainment Deep Alpha MP3

testimonials on free alpha mp3

Hey guys,

If you’ve been on my list or visiting my blog regularly, you might have noticed I am giving away a free deep Alpha mp3, which I’ve been very excited to create and include a free visualization to go with it. (You can Get the free alpha mp3 right here).

Since I’ve gotten some mindblowing feedback on this free gift, I decided I’d share it here on a page for all those, who are still wondering whether brainwave entrainment is the right thing for them. You’ll see some of those are from people, who’d never used bwe before, and some are from people, who have, so I hope you enjoy reading these and have fun, comparing the impact this technology has on different people.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming soon (including my state of the art Meditation Program).

So, here’s what people are saying (copy-pasted from my inbox for maximum authenticity 🙂 ) :

"I have only one word to discribe this and that's..'WOW',
I've literally just removed my earphones to give you my feedback.
I literally feel like I've been asleep for a week, so, so, relaxed,

I experianced many feelings whilst listening to it but I know at one point I was'nt inside my body and at other times I felt quite dizzy' but at no point did I feel I needed to end it prematurely.
Now I just feel totally Zoned' out. My head is totally empty', no annoying chatter' my body ?, my body feels totally relaxed and without any pain or stress points'.
Can,t wait to see what happens tomorrow.
Awesome Awesome Awesome.
Love and hugs!.

Lynette. Xxx."

“Hi Ashton,

OMG – Ashton…  I listened to one of the audio’s you sent yesterday while I was working – the one with the sea sounds…  I must admit at first I found the sound to be annoying, but then it integrated (for lack of a better word) and my body aligned with it, then next thing I knew I was more relaxed, my brain had more clarity on what I was doing and I was having fun – NOT wound up.  Just how cool is that????????  Thank you for sharing – turning it on again today!
"i like i suffer from pain for mi diabete it help me to feel  less pain

"Hi Sir,

Thanks for your sharing. I appreciate these efforts, and honestly,
those free stuff you shared worked for me. Especially the one with
Alpha Mind Control...
Many thanks!!!

from the Philippines"

“hello; thank you for this great alpha brainwave audio, i love it! this is the first time i can recall using a brainwave audio with isochronic tones. i think it’s really good, and thanks again. i’m cycling it into my holosync routine.
angelica cino”


"Thank you for your continued e-mails. I am familiar with Super Mind
Music/Evolution Enzines  BWE albums , good stuff. However your
"Progressive Alpha remains one of my favorite."

“Hi Ashton!

Thank you very much for the audio that you sent. It’s really great. For some reason it helps me see the images in my mind’s eye  in such sharp detail as I meditate; however, my problem is that I get headaches after every session of listening to it…
…I just want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts for helping others live wonderful lives through the things you share. I hope I can do the same thing one day.

“It works it really does Ashton.
Thank you.

“I’ve used brain entrainment before.  This was the first with the beach sounds.  As I love being on the beach as listening to Nature, this was a wonderful tool for me.  Thanks so much for sharing!  It will go on my MP3!  It’s relaxing and peaceful and I didn’t even have to leave my living room!


I do hope you found those inspiring! It’s funny how sometimes we lack motivation to improve our own life until we see someone else doing it. So, let this be your ‘excuse’ to do something good for yourself!

Much Love,


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