Explaining Brainwave Entrainment in Practical Terms

Explaining Brainwave Entrainment in Practical Terms

I wanted to include this one, as it is a quick and to the point explanation of brainwave entrainment, and also gives links to scientific studies that could be helpful in the event that you were attempting to explain this for the first time to someone who may have some healthy skepticism.  Hope you enjoy!


Dear Ashton,

I’m emailing to say l listened to the Law of Attraction and  Brainwave Entrainment  audio.
I found it very interesting. But you were saying if l remember rightly that each area on your
chart effects the brain for relaxation, and sleeping and so forth, what l cannot understand is how all this is worked out.

Ashton l hope you understand what I am trying to say.

That you have put out for us to listen to I think I’m hooked on the ones l bought from you a while ago.
My problem is understanding it properly. I must tell you Ashton my husband knows l listen to all kind of
entrainment. l was listen to one last night l had to stop to leave the room but l ended up leaving the audio going
while l was out of the room my husband picked up my ear plugs and apparently started listening to it
next he said to me what the devil is this l told him it’s my relaxing entrainment audio . He said lot of weird sounds
I said you need time to sit down relax and listen to it. He said l always knew you were weird and this proves it.
I just laughed a him. I said l would contact yourself Ashton and see if you can do a brief explanation of Entrainment for both of us.

Hi Heather!

Great to hear from you.  I’m glad you wrote me.  To answer your question, and in explaining this to your husband, keep in mind that brainwave entrainment at its core is very simple.  When the brain is exposed via sensory input to a consistent beat or pulse, it will eventually begin to sync with it.  In the case of my audios this is simply a beat that is pulsing on and off at a specific rate (ie: frequency).  If the beat is pulsing on and off at 7hz, eventually the brain begins to produce a 7hz brainwave.  This also works with visual stimuli (ie: a light pulsing on and off, or something like that).  This is called the frequency following response and has been scientifically studied for several decades (off the top of my head I believe it was first discovered in the 50’s). Edit: it was actually first discovered in the 30’s.

Everything that people say brainwave entrainment can do for you is based upon this.  So when someone says that an audio can help you sleep, it is more about the fact that the audio is getting your brain to produce delta brainwaves.  The benefit you get is from your own brainwaves at that point.  As we know, you are asleep when your brain is making delta waves.  When we say an audio can improve your academic performance, this is because we know (just an example) that certain beta brainwaves tend to help with this.  So all the audio is doing is helping your brain produce that specific beta brainwave.  Your brain is doing the rest of the work.

Some claims made by brainwave entrainment enthusiasts deal largely in the realm of personal experience.  For example with meditation.  We know that the audios lead you into the same brainwave patterns as a deep meditator, but when we say that it produces feelings of peace, spiritual experiences, whatever, these are based upon people’s subjective experiences.  We can’t really measure things like “increased happiness” except from the basis that we believe someone when they say they feel happier.  The same goes for spiritual experiences, or spiritual progress, feeling good, etc.

There are also some results that you an get from brainwave entrainment that do have more of a concrete backing to them, and have been studied scientifically.  When the frequency following response was first discovered, it was studied for its ability to decrease pain and replace or supplement anesthesia.  So we have some studies that you can actually read on this.  There are also a good amount of studies that have been done on brainwave entrainment’s ability to improve academic performance, and even increase IQ (which I find fascinating).

I would encourage you to check out our What is Brainwave Entrainment? page, as you can get answers to many specific questions about brainwave entrainment.  Also, if you would like to show more to your husband, or perhaps someone coming into it with more of a level of skepticism, check out the Scientific Studies article.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to post these emails between us on the blog so more people can benefit from it.  Is this ok with you?

Wishing you all the best!



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