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Free Success Coaching-The Power of Asking the Right Questions

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Hi there!  In this video I want to talk to you about a very simple and powerful way to create strong positive emotions in yourself, and really tap into your unconscious resources to create success in your life.

If you’ve read through the free ebook, you noticed that one of the exercises was to ask yourself positive what if? questions.  What if everything works out exactly how I want it to?  What if I really can find that perfect home within my price range if I just keep looking?  What if I approach this person that I’m attracted to and they’re incredibly receptive to me?  If you really play around with this exercise, you’ll find that if you can ask the right questions, you can really get yourself feeling good.

I want to take this a step further, and go a little more in depth into the concept of asking yourself the right questions.  One of the greatest things about asking yourself, or anyone else, a question, is that the unconscious part of our mind will always be obligated to come up with an answer.  When it comes to generating emotions, this can work for or against our favor.  For example, a really bad question to ask yourself is “why is this not working?” or “why can’t I get this right?”  When you ask yourself these questions, your unconscious mind is going to begin working to come up with the answers to these questions.

This works in relationships too.  You know that sometimes someone in a relationship will see an unhappy expression on their partners face and ask them “what’s the matter?” Or sometimes you’ll hear an exasperated parent ask their kid “why aren’t you listening to me?”  See these are not helpful questions to ask because when you ask someone “what’s wrong?”, unconsciously some answers are going to pop up, which will only give them more justification and reasoning in thinking that something is wrong.

A few examples of more helpful questions might be “what can I do to help you?” or “what would make you feel better right now?”

The right questions are really great at getting your imagination into play.  “What if everything were going your way right now?  What would that be like?  How would you feel?”  “What would it take for you to be having the best day ever?  What can you do to make this happen now?”

Not only are questions great for creating emotions, but they are also very useful for acquiring information.  More than 75% of your brain’s resources lie in your unconscious.  There are a lot of answers in there.  If you ask it a question, it’s going to come up with an answer.  This is very helpful in the process of goal achievement, or using your imagination in the law of attraction.

For example, you could ask yourself: “What is it that really makes me happy?”  “What are three things that I could do in the next month, to bring myself closer to my goal?”  “What can I do to get that money I need to make this happen?”

In regards to using your imagination, let me ask you a few questions to prove my point.  Just relax and let your unconscious do the work.

“what would it be like if you were to double your income this year?  What would you be doing?  What would you be saying to other people about it?  How would you feel?  What would your posture be like?  What kind of car would you be driving?  What would your home be like?  Where would you be living?  What would you be doing that is differnt from what you are doing now?”

By now I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good picture of what this would be like in your head without really having to think to hard on it.  By using questions you’re using more of your unconscious mind than your conscious mind, which really works much better, and with a lot less effort.

I’m going to give you an exercise that you can use to really get the most out of this.  Doing this daily will give you great results in tapping in to your unconscious resources, and will help you double or even triple your progress towards any goal that you are wanting to achieve, whether you’re wanting to increase your income, get that new car or home, attract someone new into your life, or just improve your physical and emotional health.

Each morning I want you to write three specifically formulated questions that will help you  move closer to having something you want, or achieving a goal that you have.  Write them on paper, and carry the paper in your pocket with you throughout the day.  Read your questions  at least three times per day, and just relax, and wait for the answers to come to you.  At the end of the day write the answers you’ve come up with.

This can be used for anything.  If you’re trying to find a new job, they could be “where can I go to find my new job?” or “what three things can I do to make myself a fantastic interview”.  You can even ask the bigger questions like, “What is my true purpose in life?”, or ” what do I need to do to finally be happy?”

Again the trick is just to read the questions, and be patient for the answers to come to you.  Your unconscious knows them, its just a matter of you letting them come to the surface.  You may be surprised at how well this works.


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    Hi Ashton,I’m sorry to bother you,all of your words as to help us through are on this page but no video, if its my ph I appogise,Many Blessings for all you so selflessly share with us,Love ❤ Light ???

    • 2
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Rani! No apologies necessary my friend 🙂 I’ve double checked the page on my end and the video seems to be working. Perhaps try clearing the cache on your browser, or using a different web browser?

      Appreciating your feedback as always 🙂


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    Mazen Khan

    Hello, I did want to note re : this video that the audio is significantly lower than it should be. Other than that it is awesome and I am wondering if you could also start a slideshare group as such videos would be great on that site !
    I want to learn more about your site for sure though because about a week ago I did a search for breaking a victim mentality mindset and probably read through 10 articles.
    As I have read plenty of self help/motivation books all but one were completely hashed from the same passive approach of principles and not much else.
    When I read your article on it I was positively moved and had to force myself to think over every word. I hope you’ll take that as a compliment because I am a business analyst bachelor and a physican MD with plenty of unrelated pet projects. So yes it takes a lot to get me thinking. If you’d be so inclined I’d like to know more about any personal coaching or books you’d recommend and would love knowing how you are able to write about common topics in an unparalleled fashion ! (I.e. Your influences etc)
    Thanks for reading Ashton!

    • 4
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad that you’ve found the info on the site to be helpful. I will have to look into doing the slideshare group. Best wishes!


  3. 7

    Interesting. The audio kicked out half way through — but I continued reading.
    Q: How can I find the people I need to 1) show me how to handle finances and 2) how to utilize my computer and iPhone more effectively?
    Q: How can I meet creative, light hearted, fun people to expand my social circle?

    Just received GENIUS package, and bought new headphones! High expectations.

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