7 Life-Changing Tips to Heal From Your Past


Are you looking for a way to overcome a painful or traumatic event from your past?  If you’re like most of us, you have probably experienced your fair share of negativity throughout your lifetime, maybe even starting from when you were just a kid.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, this is more the norm than something unusual.  On the flip side of the coin, this day and age also offers more powerful and effective ways for overcoming trauma from the past than ever before

Before you read the article feel free to check out this video that elaborates upon the story and power of one of the tips mentioned below:



If you have found your way to this article, I’m sure I don’t really need to tell you just how much holding on to past trauma can limit you.  I would, however, love to offer you some encouraging words and let you know that I know that you can, and will find total relief from whatever has happened in your past.  This is one of the largest steps one can take in the pathway of learning to 

live a better life, and be a more loving, effective, and successful human being.

Below are 7 of the most powerful methods for quickly and totally releasing the past, and overcoming the trauma that it may have caused.  I urge you to consider these with an open mind, as I can guarantee you that at least 1 (if not several) will be your ticket to living a happier life.



#1 Learn The Emotional Freedom Technique


The emotional freedom technique is incredibly easy to learn (You can check out this video HERE), requires little to no discipline, and produces astounding results when applied consistently.  Often times our painful past memories have left a deeply imprinted emotional charge within us.  This charge is triggered, and comes to the surface when certain aspects or thoughts, associated with the past trauma surface in our consciousness.  For many people, it is not easy to just decide to “not think about it” or “just let it go”. 

Despite a strong intention, a very painful memory + a powerful energetic emotional charge can take a strong hold over our minds, and leave us in the one place we really do not want to be: dwelling upon it, and allowing it to hurt us once again in the present.  By using the emotional freedom technique (EFT), we effortlessly alter the energetic charge of these strong emotions, in essence taking the foundation and power right out from under these painful issues, memories, and thought forms.  After using it on the same issue a few times, you will be surprised to find that when it comes to your mind, you simply do not feel as “strongly” about it as you used to.  At this point, you are much more able to simply decide not to let it trouble your mind anymore.  And the best part about this technique is that anyone can do it, and it usually only takes about 5 minutes to get powerful results.


#2 Forgive


Paradoxically, this is the most necessary part of the healing process, but it can also be the hardest part.  Note that I say it can  be.  This doesn’t mean it has to be.  Much of what holds people back from forgiveness is their definition or interpretation of what it means to forgive.  A few subtle and important points about forgiveness:


– Forgiving someone is not giving them permission to do it again, nor is it putting yourself in a position or risk of allowing them or someone else to do the same thing TO YOU again.  It is not saying to them “It’s OK that you did that to me.”  It is more saying to them “What you did to me can’t hurt me anymore, I am much stronger than that.”  Forgiveness is an affirmation of your infinite resiliency and invincibility.


– Forgiveness is for YOU, not for the person you are forgiving.  It is important for you to understand that holding a grudge, not matter how hard it may be to let it go, is only hurting you.  It is not doing you ANY good, in fact, holding on to that energetic pattern, and dwelling upon it without letting it go, may even put you in more danger of manifesting it again into your life.


– True forgiveness is a very metaphysical process.  Many people think of forgiveness as a thought like “what this person did was wrong, and harmful, and completely against what I believe in, but I am going to still bless them with my good will, even though they have betrayed my own expectations of them, and my own moral beliefs.”  Though this is absolutely better than nothing, there is a much more effective, and deeper way to forgive.


In ultimate spiritual reality, we are all one.  That person whom you are holding a grudge against IS YOU.  Also, in ultimate reality, all is as it should be in the universe, and pain and negativity are mere illusions.   This is a very deep and advanced level of understanding to get to, but the best way to get there is through forgiveness.  In essence, true forgiveness is looking upon a hurt or a grudge, and realizing the truth, that it’s all you, that you are infinitely good, and powerful, and cannot be hurt by these illusions of negativity, betrayal, or physical/material endangerment.  True forgiveness is saying “I see this for what it is, an illusion.  I understand that you and I are one, therefore, I have unwittingly attempted to hurt myself through you, but see now that this is not possible in my ultimate reality.  Therefore, I release and overlook what never truly was.”  If you are interested in learning more about this specific aspect of forgiveness, I highly recommend reading and studying “A Course in Miracles”.


#3  Ho’oponopono


Going right along with the theme of forgiveness, ho’oponopono (as mentioned in the video above) is the technique used by the Hunas of Hawaii to forgive in the means described above.  It is very simple.  Bring to mind the hurt, or the person, and repeat these words in your mind to them “I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.”  Wait a minute…. Why are you asking them to forgive you?  The reason this works so well is because it is an acknowledgement of the vast power of your mind, and your connection to everything.  You are basically having a conversation with divinity, and yourself, yourself including the person that has caused the pain.  You are saying, in essence “I love you, because you are a part of the infinite love and goodness that we all are.  I’m sorry for perceiving things from the limited human perspective that I have, where I see separation and pain in place of the divine order and infinite goodness.  Please forgive me, for this limited perception from which I perceive things has hurt both me and you, unnecessarily.  Thank you, for simply being a part of me, for teaching me another lesson in which I can learn more about my own divinity, and about the process of forgiveness, which will ultimately set me free from all suffering.” 


Understand that you do not need to be completely aware of the full context of this process.  Just say the words in your mind.  This works incredibly well for anything.


#4 Change the Memory


It is important to understand that whatever happened in the past is over.  The only way it continues to hurt you is through your own memory.  Neuroscience has shown us that imagining a situation in our minds produces almost the exact same effect upon the brain and nervous system, as the situation actually happening to us.  We are literally hurting ourselves by imagining and remembering painful situations!  Neuroscience has also shown us something quite fascinating, that over 75% of our memories are not accurate, and it’s even possible that a large majority of our own memories are interfused with dreams that we’ve had over the course of our lives.  This is very unsettling to some, as many of us are deeply attached to our memories, as they form a means for the continuation of our identity.  But for me this is very uplifting, because it means we have the freedom to choose to see our past however we want, and do not have to take our memories so seriously! 


Our brains are incredibly gullible.  If you change the way you recall a memory, it will not take long for your brain to begin to see this as the truth instead.  Are you thinking about your grandma/grandpa right now, with all their unrealistic stories about how awesome their life was when they were your age?  They probably really believe those stories after telling them in this exaggerated way for so long, and they’re probably all the more happy for seeing them as they want to see them.


Try this simple practice:


Find a time and a place where you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed, without being interrupted for a few minutes.  Imagine you are sitting in a very comfortable theater, with a big screen in front of you and surround sound.  Your mind is linked to the controls of high-tech video editing software.  Now, command the software to load a video of a memory you would like to change.  Watch it from start to finish on the big screen, through the surround sound, with the mindstate of a producer, thinking to yourself what you would like to be different about it.  Once it ends, pause it, and rewind it.  Make sure you see and hear it rewind.  This is one of the most important parts!  Having your mind see it backwards changes the way it is wired neurologically, and releases it’s deep-seated impact on your consciousness.  Now, play it back with the changes you’d like to make.  Do whatever you want with it.  Turn yourself into a hero, turn your enemy into a friend, become a winner instead of a loser, have that conversation you need to get closure, whatever you’d like.  You can rewind and replay it as many times as you’d like.  Once you are done making all the changes, be sure to play it back, the finalized version, a few times.  You can do this as many times as you’d like for any memory, but I recommend doing the process at least 3 times for a memory you’d really like to change.


#5 Learn Rebirthing/Energy Breathing


Rebirthing Breathwork (also known as energy breathing) is a very powerful method of releasing deep-seated and previously repressed tension and negativity from the physical body, and from the electromagnetic energy system of the body.  Not only is it powerful, but it works very quickly, and has a large range of other positive benefits.  The process is very physical.  All that is required is that you breathe in the correct manner, and have 100% intention. 


Energy Breathing is best taught through 10 one on one sessions with a professional Rebirthing Breathworker.  During a session, which usually lasts 1-2 ½ hours, one will be invited to comfortably lie down, and will be guided to breathe in a way that brings large amounts of oxygen, and life-force energy into the body.  One session will clear a large layer of pent up negative emotional energy, and replace that energy with fresh, renewed life-force energy.  Though this path requires a good deal of intention and dedication, it is also one of the fastest ways to clear and release trauma from the past.


If this is something that interests you, I’m happy to talk one on one with you via email.  (ashton@brainwavelove.com)


#6  Meditate


Meditation is one of those things that really helps everything, but, more specifically, deep and consistent meditation has a purifying effect on one’s consciousness.  Regularly visiting and spending time in the deeper brainwave states naturally brings repressed and unconscious “issues” to the surface of one’s awareness, where they can be transcended and released.  This bridging of the conscious and unconscious mind also holds a variety of other benefits, including enhanced emotional control, the mastery of intuition, more power in intentionally manifesting your reality, and a much greater capacity to handle stress.


Until recently, it would take dedicated meditators years of practice to bring about this process of purification.  Of course, I would say that it is worth the time and effort either way, but, if you’re anything like me, instant results are always preferable! 


We are fortunate in this day and age to have technology available to us that effortlessly leads the brain into deep meditation, through a scientific process called the ”frequency following response”.  This amazing technology, most commonly called brainwave entrainment, substantially enhances the meditative process, and allows people in their very first session to reach brainwave states that would otherwise take several years to reach through traditional meditation techniques.  This means that you can start reaping the powerful benefits of meditation quickly, and without having to exercise your “discipline muscle” at all!  If you are interested- learn more about brainwave entrainment.


#7  Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance!


Last but not least, one of the absolute best things you can do to help yourself overcome and release the past is learn to exercise acceptance in your life.  As you are discovering and practicing the tips in 1-6, there will be times when you will have to come face to face with your pain.  When you do come to this point, the way you react to it will make a large difference in how easily, and quickly you will be able to release and overcome it.  You may have heard the rule: resistance = persistence.  This is especially true when working with the past, and trauma.  When you are able to accept what has happened, it changes the energy that has been holding it in place in your mind, letting it move through you, and integrate.  When you resist what has happened, it actually feeds into it, and makes it stronger, more traumatic, and more persistent.  Resistance is like a glue that holds the pain in place in your mind.


Not only is it important to learn to accept the past, but to also accept everything else, especially the things that bother you the most!  Doing this alone will dramatically change every aspect of your life.  Do not underestimate the power of this.  Acceptance is much like a muscle, and can be developed with practice.  With some discipline and dedication, one can literally train their mind to make acceptance a natural reaction.  When this occurs, something truly magical happens, as your acceptance can literally change the entire world around you into something more beautiful than you may even be able to imagine.


The next time something is truly bothering you, whatever it may be, STOP for just a few moments, and ask yourself “How would it feel if I were to accept this fully and completely?” I’m sure you will realize quickly that accepting things as they are, regardless of what they are, provides you with a great deal of release, and brings about more positive emotion.


So that’s it for now!  I’m here to reassure you that you CAN overcome the pain of your past, no matter what has happened.  We are very fortunate to live in an era of much spiritual and psychological understanding.  There is an abundance of methods out there to help you with this.  As someone, who has overcome a great deal of pain and negativity from my own past, I’m here to vouch for the results that you can get from the above 7 techniques.  So be of good cheer!  Your freedom is within reach!


As always, I am available and happy to help in any way I can.  Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do for you.


With Love,






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  1. 1
    David Abar

    Great advice, Ashton. I think we all struggle to overcome trauma at some point in our lives.

    I know I personally have a difficult time coming to terms with my past and I often feel dragged down by it. I’ll practice the techniques you’ve outlined in the hopes that I can become a more accepting and forgiving person.

  2. 2
    Lynn Ross

    It can be hard to forgive.

    I know my unwillingness to let old grudges go is dangerous and self-deprecating. Knowing this does help me to move forward with the healing process but it’s still difficult to let go of my old habits and prejudices.

    I know that healing takes time but I wish I could stop being so terribly stubborn.

  3. 3
    Allen Rogers

    Ho’oponopono sounds like an interesting concept. This is new to me but I think it is very inspiring. I will have to remember to use this technique next time I find myself dwelling on painful past memories. I certainly have some strong emotional triggers that I must learn to set free.

  4. 10

    Thank you Asthon for all these concepts.I have been applying some of them and I began to think like I am carefree to happenings and a bit indifferent.Firstly,it make me think about it am I in the wrong path when compared to all my sad friends.İt is such a big habit holding the past and others thoughts.My friends even critized me for being happy and carefree.İt is just something weird.

  5. 11
    Ashton Aiden


    I highly recommend Ho’oponopono. The great thing about it is that it is so universal. It helps with the past, and will also help with anything else you apply it to. It’s a fantastic way to learn to solve “problems” the real way, at the root. I’ve seen some amazing stuff happen on multiple occasions from this practice in my personal life.

    I think all of us have certain triggers. Even when we heal from the past, it’s amazing how new ones can sneak up on us from behind. Gotta love the human brain. Our biggest freedom comes from awareness.

    Much Love


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