An Ancient Healing Practice

An Ancient Healing Practice

For this short article I’m going to share an ancient healing practice: one of the most important and effective practices that I have used in my own life for over a decade now. I can attribute huge amounts of the success and happiness that I’ve been blessed to experience in my own life to this one, simple “technique”.

I usually like to stick to more practical advice in my articles, but for this one I’m going to ask you to keep an open mind, and, if this seems weird to you, TRY IT before you bag it.  You’ll be glad you did.  The reason I am finally sharing this is because I realize more and more how much it has helped me over the years: in business, in using the law of attraction, and in my spiritual life as well.

One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that one of the first skill sets I learned in my own spiritual journey was that of energy body purification through the elements of the earth. I learned Rebirthing Breathwork (aka Energy Breathing) when I was 19, and was able to spend some time training with Rebirthing Breathwork International in Virginia, where I learned not only how to do effective energy breathwork, but also how to purify the energy field with water, fire, diet, and air.

The founder of this organization, Leonard Orr, sometimes refers to these practices as “the Yoga of Everlasting Life” or “the Yoga of Physical Immortality”.

Though I’m not sure if I still resonate with every philosophy that I was exposed to in the Rebirthing Breathwork community, I will say this: there is a reason why this man, Leonard Orr, believes that these practices are powerful enough to potentially enable a human being to become physically immortal.


So back to the practice I want to share with you. One of the things I have done for over a decade now, as simple as it may sound, is spend as much time with an open flame as possible-preferably an open, wood-burning, good old-fashioned fire pit.

There is something absolutely magical about fire, and especially what it does for your energy field.

Fire burns through accumulated emotional energy, energy attachments, dross, blockages, and fatigue like no other force on this earth, efficiently healing and balancing the energy field. It may be easy for any person to recognize that they feel good when they are by a fire, but there is much more to it than just the fact that a firepit is usually accompanied by camping, relaxation, fun times with friends and family, etc.

Fire literally purifies the aura and energy body in a way that nothing else can.

At the most disciplined times in my practice of fire purification, I have slept outside by an open flame for days, even weeks at a time. When one is willing to spend this much time with a fire, a transformation begins to happen. At a point two things come to one’s awareness:

1. Fire has its own intelligence. It is more than just a material phenomenon, and you can actually develop a relationship with it. (A highly beneficial one at that.)

2. You can learn to feel the fire’s healing effect on your energy field. Once you have become aware of this connection you have to fire, you will always remember it, and will always be able to feel it quite tangibly as you are near an open flame. And for the record, it is quite a pleasurable, relaxing, and peaceful feeling.

An Ancient Yogic Practicebabaji2

Though I learned this practice from Leonard Orr, he is not the creator of it by any means.  Using fire to purify the energy field is an ancient Yogic practice, spoken of in the Vedas, and referred to in many other old Hindi and Yogic texts.  It is believed that the mystical immortal Yogi Babaji sat by a fire for hours every day and slept by it at night.  Many of the Yogis that Leonard Orr met during his travels to India were also avid practitioners of this simple technique.  According to Leonard’s book, Breaking the Death Habit, “Fire is as important to human health as food.”

How to Make the Connection with Fire

This is really very easy to do. It is simply a matter of having the willingness and motivation to do it. When I first made the connection with fire it was on day 5 of sleeping next to a fire pit all night. I woke up next to the sizable fire that had been burning all night (and all week) and noticed that I felt absolutely amazing. I just felt light! My emotions were stable. My mind was crystal clear, and I had a euphoric healing sensation in my chest. It was like a huge chunk of heaviness had been lifted from me.

From that day forward I have been able to feel the fire purifying my energy field when I am near it. For me it is most tangible in my chest and solar plexus (probably because that’s where I hold an accumulate stagnant energy most). I also notice that spending time next to a fire seems to clear blockages to motivation and inspiration, enabling me to have more ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm about life and my endeavors.

To learn how to effectively use fire to purify your energy field, all you have to do is schedule the time, and make the commitment to spend a week dedicated to sitting by a firepit as much as possible. Set it up so you are sleeping next to the fire every night for 7 days, and spend at least 2-4 hours by the fire throughout the day as well. You could do this at your house (or someone else’s house that has a fire pit) or you could do this on a camping trip or vacation. Depending on who you are, it may not take 7 full days to realize the healing power of this practice.

I promise you that however long it takes, once you feel it, you will feel it, and you will have learned one of the greatest ancient secrets about being a human being on this planet.


Have you had any similar experiences in using fire? Drop us a comment below if you have anything you’d like to add to this so we can all learn from your experiences.


Yours in service and wishing you happiness, health, and prosperity,

Ashton A.

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