Holosync – Holosync VS The Competition

Holosync – Holosync VS The Competition

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With brainwave entrainment products becoming more and more popular, there are a lot of options to choose from.  The number of reviews to read increases, too, each of which stating the pro’s and con’s of every product.  As the Holosync Solution from Centerpointe Research was one of the original pioneers in the industry, many new products will use them as their comparison.

But are these Holosync VS. [put a product name here] comparisons truthful and accurate?

I have personally used the Holosync Solution for a couple of years, and, after reading several competitor reviews (I’m always searching for the latest and greatest brainwave entrainment products, so I can recommend them to you), felt that I needed to chime in with my personal experience with the product, and set the record straight on a few arguments.

Early Experiences with Holosync

First off, I wish to let you know that Holosync was the first brainwave entrainment program I’d ever tried. 

The results I experienced with the product were nothing short of miraculous for me, beginning the program as a troubled 19 year-old with serious depression, anxiety, and very poor social skills. 


I couldn’t hold a job. I couldn’t maintain a peaceful relationship.  I was losing friends and struggling to survive monetarily, and the bottom line was that I just was not a happy camper.   One year later my life had taken a 180 degree turn for the better.  I was experiencing fulfilling relationships, a large degree of success in the work-place, and I had gone from being a victim of my emotional states to being in full control of my emotions, and able to choose my reactions to the world around me.

I took a break from Holosync after three years to explore other forms of growth, some having to do with meditation and some not.  A few years later I was missing those super-charged meditations and decided to get back into the brainwave entrainment scene.  I realized quickly that there were now several other new products in this field to choose from, and spent a few years trying out a few of the more popular alternatives to Holosync.

My conclusion, after over 13 years of experimenting in the field of brainwave entrainment is:

Though Holosync is still a very effective and high quality program, there are a few others out there that yield comparably powerful results, at a MUCH more affordable price range.

I felt that I have to provide this information in order to help anyone who is interested in exploring brainwave entrainment products as a means of personal growth, and is trying to make an educated decision on which product to use.

Below are a few of the most commonly debated pro’s and con’s of the Holosync Solution, in comparison with other brainwave entrainment products.  I have chimed in my two cents here, coming from several years with both Holosync, and a few other comparable products.


1. Holosync Causes Emotional Upheaval Whereas Other Products Do Not 

emotional upheaval with HolosyncMany products would draw your attention to the fact that Holosync causes emotional upheaval, whereas their product does not.


This is true.  However, it is important to understand that this is a good thing that proves to you that the technology is working. I would assert that any high quality self-development product or program, brainwave entrainment or not, should be doing this to a certain extent.

Anyone who is seriously dedicated to growing and evolving as an individual already understands that the process itself is one of facing their fears, weaknesses, emotional “issues”, etc., so they can transcend them and reach the next level.  

There is no avoiding this.  Personal development products and practices can accelerate the process, and make it much easier for you, but you will never be able to skip this step.  Anyone who tries to tell you that you can evolve without facing your “stuff” is not being totally honest with you – whether they’re talking about brainwave entrainment, yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis or any other type of practice.  There may be almost magical results from this type of product, but you cannot magically evolve without doing the work.

Bill Harris from Centerpointe Research is very honest about letting his customers know that Holosyc will cause this upheaval.  Not only is he honest, but the entire program is built around giving exceptional support and loads of resources to help you understand how this process works, and how to facilitate it to reduce any excess discomfort and maximize your results. 

Consider this: even learning and mastering meditation the all-natural way will cause this inner cleansing process to happen.  It may take several years of daily discipline to finally be able to access the deeper theta and delta states.  With Holosync you are going from day one into a state of incredibly deep meditation that was, in the past, reserved for decade-long meditation masters.  There is no way that this will not cause a ripple of some kind into your day-to-day awareness.

In a very simplified form, here is how the process works.  You listen to Holosync and access a deep meditative state.  Being in this state increases your awareness of the subconscious.  This increased awareness brings to the surface your subconscious limiting emotional impulses, behaviors, etc.  Once these have risen to your awareness, they naturally clear through you simply being aware of them.  (Again, Bill Harris has provided an expansive collection of information on this process that is supplied to you throughout the Holosync program.)

To my knowledge, Holosync is one of the only programs on the market (aside from my program The Missing Link) that actually facilitates this process skillfully and intentionally, for the sake of truly producing lasting growth and change.



The bottom line here is that the upheaval and awareness of subconscious issues is how you know the product is working.  A brainwave entrainment product that does not cause this at all is obviously not pushing you to really transcend your limitations.


2. Holosync Does Not Offer Mp3 Instant Downloads, and Is More Expensive.

This is very true, and is definitely a strong deciding factor that can make or break someone’s decision.  The question does come up, if you have found other brainwave entrainment products of comparable quality, that yield considerable results, “Does it really need to cost this much?”  It costs several hundred dollars to purchase a level of Holosync.  This level can take anywhere from 2-6 months to complete, and then you’re on to the next one, where you spend another several hundred dollars (I can’t remember the prices exactly, but I know that the last level I bought years ago was on sale, and cost me over $250).  To complete the entire program, through all the levels, would literally cost you more than $2,000!  That is a lot to pay, especially if you can get similar results much cheaper.

So when we compare the actual VALUE of Holosync with other products, there is definitely a HUGE difference. 

I can see that the program has a desire to stick to the quality of C.D.’s, fantastic recording effects, and appealing packaging, but I still question whether or not these things really add up to justify charging as much as they do, especially now that I create my own brainwave entrainment products.


3. Centerpointe Research Does Not Use Isochronic Tones or Monaural Beats. 

This is true, but there is a very specific reason for this.  The majority of other brainwave entrainment programs are solely interested in what brainwave state the audios put you in (for example, the majority of programs will start you out in a low beta, then take you through a few phases of alpha, then theta, then delta, and you’re done).  Holosync has a different approach, as they are not just concerned in what state you are in, but also in the frequency of the carrier wave.  

When using binaural beats, one frequency is played in one ear, and another slightly different frequency is played in the other.  The brain then reconciles the two and this is how the beat entrains the brain to a specific state.  For example, if 1110hz is played in one ear and 1120hz is played in the other, the brain will resonate at the difference, which is 10hz, which will put it in alpha.  What is important to note here is that, depending on the frequency being played in each ear, the brain will be affected in a different way.  Though the difference between 1100 hz and 1120 hz is the same as the difference between 70hz and 60hz (both have a difference of 10Hz and will put you into alpha), the variance in resonation of the frequencies being used will have a different effect on the brain and nervous system as it entrains.  

Click here to watch a video that further explains how this works

meditation with holosyncCenterpointe Research has found that the lower the carrier frequency used, the more entropy it will cause on the nervous system.  The Holosync Program is set up in levels.  Each level has two tracks, one brings you slowly from alpha into delta, and the other holds you in delta for a half-hour.  With each successive level the tracks remain the same, but the carrier frequencies are dropped lower, which gives further input to the nervous system, which then in turn grows a resilience to the input, and this further helps to enhance your awareness and give you a higher threshold to stress.  In order to do this, it is important that only two dominant carrier frequencies are being used, as this will ensure that the brain is entraining to these specific frequencies.  This is why a combination of frequencies, sub-dominant frequencies, monaural beats, and isochronic tones are not used with Holosync. 

Although this is true, and it does make the approach of Holosync quite unique, there is also the debate that isochronic tones and monaural beats give rise to stronger wavelengths of brain activity.  When measured in comparison to binaural beats, it is found that the brain receives much more stimulation, more exercise you could say, from listening to these newer entrainment methods.  The argument with this is that you get more rapid and profound positive change within your brain from using them because of this. 

My personal take on this is that, indeed, the monaural beats and isochronic tones do work better experientially.  They seem to more quickly and easily pull you into the desired state, and they feel more easy and natural.  Also, these methods open up a new dimension of different options within the audio to add specifics, stimulate the brain in different ways, and to target very particular wavelengths, brainwave states, and neurological patterns.  In short, they make for a more high-quality audio in my opinion.  This is why my own meditation product The Missing Link uses both isochronic tones and binaural beats to both utilize the method of lowering the carrier frequencies and also reaping the benefits of deeper entrainment with isochronic tones.



Brainwave entrainment products are incredibly powerful, regardless of who they come from.  You really can’t fail to reap positive benefits from listening to them, so long as they have come from a reputable source, and you are consistent and dedicated to the process.  When making a decision, a lot of it is about what exactly you are looking for.  Different products/programs have different aims.  (This is further elaborated upon in my article, What is the best brainwave entrainment product?)


I do stand by the quality and results that one can achieve from listening to Holosync.  As I said, it has been one of the largest catalysts of my entire life, and really helped me make a HUGE positive change in my life, in a short amount of time.  At the same time, I can honestly say that there are other products out there that are just as powerful, some of them possibly more, for a fraction of the price.  I would have loved to be paying only $25-$75 back when I was in my early twenties rather than the $1,000 + that I forked out to Centerpointe research over the course of my journey.  So I guess, in my opinion, the price is a deal breaker.  

My strongest piece of advice to you would be to continue doing research, check out the information on this site, and make an educated decision based upon what you want and need the most.  You can also sign up for my email list here, as I give out a great deal of information on brainwave entrainment (and other subjects), along with plenty of free audios, books, and coaching. 

You really can’t put a price on personal growth, and the positive shifts that this type of product is able to help you achieve pays for itself over and over and over again.




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  1. 1

    Bill Harris has fooled you and others.
    I was in the middle of Level 3 and nothing had happened. By mid-Level 2, I was noticing that the wonderful and magical experiences I had been enjoying from my regular meditiaton practice had substantially diminished. I called Centerpointe asking about it and they informed me I was in a state of “overwhelm.” Which is one of their terms for a sort of chaos that one feels when the brain is entraining. And which was just not true — I just wasn’t feeling any different than a person who did not meditate at all. Then the other day I was talking to a friend who had hung out with Bill Harris in a professional capacity at a seminar a couple of years ago. It was after dinner and he asked Bill “what, exactly, is on those CDs?” Bill apparently thought it safe to let his hair down and said, point blank, “Nothing.” My friend David asked, “What do you mean?” And Bill again said “Nothing! There’s nothing on them.” and he laughed. Then he said, “But I have a pocket full of gold coins!” There you have it. I am disappointed — to say the least — I had paid over $1K for “Nothing.” Why isn’t his product investigated?

    • 2

      Thanks for the input 🙂

      I personally used Holosync up to level 4, and I have to say that I got some great results from them. It would be hard for me to believe there was nothing on them, with the experiences that I had.

      On the other hand, it is true that Bill Harris has formed himself quite the reputation for being an overly “slick” businessman. You definitely don’t want him to have a hold of your email. He’ll advertise almost anything these days. And Holosync is incredibly expensive in comparison to many other high-quality brainwave entrainment products.

      I still stick by Holosync if people ask for my honest opinion. It worked wonders for me. On the other hand, there are a few products out there that can give results, in my opinion, that are the same if not more profound, for a fraction of the price.


    • 3
      Alan Mauro

      Don’t know if that’s a true story, however, spending some time on the LifeFlow board a few years back I ran across a post from a sound engineer who had the equipment to analyze a sound recording. He found binaural beats on Holosync and thought that the signal, though there, was not as strong as what was on the LifeFlow programs.

      Perhaps Harris had been drinking and feeling a bit playful when he said this. There is definitely entrainment sounds on his programs.

      • 4
        Ashton Aiden

        Thanks for the information Alan! I also had the pleasure of going through the Lifeflow program. This was my first introduction to isochronic tones.

        At any rate there is a lot of controversy over Holosync and Bill Harris these days. I guess this comes along with the package of being internationally successful and making tons of money as an industry leader.

        I do personally believe that, despite his “shortcomings”, Bill Harris has done a wonderful thing for this world. I have recently been listening to a free recorded seminar of his that came as a bonus with one of my old Holosync levels years ago, and the information is pure gold. Really practical and valuable information at many different levels. The guy knows his stuff, that much can’t be denied.

        I guess we find both good and bad in everything, even these types of products. But I’ll take both to get the good parts!

  2. 5
    Shivani Rose

    I used holosync for many years, and had wonderful results, even became a lifetime member so that I could receive as many cds as needed. But then life happens…marrage,kids, divorce, remarriage. …somewhere along the way the CDS and my meditation practice got displaced. Now as I am getting back into brainwave entrainment, I am shocked and overwhelmed at the number of products available. I believe I can still get free CDS through Holosync, picking up where I left off, assuming they honor my lifetime membership, but am also wanting to learn more about the other options available. For instance, I am curious about the use of gamma waves to improve learning, which I believe holosync doesn’t offer. One of my children struggles with academics, particularly with focus, and a lack of motivation for learning, so i am hopeful that gamma wave therapy might help her. Also my children are also old enough that they practice meditation, although they struggle with reaching the deeper states, so I am wondering what program might work best for them. I have even heard than brain wave technology can be used to help a person learn to Astral project, although I am not sure there is any evidence to support this.
    Do you have any particular programs you would recommend for us. Since cost is not a factor, I am leaning towards holosync for meditation and find some different for gamma waves/ learning….

    • 6
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Shivani,

      I would say that if you are a lifetime member of Holosync to definitely take advantage of that! However a few things to consider: Holosync uses binaural beats, which have their own purpose. In fact, Holosync uses a method that no other program I know of on the market uses, and this method only works with binaural beats. Yet there are also limitations to binaural beats, and isochronic tones and monaural beats produce a stronger cortical evoked response in the brain (ie: they help the brain produce that desired brainwave much more effectively). Our 7-month meditation program The Missing Link uses both because both have their place. (you can click here to check it out.)

      Another thing to keep in mind is that if you search for gamma brainwave audios, keep in mind that binaural beats are not able to entrain the brain to gamma frequencies. This is fact, and yet many companies that sell binaural beats claim to have gamma audios (I believe Centerpoint might do this even). If you want gamma waves, make sure they are isochronic tones, as these will actually work. Not to overly advertise my own products, but I believe that our Genius Bundle would be a good fit for your child who is struggling with academics, as it contains a focusing audio, and a few that enhance learning and cognitive abilities. You can learn more about the genius bundle here.

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!


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