Is Holosync  Still The Champion in Brainwave Entrainment? 

Holosync Mind PowerIt is my pleasure to write a review on the Holosync Solution, as this was, for me, the program that started it all in my love for brainwave entrainment and this type of product. There’s a lot of nostalgia and gratitude that comes up when I think back to my early beginnings… My additional article, Holosync Vs. The Competition is another great source to find some in-depth information about this program. 

Not to say it was the very first brainwave entrainment product that I tried!

When I was just a young 19 years old, I spontaneously developed an interest in meditation. After reading books and trying it (and realizing that this was going to take time and discipline that I was not willing to invest), I started googling to see if there was an “easy way out”. I first came across Hemisync, the product developed by the Monroe institute. These guys had all sorts of brainwave entrainment tracks, only one of which being for meditation. I tried the meditation audio from them for a few weeks, and just was not that into it. It worked-kind of.

Undaunted in my search to lazily reap the benefits of deep meditation without having to put forth any effort, I went back to google and searched some more, until I came across


Holosync from Centerpointe Research 

The information provided on the site was very engaging, and very convincing, and it helped me to understand meditation and brainwave entrainment in a much more practical way. I downloaded my free demo, plugged my headphones into the computer, and started listening.

To my surprise, I noticed a significant change in my mental state within just a few minutes of listening, without even closing my eyes or attempting to relax. I was so excited that I ordered the first stage – Awakening Prologue – immediately.

When I received my order (Centerpointe still prefers to send C.D.s, rather than have you download Mp3 files) I was so excited to try it that I immediately sat down in my room, locked my door, and began listening. I was out like a light in about ten minutes, and woke up a half hour later thinking,

“Wow this stuff is not playing around!”

My first few months of using The Awakening Prologue were great. Eventually my brain familiarized itself with the technology enough to stay awake while listening to it. Once this had happened, I most commonly experienced a quite heavy euphoria/trance feeling, while listening – very pleasant. Every now and again I would sit through the whole recording without hardly noticing anything, or sometimes I would experience random effects like getting a burst of energy or enthusiasm, or some spontaneous desire to do something I didn’t usually do.


Holosync Support

Along with the audios, I received regular support letters from Centerpointe’s founder, Bill Harris, on a semi-weekly basis. These support letters were great, as they helped me to understand what these audios were actually doing to my brain, and how this worked into the experiential aspect. They also gave me support and advice on how the actual process of having your brain evolve worked with some scientific data and explanations about entropy and open systems (this I found to be fascinating on several levels).

The Awakening Prologue also came with several free gifts, some of which being bonus audios, and others being books/articles, and special offers.

The bottom line was that I loved the Awakening Prologue

and once I had completed it, (you know you have completed it once your brain has become accustomed to it enough that you do not experience any effects from listening to the audios) I was hooked, and signed up for the next level. I ended up advancing up to level five, and stayed with the program for almost four years.

This brainwave entrainment program literally changed my life, and helped me bring myself to a level of clarity and self-awareness that I would have never even imagined could exist before I started it. One of the largest things that listening to these audios does (and this is the same thing that regular, advanced, deep meditation does) is brings to the surface your limiting subconscious beliefs. Once these beliefs come to the surface of your awareness, you can deal with them, and resolve them, and this is how the program leads you to evolve, and improve your life. Aside from this, you also receive the benefit of consistent deep relaxation, the healing benefits of regularly entering deep brainwave states, and the pleasurable endorphins that are released from listening to brainwave entrainment technology.

To be honest with you, I do need to tell you that one of the downfalls of Holosync for me was the price.  I literally spent over $700 in my time progressing through The Awakening Prologue to level 4.  Had I known at the time that there were other products/programs out there that were more affordable, and still at a comparable quality, I would have likely used them instead.


How Does It Work – A Few Technicalities of the Holosync Program

The way the brainwave entrainment works for Holosync is that it brings you from your normal brainwave state, slowly down into the delta state over a half hour. This is track one. The second track, which you will not be encouraged to listen to until a few weeks of listening to the first one by itself, will keep you in delta for the remainder of the recording.

The brainwave entrainment technology pushes the brain to form new neural pathways and develop a tolerance to the brainwave states. Once a level has been completed, the audio is not as powerful anymore, as the brain is now accustomed to it. Once this happens, you advance to a new level, which works the same, but with a deeper carrier signal on the frequencies, and you once again go through the process of becoming accustomed to the technology. etc. etc.

This is a unique approach that no other brainwave entrainment program that I know of duplicates.  As powerful as it is, it also puts a limit on how dynamic the audios can be in stimulating and reorganizing the brain.  There is a great deal of evidence that isochronic tones and monaural beats are much more effective at producing a cortical evoked response in the brain.  It has also been recently agreed upon that binaural beats can not effectively stimulate the brain to produce gamma waves.  Though Holosync has a gamma audio, many believe that it is not effective.  To read more about the differences between isochronic tones, monaural beats, and binaural beats, click here.


Holosync Ensures Continual Growth

Aha Moments with HolosyncWhen participating in the Holosync Program for an extended amount of time, you will even be able to become aware of the process of your brain evolving, and how this works in relation to your emotions, and the surfacing of your subconscious material. This is really cool. You experience a lot of those “Ah Ha!” moments when your brain makes a significant breakthrough, and it is really rewarding to watch yourself shedding negativity and limiting perspectives on a regular basis.

Centerpointe prefers to send audio C.D.’s rather than have to download Mp3’s.  Though it is nice to have a C.D., it is also one of the reasons why the program is MUCH more expensive than the others that I review on this site.  Personally, I have ended up transferring my Holosync tracks to my Mp3 anyways, so I find it a bit of a waste to pay so much extra for something that really doesn’t make that much of a difference in the end.  Yes the sound quality will be better on a C.D., but it doesn’t really change how effective the technology is in working with your brain. 

And there is one more thing that I need to mention to you, in order for this Holosync review to be completely honest.  Though I did love this program, and got AMAZING results from it, I have become very annoyed with the way Bill Harris markets to people who have purchased products from him.  He’ll basically spam you with anything, weight loss, political stuff, other new age stuff, etc., and I don’t feel he is integrous about it.  I had removed myself from his mailing list years ago, and the other day I went on to ask a support question about Holosync.  Without giving my permission, THERE WERE BILL’S EMAILS IN MY INBOX AGAIN!  I unsubscribed immediately, and ended up getting more the next week.  I had to unsubscribe again to stop them.  The truth is that this has been a huge turn off for me.  I understand that people advertise and run a business, but Bill Harris has gone overboard for a while now.  Something worth considering before purchasing a product from him.

These days when people ask for my advice on Holosync, I will usually recommend them to The Missing Link  instead. (Honesty plug: this is my product, so of course I like it a lot!) This program is significantly more affordable, has arguably better quality brainwave entrainment audios, and comes with much more than just audios (The program is based upon all the variables that contribute to meditation, including a meditation practice itself, yogic practices that enhance meditation, transcendental exercises, etc.)  For the money spent on it, you get a much bigger return, and a much deeper immersion into the spiritual path of meditation.

I would love to hear what you think about Holosync as well so please post a comment below sharing your experiences!

With Love,





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    Has your experience with Holosync been emotionally painful? I am asking because I suffer from anxiety and I am afraid of getting really anxious and consequently depressed if I get this program.
    thank you

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      Ashton A

      Hi there,

      The real question to consider is are you not already experiencing emotional pain from your anxiety as it is? This anxiety is already there. The one thing listening to the holosync solution will do is increase you awareness of it. Behing this anxiety there are reasons, mental processes and associations, and uncinscious mechanisms that are creating it. By listening to these audios and meditating deeply you will bacome aware of these and then be given more control over the “root cause” of anxiety.

      Awareness=resolution. Whether you choose this path or another, you will to a certain degree need to come face to face with whatever you want to resolve. I would recommend downloading my free Emotional Mastery ebook and using the techniques described in conjunction with the growing awareness you gain from holosync.

      Best wishes

  2. 7
    Thomas Eckert

    Hi Ashton, I visited the SuperMind Club because I am in the process of deciding which product to go with. Yes the price is very different but that is not a deciding factor. I want the best structured program as I am new to all of this. The Super Mind site is really confusing. It appears there are 4 different products or (clubs) like Super Mind Music, Mind Gold, VIP etc… I want structure and a program that says this is what you start with, here´s whats next etc… What is the super mind program best suited to deal with stress, anxiety, confidence, performance in ones career etc…? At least with Holosync, the structure and level 1 and so on seem really clear. Thank you. .

    • 8
      Ashton A

      Hi Thomas. I would agree that the structure of the Super Mind VIP Club can be confusing when you look into it. It does get much more straight forward once you are signed up, however. You can think of the Mind Music and Mind Gold more like bonuses, but the real structure comes from the Super Mind Academy. In answer to your question about what the program is best suited to deal with, I would say it is success, in general, and emotional mastery. You get the benefits of high-quality audios (like in Holosync) but the basis of the training, aside from the audios is all about emotional mastery, which ends up benefiting you in the entire spectrum of emotion, from confidence, to anxiety, to depression, etc.

      I feel confident that you will be happy with the structure of the Super Mind Academy once you get started. It does have a pretty solid step by step nature, and a lot of videos to help clarify things. Again, I can empathize with you in finding the website a little “scattered”. I felt the same when I first looked into it myself.

      Hope this is helpful! Much Love!


  3. 9
    Angelique Neecke

    I have been searching for the right BWE program for a while now, say 10yrs. I do have a few CDs but they dont do much for me. I did however try Holosync demo which was provided by Learning Stratgies and it blow my mind but it would have also blown up my pocketbook, which is why I didn’t go along with it. Then I came along an article that introduced me to InnaPeace by Brainwave Research Institute. Their demo is pretty good not sure about the price but I’m have a hard time finding honest reviews. Do you have an opinion about them and/or the product?

  4. 12

    You mentioned the emotional upheaval somewhere and I agree it is necessary to a degree to resolve your issues. I’ve just tried the holosync audio sample for 6 days now and to my own surprise I already believe I’m noticing some effects. Like more calm, less distractable. I’m just wondering, do you find the “upheaval” you experience with this particular program to be somehow stronger than with others? Because even with the samples, though noticing benefits, there’s also uncomfortable stuff I’ve been avoiding coming up and I’ve had some quite wild, strange dreams the last days.

    • 13
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      I would say that this is such a personal thing that it would be hard for me to give you exact information. For me, I experienced a great deal of emotional upheaval from Holosync. It got to the point where I could predict it, feel it building up, feel the peak, and feel the resolution/integration with each new level. However this was at a point in my life when I was younger and had a lot of “garbage” to move through. I doubt I’d have the same experience now with this program or any other.

      My guess is that this depends a great deal on each person’s unique situation; their past, their degree of mental resilience and coping strategies. Maybe even past lives as well…

  5. 14
    Zoe Zuniga

    I used holosync with good results and even had two peak experiences several years apart after using holosync for a few months each time, but I too was turned off by the price and the constant emails and the general cheesy quality of the advertising. It was frustrating that you were told to just sit there and not really given any meditation technique. So started looking around and I was glad when I found brainwave love and all the cool product here. I have found them to be equal in quality and even better in some ways because of the additional content explaining meditation and other processes like the Personal Law product I just started using.

    • 15
      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Yep I can definitely relate Zoe. The advertising really turned me off as well, along with the pricing, especially after I learned to create brainwave entrainment myself and realized there is not a good reason to charge this much…

      If you ever want to really dive into meditation again with Brainwave Entrainment I recommend checking out The Missing Link and downloading month 1 for free!



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