How Long Does Brainwave Entrainment Take to Improve My Life?

How Long Does Brainwave Entrainment Take to Improve My Life?

How Long Does Brainwave Entrainment Take to Improve My Life? 

brainwave entrainment and happinessWhen one is purchasing their first brainwave entrainment product, it’s only natural for them to want to know how soon they can expect to be receiving the promised benefits.  Especially when this type of technology is often referred to as “the shortcut to meditation”, the average user of brainwave entrainment is usually looking for quick results.

As there are a lot of different results that one can expect from using brainwave entrainment, the answer is a little different for each specific benefit, but the great news is that you can expect many of the benefits right away, often times within the very first time of listening to the technology, or within the first few weeks of listening to a brainwave entrainment audio on a daily basis.

Depending on who you are, it can sometimes take a few sessions for the brain to get used to following the specific frequencies of an audio, but usually you will be able to easily find yourself in a deep and consistent targeted brainwave state the very first time you listen.  This means that you will be instantly getting the positive benefits that come from visiting whatever brainwave state the audio is designed to lead you to (ie: alpha, theta, delta, etc.). Regardless of the actual state, you can expect to feel very relaxed, and experience mild to intense degrees of euphoria right away. 

Brainwave entrainment also has a way of stimulating the brain to produce some great “feel-good” neurochemicals like serotonin, dopeamine, and melatonin. 

This will also begin happening as soon as your first session. So, long story short, if you listen to your audio on a daily basis, you should be feeling better, more relaxed, sharper, and happier in as soon as 1-2 weeks.

Some of the more dramatic benefits of using this type of technology will take more time.  The real results from using brainwave entrainment occur because listening to these frequencies on a regular basis literally changes and re-wires the brain to function more optimally.  New neural pathways are being formed, and the brain is being trained and exercised to form better, more efficient communication between the left and right hemispheres.

We do know that it takes roughly 21-30 days for a new neural pathway to form.  Because of this, you can begin to see some of the more positive results occuring in about one month.  This is not to say that you have reached the maximum of these results at this time.  You can likely begin to see more of these benefits in another month, more in another month, etc.

It is good to think of listening to brainwave entrainment in the same way you think about regular meditation, or yoga, or physical exercise.  The results are cumulative, and consistency maximizes the benefits, and shortens the amount of time to reach these benefits.  Many of the products or programs you will find will actually specify the amount of time it takes to complete the program, or reach the next “level”, and many of them will give you one audio to listen to for a certain amount of time, and then another one to listen to after that until you have completed the program. 

So when it comes to things like: increasing IQ, enhancing your spiritual awareness, mastering emotions, whole-brain functioning, utilizing the law of attraction, etc., you can expect to begin seeing the glimpses of these within a few weeks, with a noticeable “shift” happening within about one month. 

You can expect to see these results increasing each month, and will really begin to see the fruition of your goals with brainwave entrainment technology within 6 months to a year.

When it comes to things like being able to study better, being able to sleep better, feeling more happy, relaxed, and at ease, and having more satisfying meditations, you can expect these to happen as soon as your very first time listening.

One more thing to keep in mind is that, because brainwave entrainment stimulates the brain to re-wire itself to function optimally, it is also a great enhancer for any other type of endeavor you are striving towards.  If you are training athletically, working with a spiritual practice, or learning a new skill, you can expect the use of brainwave entrainment to help speed up the progress and maximize your results.

For reviews and recommendations of some of the most powerful and effective brainwave entrainment products on the market, feel free to browse through the site, and pick up a sample you can begin using today in the FREE STUFF section.

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