How Meditation Practices Help In Improving Eyesight

Meditation Techniques To Improve Vision

Guest Post by Jennifer Angelina

meditation to improve your visionMeditation is to be “here” right now or in the “Present Moment”. Meditation helps us in our day to day lives. Meditation is the practice for getting higher consciousness or enlightenment, or moksha. Individuals these days mostly practice meditation for relaxation, trimming down tension and stress or to increase concentration. However, few people know or come to believing that there are effective meditation techniques for almost any physical problem. In this article, I would like to tell you how you can successfully use meditation to improve your eye sight or vision. 


Improve Your Eyesight by Gazing


Individuals suffering from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, or any other type of eye sight disease often face difficulty in seeing things, which eventually results in decreasing the quality of life. The most common solution to these eye sight infringements is contact lenses or eye glasses. Many-a-times people also prefer to opt for lasik surgery in order to get their vision back. However, these methods are not always useful, as their effects may not last in the long term,

Therefore, in this article I’ll let you know about one important practice that will help you in improving your eyesight.


Meditation Techniques to Improve Vision

“Trataka” or “Tratak” meditation is one that will help you get rid of your eyesight problems  without facing much difficulty. This type of meditation requires sitting comfortably and looking at one particular object for a specified period of time.

You can improve your eyesight by concentrating on that object and later you will find that your eyes will have more focus and will be able to see things much clearer day by day. This particular meditation can be done by following the two given ways.


Let’s have a look at the two ways of operating this meditation technique:

  • First one is to gaze at the light of the candle
  • The second one is to look at a small object


Ways to Prepare for the “Trataka” Meditation Technique

To get prepared for this meditation practice you need to sit on a rug or a yoga mat with your legs criss-crossed. Your body should also be relaxed and your back and neck should be straight. In front of you, there has to be a candle light which is put on the level of your eyes. The flame should be small and should be still with no air passing.

The light should be approximately 2ft. apart from you. If you prefer not to make use of a candle flame, you can also make use of a small object and keep it approx 2 meters away from you.

Now you have to keep staring at the object as long as you can without blinking your eyes until your eyes become watery and sense the strain.

Finally, close your eyes and try to feel the object in front of you or the flame with the help of your inner mind and eyes. When the image gets dissolved, you need to start again from the very first step.

With time, practicing this meditation technique regularly, your eyes will gradually improve. It not only increases your eyesight, but also enhances your concentration levels.


Ways to Improve your Meditation

A good way to improve your meditation is to know exactly what you are trying to heal, and tell yourself after the meditation that this particular problem is getting better and better each and every day. It is known that with eye sight problems the eye pressure remains high most of the time, but if that is the case do you know what exactly you are suffering from? Is it the extreme strain that you undergo on your eyes? Or are you suffering from glaucoma?  Have you visited an eye specialist yet? After keeping in mind these above mentioned questions, remember, your eyes are the most delicate parts of your body. They require special attention and care. 

In most cases it is observed that they are the most neglected organs of the human body. Individuals do not pay attention to cleanse or take proper care of them unless it is found that the problem worsens and starts bothering their vision.

You should also take proper care of your eyes and rinse them with pure clean water which is slightly cool. This will make sure you refresh your eyes properly and help them to keep clean. In case you practice yoga as well, you should keep away yourself from all kinds of inversions such as Sarvangasana  (also known as the Soulderstand) or Shirshasana (the Headstand) as well as inverted asanas or poses that will add to the intraocular pressure in your oculus. Rather, try to practice breathing and meditation techniques that will not give so much pressure in your head, help you release the tension and thus improve your eyesight condition. 


About the Author:

Jennifer loves to research about the impact of alternative therapies and practices on the maintenance of a healthy vision. She shares her research with her audience and also suggests getting quality contact lenses in case you still need them. Doing this online will certainly cut some of the costs associated with that, too.


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