How the Road Trip Spirit Can Fill You with Positive Energy

Guest Post by Amy Sawyer

Sometimes daily life gets the better of all of us. The daily routine becomes a grind, you start to feel tired and uninspired, and you find your energy levels dropping with each passing day. If you ever feel like this, then you need to do something about it – and a road trip could be the perfect solution.

The spirit of the road is encompassed by the much overused, but actually hugely powerful expression “our lessons come from the journey, not the destination” (Don Williams). Like life itself, a good road trip is never about the final destination, but the twists, turns and experiences in getting there. Understanding and embracing that sentiment is a fantastic way to fill you with positive energy and put you on the right footing for further journeys of personal development.

Road trips have long inspired generations of people in search of adventure, excitement and the unknown. At its heart, a road trip is a journey of discovery, and it can be the perfect way to take a break and re-energize. Here are a few ways that time spent on the road can help you to regain positive energy in your life.

Route 66 sign in Yavapai County, Arizona


Of the various definitions of inspirations you’ll find at the free dictionary, my favorite has to be this:

“Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.”

Wherever your own spiritual compass leads you, I think (or hope at least), we’ve all experienced something close to this at some point in our lives. The moment an idea or realization just jumps up and grabs you out of nowhere. While entrepreneurs and inventors may claim inspiration has come to them in some strange places, I think it’s generally accepted that inspiration is most likely to come to you when your mind is free, open and ready to accept it. The first ‘lessons’ you’re likely to learn as you get into meditation are simple breathing exercises designed to relax and clear your mind of everyday thoughts and stresses – travelling on the road, for me has much the same effect. A chance to breathe and relax your mind. Both in a metaphoric, and if like me you live in a congested city, in a literal way.

Road trips by their nature are also inspiring. Just think of all of the things that you will see – spectacular vistas, open roads, vast mountains. If you see the same things every day, the same buildings and hills and trees, a journey like this will enable you to see something different and take inspiration from it.

On a road trip, you have the opportunity to get out and see the world. Choose your destination carefully: it’s better to choose somewhere with dramatic scenery and views of lakes, cliffs and coasts if you want to find inspiration. Then admire the wonder of nature as you drive wherever you please. That said, you don’t necessarily need to go far to experience the spirit of the road. A tank of gas can go further than you think and just remember, its not the destination that matters, so take your time, and if your plans change along the way, great, embrace it – life isn’t a straight pre-defined road, either.


Time Alone

Travelling on the road gives you time to think things through and sort yourself out. It’s always good to have some proper time to yourself, but sometimes in modern life this simple pleasure is hard to attain. Living in such close proximity to one another as we do in modern city life, it can be hard to overcome the feeling of being physically cramped. Through practicing meditation techniques you can free your mind, taking it to wonderful open spaces. You may even feel alone in a crowd of people. However, there is no substitute for genuine physical open spaces. The simple pleasure of being out in the great outdoors to obtain that feeling of real physical freedom, which should in turn help you to find emotional freedom within yourself.

You learn a lot about yourself when you are alone without anyone else for company. This is especially when you are on the open road and there is no one else for miles and miles. People often go travelling in order to ‘find themselves’, and at the end of your journey you will have almost certainly made some discoveries about yourself, some of which may be surprising.

road trip


Have an Adventure

If you want to escape the everyday routine and enjoy something different, hitting the open road will force you out of your comfort zone. When you go exploring you will get involved in adventures without even seeking them, and when you return, the challenge will have revived your senses.


Meet Interesting People

You always meet interesting people on road trips. Whether you meet people when you stop off at hotels, cafés or even at the side of the road, you just never know who you are going to meet, which inspiring people you will come across who you would not otherwise have met. Chance encounters with new and interesting people make life interesting and make you feel good in a way that few other things can achieve.


Experience Real Freedom

Freedom is the most important thing of all when you go on a road trip. Sometimes modern life can feel like it has you trapped. Bills, work and endless chores can leave you feeling weak, drained and feeling like there is no escape.

A road trip can return that sense of freedom that you have been missing so much. Suddenly simple decisions like which way to turn at the crossroads will direct the entire course of your journey. You are in complete control, and the feeling of empowerment is incredible. If you’re just starting your own journey of self discovery and personal development, whether that’s through meditation or any other means, a road trip (even if it’s a road trip to nowhere) is a great way to clear your mind and put yourself on the right footing to make personal discoveries.


Discover the Joy of the Open Road

You don’t have to go far to experience a road trip, but it is best to go somewhere that you are not familiar with, because the sense of discovery is heightened. If you are lacking positive energy, organize a trip for yourself and get out onto the open road to escape and re-energize. But be careful: the thrill of the open road can be addictive!

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