How to Get Real Results with Meditation

How to Get Real Results with Meditation

How to Get Real Results with Meditation

A simple tip to keep in mind…

Sometimes it can be easy to overcomplicate meditation.  This especially happens as a beginner to the practice (at least it sure did with me).  When I first started meditating, I didn’t really even know what it meant to meditate.  I was looking for profound experiences, visions, certain sensations or feelings, etc.  And for a long time I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, or making any progress.

The thing to remember most about meditation is that it is the key to just about everything you’d ever want to create for yourself in your life, whether it’s:

  • Increased spiritual awareness
  • Enhanced intuitive and mystical abilities
  • Greater physical health
  • A better ability to use the law of attraction
  • Increased success in the material world, or in your work
  • Sharpened intelligence
  • The ability to be happy and at peace with yourself

When it really boils down to it (and I think many would agree with this) meditation is able to help you achieve all of these things for one simple reason.  Meditation is the means of growing and developing the most powerful tool you have at your disposal in life:


Why is self-awareness such a powerful tool?

Because it really is true that you have the ability to be, do, or achieve anything you want!  The reason this is not happening is because the mind is currently full of all kinds of self-limitations: negative thought patterns, addiction to negative emotions, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and all kinds of other subconscious or deeply unconscious mental material.

But the thing to remember about all this limitation is it is unconscious!  It’s hiding in the dark corners of your mind.

Really it is quite true that we don’t know ourselves.  More than that, a part of our mind, our ego, is not only unaware, but it is ACTIVELY HIDING this unconscious and dark material from our awareness.

When we begin to meditate, and develop our sense of self-awareness, we start to learn about how our mind works.  We also begin to grow and develop our ability to uncover this limiting material and bring it to the shores of our conscious awareness.

And what happens when this material rises to the surface of our awareness?

We finally have the ability to make a different choice!  We can then choose to think new thoughts, let go of negative emotions, question our self-sabotage, and face our fears.

But we can’t do this type of work until we see what’s there for us to be worked on…

So how do we develop self-awareness?

Very simple.  By watching ourselves, and sitting with ourselves.  There are many meditation techniques and practices out there, and there are many different “goals” of particular meditations.  It is always a great thing to find your own path and stick with what works for you,

…but it is always good to remember that just sitting down, closing your eyes, and being with yourself is a powerful practice in and of itself!

By watching your own mind in action, giving it your full attention, you begin to grow a familiarity with it, learn about it, and get to know it.  And this will begin to move you towards the progress that comes from developing self-awareness, your most potent and powerful tool to achieve what you want to achieve, and live the life you want to live.

Adding brainwave entrainment technology to this simple practice will also greatly accelerate your progress and super-charge your results.  If you are serious and interested in really making deep and profound progress along the pathway of meditation I highly recommend checking out our 7 month meditation program, The Missing Link, as it has been designed to work at every level to help you make progress along the path of meditation, FAST!

Wishing you the happiness, success, and peace of mind that you deserve,

-Ashton A

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