How to Perform a Basic Holistic Health Checkup

holistic health check-upGuest Post by Ashlee Harsh

A basic holistic health checkup is a bit different from the usual checkup we have become accustomed to. A holistic checkup involves the evaluation of all aspects of the physical and the spiritual body. The checkup nurtures and evaluates the mind-body-spirit balance. Holistic medicine caters to the individual rather than the illness the person is suffering, and holistic healers follow a specific procedure. So if you are up for a holistic checkup, you should probably expect the following steps to be performed:


Alignment of the Chakras


Chakras are the body’s energy centers. They are gateways, where the energy of life flows through. Blocked chakras mean that the body is functioning at below par. Chakras are depended upon to strengthen the body and develop our self-consciousness. There are seven major chakras found in the human body, and a trained holistic healer can assist you in getting your chakras aligned again if there is a need to. Normally, it takes one or more sessions to fully align the chakras. Aligned chakras are important in keeping a healthy flow of energy in the body.


Proper Breathing Test


A holistic health practitioner will also test how well you breathe. The common mistake of people is to hold their breath. Shallow breathing is detrimental to one’s health. Holistic health practices place a lot of emphasis on breathing as part of general health and well-being. Improper breathing deprives the body of the needed oxygen to vitalize cells and organs. It is important that the practitioner is able to see if you are breathing deeply and properly. Deep breathing is a key component in rebirthing. It helps heal the spirit from deep-seated emotional pain.


The Color of Your Aura


Auras are akin to magnets. It picks up energy through vibration just like a magnet attracts metal. Vibrational energy is everywhere we go. Our auras should be regularly cleansed in order to keep negative vibrations away as well as negative energy, using a feather make sweeping motions all throughout your body. It is also recommended to stand under a shower or better under a waterfall.


Testing Your Roots


Testing the roots would determine how relaxed we are. A practitioner would assess by the way we take care of our physical bodies. This is called grounding. Grounding is the assessment of the clothing that a person wears which reflects how much we value the physical body.


Emotional Testing


Practitioners of holistic healing will also test your emotions. The checkup will see to it that you are not confused when other people’s emotions are fused with yours. Fusion of emotions can be disastrous to one’s holistic health.


Physical Attention


The checkup usually ends with an assessment of proper diet and exercise to nourish the physical body after fine-tuning the mind and spirit. The practitioner will ask the amount of exercise you are getting and also your food choices. The holistic physician will also ask how much sex you are getting, which apparently has a link to healing and wellness.


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