How to Perform Miracles – A 5-Step Formula (The Spiritual Gym 2)

How to Perform Miracles – A 5-Step Formula (The Spiritual Gym 2)

Is it presumptuous of me to write an article about how to perform miracles?

I am far from being a saint, or a shaman, or even a wise man.  I still have my own fair share of ignorance to work through.  If I was telling you that I can perform miracles, and you can too, I’d definitely be full of it.

But the amazing thing about miracles, the thing that allows almost anyone to perform them is the fact that the miracle is never performed by you or me.  The only thing that can create a miracle is Oneness, and the only thing that we do as perceivers is allow the miracle to happen.

One thing that we all have to learn from the application of the information I am sharing with you in this article is that there really is no such thing as “performing a miracle”.  The miracle is always there.  Everything already is a miracle.  What we are really learning to do is un-perform the blocking of a miracle. 

In the last article I was telling you about resistance being a doorway, hidden in every moment of your greatest strife and discomfort.  This alone is something worth really thinking about.  At every moment, every worst moment even, there is a call from Oneness, the highest order of reality and Truth, just waiting for you to recognize it.  Being able to recognize this is one of the last steps that a human being really needs to understand that Divinity really is interwoven into every single moment of our life.

It’s not so hard to recognize Divinity in the happy, relaxed, resistance-free moments, is it?  And yet we run into a spiritual polarity when our awareness of perfection and Oneness exits out the back door as soon as resistance shows its face. 

In the last article, I introduced a new way to look at these moments of discomfort, fear, and pain.  I also hinted at a beginning of what you can actually do once you have accepted this new way of looking at them. 

Turn your awareness front and center and face the resistance.  Do not resist the resistance.  Do not go unconscious and begin to distract yourself from it.  Do not instantly pull out your new-age bag of tricks and start doing techniques and practices to “make it go away”.

Instead of falling asleep, slipping into avoidance, blame, or further resistance, wake up and become as aware of it as possible.  Be conscious of it. 

The Truth is that these moments of resistance are pointing out your own beliefs, issues, and ignorance that have given rise to your perception of separation.  Running away from these moments will never solve anything.  These beliefs, these dark corners of the mind will continue to manifest themselves over and over and over again until you learn how to face them. 


So this begs the important question: What exactly should I do then?


I’m going to give you two steps.  I encourage you to practice the first for as long as it takes to become accustomed to it.  This alone will start to change everything in your life very quickly.


Step 1

The moment you are aware of a disturbance, a fear, a discomfort, or a resistance in any form, do whatever you need to do to drop your stories. 

Drop your internal dialogue that wants to rehash all the reasons why you’re upset, why your feelings are justified, why this is real, why Suzie is such a b****, why you can’t take anymore of this, why life is so unfair, etc.  It does not matter what the story is, just drop it.  The same goes for any mental images, future imaginings of scary and unhappy scenarios, or past recollections of times before that relate to the issue. 

You will always find one familiar theme, one thread that is tied through all of these stories: BLAME. 

And this is ego at its finest.  This is the tactic that it uses time and time again, successfully for 98% of the population on the planet right now.  This internal dialogue, this justification for anger, blame, and negativity, this story about the past, what’s going on now, and the terrible future it’s about to cause is the ego’s incredibly deceptive way of distracting you from the doorway that is sitting right in front of you.  It is keeping you blind and asleep to the universes beckoning in that moment for you to wake up and see the Truth as it is.

I trust that this first step will take you some practice.  When you are able to habituate yourself to dropping the story, just look at the resistance.  Just be fully aware of it, in stillness.  Look at it, and let yourself feel it, devoid of blame, rationality, and internal dialogue. 

I’m warning you right now that this is going to bother you.  This is the exact opposite of what you are used to doing, and this alone is going to cause a dramatic shift in your whole perception of life if you practice it diligently.

Once you’ve gotten really good at step one, your own version of step two may present itself to you.  If it does, follow yours.  There are many different variations, but in essence they are all the same thing.  

Step two is where we get to the miracle.


Step 2

Now that we have allowed ourselves to be conscious of the resistance, being able to hold an awareness of it without placing our labels, and egoic stories upon it, we are facing the doorway.  From practicing step 1, you may begin to notice a shift in the entire energetic flow of your life.  You may notice a growing power within you, and the hinting of an entirely different way of living life and meeting the problems that encounter you in your existence.  This is truly learning to live more consciously, not just in the times when it’s easiest, but in the times when it is needed the most.  This is how you wake up.

I am going to share a formula for you that I have learned through a few different sources.  There are many different variations of the application of this formula, but generally, they can all be summed up in this way:


To perform a miracle, all you need to do is recognize the Truth.


So what is the Truth?  Well you can only REALLY find this out for yourself.  But practicing this formula may help you significantly 🙂 

What you will learn from being conscious of your resistance is that what you are doing in a moment of resistance is creating an illusion of separation.  By saying “I don’t want this”, you are affirming that there is a “this” apart from you and all that is One with you to not want.  Though it may be hard to recognize at times, the suffering you are experiencing is not coming from the person, event, occurrence at all, it is coming from your misperception, which has sprung from a deeper belief in separation.  This is where ego jumps in and says “Yes!  Separation does exist!  I told you so!  Now let me tell you why!”  And hence, the story of blame comes into play that you have learned to drop. 

So now it is time to correct the misperception of separation that has led you to believe that there is a separate “thing” outside of you to resist.  By bringing this illusionary separateness back to being at One with you, the disturbance is corrected. 

I am not saying this is always the easiest thing to do in the world, but it is that simple, and it is something that anyone, by right of what they are, can learn to do.  Sometimes the shift in your perception that this creates will manifest instantly as a seeming miraculous solution to the problem that existed.  Other times nothing will physically change, but the miracle will simply be that now you are at peace, instead of being up in arms with the world around you, yourself, or other people.


Here is the 5-Step Formula that can be used to do this:


1. Assume Full Creative Responsibility: 

You must be willing to admit that this has occurred, because of the awesome power of your own perception.  Obviously, you have not consciously created whatever is before you, but only about 2% of the mind is conscious.  What has created this event is a deep, unconscious, yet vastly powerful program/belief inside of yourself.  You do not need to blame yourself, feel guilty for it, or be aware of how or why this has happened.

Just simply acknowledge that this has come from you.  You have somehow brought this into being.

If I haven’t lost you from this first part (I understand this is more than a lot of people are willing to accept), let’s move on.


2. Forgive:

By assuming responsibility and seeing this event as a creation of your own awesome unconscious programming, you also see that it is an illusion, a dream.  Forgive yourself for creating this strife.  You didn’t mean to.  It’s not your fault.  You simply are a human being that has inherited an ego and a great deal of unconscious programming and baggage.  Forgive yourself. 

Forgive the situation/resistance/problem as well.  Forgive it by acknowledging that it is not real.  It is a misperception that has arisen from a place of unconsciousness in your own mind.  It is really quite helpful to say to it, in your mind, “I forgive you”. 

It is also counterintuitive, but quite effective to ask it for its forgiveness too.  Why?  Because whatever you are resisting is actually a part of you, a part of Oneness, and a part of Divinity. 


You are basically asking Divinity/Oneness to forgive you for seeing it as an enemy when it is actually a gift.


3.  Call Upon Divinity: 

You cannot correct the error in your perception that has given rise to this illusion on your own.  But the intelligence that is the Truth can, and will, if you simply ask it to.  If you’re a skeptic like me, you will need to test this multiple times, before you really believe it, but I promise you it will prove itself to you, again and again. 

This intelligent force has been described as many things through spiritual teachings and literature.  Some call it the Holy Spirit.  Some simply call it God.  Some call it zero, or the nothingness, some call it Divinity, and some call it their higher self. 

Whatever you call it, ask that it remove the illusion from your mind.  Surrender and give the problem over to Divinity.  Accept that you cannot do anything about it, and just say “I give this to you Divinity.  Please correct this error.”  (or something to that effect)


4.  Love and Appreciate It: 

Now acknowledge whatever you are resisting as part of the Oneness by loving and appreciating it.  Say “thank you for giving me the chance to remember that all is one with me.”  Tell it you love it. 

Thank Divinity for giving you this opportunity to work with it.  Express your gratitude.


5.  Let it Go: 

Now let it go and trust that everything is as it is meant to be.  Relax and surrender.

This formula can be applied to everything in your life, whether it be a relationship, your work, a fault or problem you resist about yourself, a physical condition, anything.  It may take practice for you to get consistent results, but I promise you, if you can learn to let go and surrender, it will not take much for you to notice and benefit from seemingly miraculous results. 

I share this with you in the hopes that it helps you as much as it has helped me.



With Love 



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