How To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy

Hey there, on my birthday I felt really inspired to share something very useful with you guys.

This is a ‘How to stay healthy’ technique, I’ve come up with myself by combining two basic techniques together. When doing them on regular basis, it all adds up to help you stay healthy, boost your mood, strengthen your immune system and more!

Happy watching!



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    On the holding those “sexual” muscles and breathing exercise, do you hold the muscles tight through the whole exercise or do you release and tighten again with the breathing exercise? If release and tighten, do you release on the exhale. So inhale sounding OM in head AND imagining white light shooting up spine from tail up through head AND holding muscles tight and then exhale (doing anything else on the exhale like releasing muscles or still holding tight) … ??

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      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Hi Cindy,

      Good question! For this one, continue to hold the sexual muscles tight even through the exhale. To be more specific, hold the “pelvic floor” up. Initially this will engage the pubic muscles, anus, and perineum. Eventually with practice you will be able to isolate these muscles a bit more. The one that you really want to focus on is the perineum (though it is still ok for this exercise to be engaging all of this muscle group). You will also find that it takes some getting used to to continue to hold these muscles firm while also maintaining a relaxed exhale. You will get great results up front with this exercise, but if you continue to refine it, the results will continue to improve.

      So on the exhale, do continue to hold the muscles firm, and you can simply drop the visualization of the white light, then repeat again on the inhale.

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