How to Use Self-Hypnosis – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners 

self hypnosis techniques for beginnersSelf Hypnosis has become widely known as one of the fastest, and most powerful forms of self-growth and evolution.  It can be used to change beliefs, replacing limiting ones with more positive beneficial ones, to overcome emotional limitations, to achieve goals, and to fine tune one’s personal habits to achieve success and become the person you desire to be


The Basis of Self-Hypnosis

is that the unconscious mind (your greatest resource for success) can and will accomplish anything you ask it to, as long as the communication is clear and concise, and is presented to it in a way that it understands. 

Forget about what you may have seen in movies or at hypnosis shows for entertainment.  Hypnosis is basically a deeply relaxed, trance-like state, where the conscious mind’s activity is slowed, allowing any suggestions, images, or thoughts to slip past one’s rationale (which is usually responsible for holding you back from making deep lasting change) and sink deeply into the subconscious mind.  While in hypnosis you are still completely conscious and aware, and have the choice to exit the state at any time if you wish.  We all basically enter a hypnotic trance every time we begin to fall asleep at night.

Self-Hypnosis is a vast subject, and I encourage you to read up on it, and see what techniques appeal most to you.  Feel free to use whatever works best for you.  

The Following Self-Hypnosis Technique

has worked very well for many people, and is also very easy to do.

1. Sit, relax, and breathe deeply for about 5 minutes, with eyes closed.  Breathe deeply into your belly, up to your upper lungs, using your full lung capacity. 

2. After about five minutes of simply relaxing and breathing, say to yourself in your mind “With each breath that I take, I become more and more deeply relaxed.”  Continue to breathe for a moment

3.  As you relax more and more, imagine a piercing white light, warm like the sun, starting at the tip of your toes, and slowly moving through your feet, up your legs, through your stomach and lower back, up through your chest and upper back, down your arms, and up through your neck, jaw, and face to the top of your head.  Imagine that as this light moves through each part of your body, it relaxes it deeply.  With each part of your body it moves through, state to yourself that it is relaxed (ie: “My feet are now relaxed.  My legs are now relaxed.  My back and torso is now relaxed.”  Etc.)  After the light has moved through your entire body, finish by saying “I am now totally and completely relaxed.”

4. To bring yourself deeply into a suggestive state, you may count down from 5-0.  Before you count down, state to yourself, “I am now going to count from 5, down to 0.  With each count down, I sink deeper and deeper into my own consciousness.  By the time I reach 0, I will be in a state, where my unconscious is deeply receptive to the suggestions I give it.”  (Feel free to modify this to your own liking.) 

5.  Once you are at 0, state an affirmation/command to your subconscious mind.  Here is an example.  “I know that my unconscious mind knows how to carry out any command or request that I give it.  It is not necessary for me to understand how it will be done.  I leave it up to you, unconscious, to carry out my desires in the best possible manner.”  Know that this is true.  Your unconscious knows exactly how to carry out what you want it to in the manner that is best for you.  It also understands what you mean when you are asking it to do things.  It knows you better than you know yourself.  If you ask it to do something, do not worry about being incredibly specific, or giving it detailed instructions how to do it.  It already knows what you need, and will carry things out in a personalized way for you.

6. At this point, tell your unconscious what you want it to do.  Talk to it directly.  Allow it to use it’s own wisdom.  Here is an example of a command you could give it:  “I now command you, unconscious, to remove any obstacles that are preventing me from achieving my goal of (state your goal).  I leave it up to you to orchestrate how this will be done.  I ask that you replace any limiting beliefs that I may have that are holding me back, with new positive ones that support my success and accomplishment of my goal.  I know that you will do this in the manner that is quickest, and best for me.”

*At this time, there are a multitude of methods to use for programming and commanding your unconscious.  You may also use affirmations, repeating them over and over.  You can also visualize what it would be like to achieve your goal, the whole time saying something like “My mind is now automatically working in my favor to achieve this goal”  Be creative.  Most importantly understand that your unconscious already knows what to do to follow through with your commands. 

7. After you have given your command, relax, enjoy your trance state, and continue to think happy successful thoughts, or imagine your success.  When you are ready to come back to every day functioning, tell yourself, “I am now counting back up from 0-5.  By the time I reach 5, I will have powerfully reinforced my commands to my unconscious mind, and will be wide awake, feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and at peace.” 

8. After you’ve reached five, open your eyes and forget about the whole thing!  Your unconscious will go to work for you behind the scenes to bring about what you want.

Again, self-hypnosis (and hypnosis as a whole) is a very vast subject, with many different techniques, styles, and subtleties.  I would highly recommend spending some time studying hypnosis to anyone that is wanting to make powerful changes in their life.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can do for you.

With Love and a desire for you to succeed,




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    Ivy Baker

    I didn’t realize that an important part of hypnosis is to relax beforehand. That does seem like a thing I would struggle with a bit. Mainly because I have a hard time relaxing in the first place. But it does seem like if I could get better at relaxing then I might be able to use hypnosis to make it easier for me to relax.

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