Identity is Everything

Identity is Everything

Identity is Everything

A lot of people have questioned why I would put something as elusive and abstract as “transcendental exercises” in The Missing Link.  I can see why someone else in my position would be tempted to leave this whole thing out and keep the whole program more practical.  I’ll be honest, when I first began creating The Missing Link, I gave it a great deal of contemplation, and debated whether or not I should include it.

But ultimately, I knew that I didn’t have a choice.  If I was going to make the best brainwave entrainment meditation program I could make, this had to be a crucial part of it.  Why?  Because understanding one’s true self, being able to have an actual experience of one’s transcendental nature is the single most important part of meditation, and really life itself!

When you break it down, who (or what) you believe yourself to be is everything.  It is absolutely everything.

  • It affects how you experience life in each and every moment.
  • It affects your deepest level of self-confidence.
  • It is the most foundational key to the way you manifest and create your reality.
  • It is the one and only key to true happiness and contentment in life.
  • And it is also the key to abundance and mastering prosperity consciousness.

And yet, this type of information is all but completely left out in the majority of brainwave entrainment and self-help programs!

This is the main reason why The Missing Link ended up with its name, because it contains that missing link to the chain of all the efforts one would make in mastering their life, striving for that true joy and real success.

Without this essential piece to the puzzle people run around day in and day out, spinning their wheels, and chasing one goal after another, only to find that once they’ve achieved that one thing they were sure would make them happy, now they’re left chasing yet another thing, still in search of that elusive happiness and peace they so desperately seek.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Know Yourself

Before you start anywhere, before you go learning about things like the law of attraction, or prosperity consciousness, or all the other self-help tools that you can use to fill your “fix-yourself tool belt”, you have to first start with the most deep and fundamental issue there is:

Who are you?

Or even more, WHAT are you?

You see so many people, including masters of the self-help game, have completely skipped this most essential issue, and have gone on to learn and teach myriads of other things without realizing that all of them hinge directly and completely upon first understanding this one, simple, foundational belief.

If you don’t know who or what you are at the deepest level, everything else that you do is based upon false assumption, or lack of understanding.

We can use the law of attraction as a prime example.  How many people (maybe even yourself) work so hard with their affirmations, goals, and positive thinking to try to create a happier life for themselves?  They go chasing a new job, a higher income bracket, a better house, a better car, a new relationship, etc, without ever first stopping to question why they want or need these things in the first place.  And usually, whenever one of these goals are achieved they’re left to realize, once again, that achieving it hasn’t made them any more happy than they were before, and they move on to chase yet another goal, hoping once more that this time it’s going to be “the one” that finally sets them free.

It’s an issue of false identity.  When you believe yourself to be a small, separate, individual who is lacking, who relies upon outside circumstances: other people’s love, more of this, more of that, to be truly happy and at peace, you will always be seeking and never finding.

This whole limited sense of identity hinges upon the belief in “not enough-ness”.

But when you can get in touch with your True Self, when you know that you are everything, that you are abundance and love itself you are never lacking, and this knowing automatically manifests into your life experience from the inside out.  You do not feel lacking in anything, because you are everything.

Remembering Who You Are

This type of understanding does not come about from thinking about it.  There is no way that you can “figure it out”.  In fact, the mind that thinks about it, that tries to figure it out by reading, thinking, and musing upon the information it has is actually the #1 block to experiencing your True Identity.

The only way to truly know this truth about yourself is through experience.  You have to take the steps that lead to the experience.  And this experience is beyond the rational mind, beyond thought.  But within this experience is contained all the understanding and knowledge you will ever need.  Really, you have this understanding and knowledge about who you are all the time, it is never absent.  The mind is just completely blocking this from your awareness as you go about your life.

To have this experience you do not need to find something that isn’t already there.  You don’t need to seek or try.  What you must do is remove the blocks that are obstructing it from being obvious and apparent to you.  Just like the sun, your True nature is ever-present and always shining, it is simply a matter of moving the clouds of your chattering mind, and the belief system of your false, limited self aside so you can see it shining.  This is exactly what the transcendence exercises in The Missing Link are designed to do.

The Missing Link- A Revolutionary ApproachMissing Link Logo-Medium

The transcendence exercises contained in The Missing Link are unique and completely exclusive to this program.  Some are rooted in a spiritual application of NLP principles, and some have come from very esoteric sources and spiritual teachers in my own life.  They include meditation practices, mental exercises, and even some techniques that may seem “weird” or unusual.  The sole purpose of these practices is to give you every opportunity to reach the transcendental experience of knowing your True Self, both in meditation and out of meditation.


Beyond Self-Help and LOA

In self-help and law of attraction teachings there is a lot of talk about changing your unconscious beliefs.  For most self-help teachings, this is the end-all be-all of finding that success, happiness, and fulfillment that everyone is striving for.  Well I am here to tell you that IDENTITY is much more important.

In fact, your identity is the foundation from which ALL of your unconscious beliefs spring from.  So the idea that we need to address our beliefs is not off at all.  It’s pretty on-point, however people are missing the most important part about it: We change our unconscious beliefs by first figuring out who and what we are at the deepest level!

When we experience our True nature, it is a very real, profound experience.  It is far beyond using thoughts, words, or exercises to try to “force ourselves” into believing differently about life and ourselves.  The experience itself is real enough, is so intimately a part of you that once you are able to have it, your beliefs begin to shift on their own.

The reason this is so powerful is because it is truth, it is knowledge.  It is not just conceptual, or rational.  It penetrates to the very core-the deepest level.

The happiest truth about all of this is that you ARE abundance, you ARE Love, and you ARE infinitely powerful and safe.  These are not just things for you to HAVE, they are things for you to BE.  And you are already BEING them!  It is just a matter of seeing that this is so, and that is what meditation, Yoga, and The Missing Link are all about!

I wish you peace, success, and the happy realization of just how magnificent you are.

-Ashton A.

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