9 Secrets to Boundless Physical Energy

9 Secrets to Boundless Physical Energy

how to increase your energy level naturally

If there’s one thing that just about anybody would like, it’s more energy.  We live in very busy fast-paced times.  What would you do with more physical energy?  Put more into those projects you have started?  Perhaps start another one?  Spend more time going out and enjoying a social life?  Start a new meditation or yoga routine with the extra 1-3 hours you gain from not having to go to bed so early?

Aside from the quantity of what we could do with more energy, there’s also the quality of the things we are already doing.  Having more energy makes it easier to do what you do with a sense of EXCELLENCE.  It also gives you the ability to be in a better mood and enjoy what you’re doing more, whether it’s a big deal or a mundane task.  

We should never have to suffer and feel exhausted in our lives.  If this is happening, open yourself to the possibility that something is out of balance.  Don’t accept the notion of old age, or that you simply don’t have enough energy to do what you’re doing.  You can get more!  You can increase your energy level no matter who you are and what your situation is!

As with any physical, mental, emotional advice I give, please take action under the supervision and direction of a licensed health care practitioner.  Another thing to consider at all times is that a low energy level could be an indicator of illness or other physical problems.  Please practice common sense along with this advice and visit a doctor if you are having persistent energy problems.

 How to Increase Your Energy Level Naturally – 9 essential tips

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#1 Heal the Adrenal System

Chronic fatigue, low energy, and negative emotion are often times a sign that the adrenal glands are shot.  When you consider how the adrenaline system works, and what causes it to overwork itself, this is hardly a surprise.

The number one cause of an overtaxed adrenal system is anxiety.  Remember that any time you are experiencing stress and anxiety you are going through a mild-moderate fight or flight response, which is defined by the fact that your system is releasing adrenaline.  Anger will do the same thing.  Thus, we have found yet another reason why consistent negative emotion is unhealthy for the physical body.  In turn, we have also uncovered another legitimate reason why balancing your emotions, processing trauma and pain, and overcoming negativity will lead you to live a healthier and more energetic life.

Another big contributor to adrenal fatigue is caffeine (or other stimulants).  Energy drinks have become very popular these days, and coffee has always been something that certain people will lean on as a crutch to get them through the day.  Rest assured that if you have gotten to the point where you feel like you need an energy drink, or cup of coffee, or even a carbonated soda to dredge up the energy to make it comfortably through your day, you are already suffering from adrenal fatigue.  At worst a caffeine addiction will make it to the point that even large amounts of caffeine (triple shot espressos, energy drinks) will hardly even cause a change in your energy level or bodily state.  At this poin,t the adrenaline in the body is so depleted that it can hardly even react to caffeine anymore. 

In order to heal the adrenaline system, you must first wean yourself off of caffeine, and, if you are suffering from chronic anxiety or other adrenaline producing negative emotion, you must at least come up with a strategy for limiting your energy expenditure.  Once you have done this, you can go to your local natural wellness store and pick yourself up a tonic for the adrenaline glands. 

Not only will this greatly benefit your energy level, but you may also notice a significant boost in your mojo.  It turns out that the adrenal system is also a key contributor to your sex drive as well.


#2 Adhere to a Sleep Schedule

A sleeping schedule is not only important for your energy level, but it plays a key role in the amount of discipline you are able to cultivate in all your other endeavors.  On the esoteric level, consistently waking up before the sunrise has been traditionally thought to be healthy for the electromagnetic energy system of the body, and the early morning is said to be very conducive to meditation and other spiritual practices. 

In fact, nearly any highly successful or wealthy person will tell you that one of their secrets is that they wake up early in the morning.

Your body is constantly moving through cycles and rhythms.  When your sleeping schedule is erratic, it only makes sense that you will not be able to predict when you are going to be tired and when you are going to be energized.  Your body might not be able to fully relax and recharge when you are sleeping, and it may not be able to wake up fully when you are supposed to be giving it your all.  

When you have a consistent sleeping schedule, the body falls back into a rhythm where it can fall asleep when it knows its time, and wake up when it knows its time.  It becomes easier to wake up in the morning, AND easier to fall asleep at night.  This builds a momentum of naturally flowing energy levels.  

It’s ok to cheat every now and then, but you should only heavily mess up your consistency about once every 3 weeks.  If you really feel like you need a little extra, or really look forward to sleeping in on days off, by all means give yourself an extra 1-2 hours, but don’t exceed that.  You know it’s better to wake up early on days off anyways.  You get more of a day to spend having fun and being productive!


#3 Take Naps!

I would have to tell you that if you don’t have the time at any point during the day/week to take a quick nap, that you should seriously consider making whatever major change you need to your life to be able to do so.  

Naps are fantastic for you!  Even if you can only take a brief half-hour to hour nap, being able to fall asleep when you are tired throughout your day gives your body the chance to release pleasurable neurochemicals and endorphins into the body/brain, revitalizing and recharging you, and also lifting your mood. 

Aside from its 24 hour circadian rhythm, the human body also undergoes more frequent and smaller ultradian rhythms throughout the day and night.  Being able to identify these peaks and lulls (this is much easier to do if you are following a sleep schedule) gives you the opportunity to really maximize the power of a nap.  Even if you can’t take a nap, taking a quick sit-down to meditate, relax, or breath deeply at the low point of your ultradian rhythms will help the body maintain its energy levels throughout the day.


#4 Manage and Master Your Emotions

Beyond the practical reason that we discussed in tip #1, it is also important to understand that emotions ARE energy.  Very simply put, an emotion experienced is energy being used.  Of course, we are emotional beings and are bound to experience a range of emotions in the average day, but our degree of indulgence, identification, and sense of victimization when experiencing these emotions will affect the degree to which our energy is sapped from them.  

For example, one person may feel a sting from an unfortunate situation like their car breaking down, but may have the ability to shrug it off as something they understand is out of their control once it’s happened.  Another person may feel that same sting in the same situation, but their habits and brain could be hard-wired to take that sting and feed into it, turning it into a temper tantrum, a “poor me” inner dialogue, or a string that connects to a web of other negative thoughts and emotions.  

So it is not necessarily about trying to stop emotions altogether, it’s about giving them their place, but knowing when to let go and accept life as it is.  

Another way of putting this is that RESISTANCE drains your energy.  Resistance in any form to life and the events that your day places before you is a guaranteed method for draining your personal energy store.  The alternative to resistance, ACCEPTANCE, is your escape from unnecessary energy waste. 

There are a multitude of different methods and techniques for mastering your emotions.  For a free copy of my book “Emotional Mastery” click here.  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter so much which technique you use.  It’s more about being dedicated enough to drop one habit and replace it with another.  This means you must exercise willpower and be consistent to experience change!


#5 Deep Breathing and Pranayama

Breathing effectively AND learning to direct the life force energy of the body with the breath is a master key to your energy level, and the overall health of your whole being.  The word “pranayama” can be translated to mean both “breath control” and “control of the life force energy of the body”.  The two are really one and the same when given serious scrutiny. 

Even just the simple practice of intentionally training yourself to breathe deeply into the belly at regular intervals throughout your day will change a lot for you.  Your energy will increase, and your levels of anxiety will decrease.  In fact, this is a fantastic strategy for helping to heal adrenal fatigue as well.  You might be surprised how much your breathing habits can truly affect your emotional and mental state. 

Beyond just deep belly breathing, basic pranayama can work miracles in healing both the body and the mind.  Remember that the subtle energetic flow of the body is like a median between the emotions, thoughts, and body.  It’s one of the easiest ways to effect all three at once.  If you are new to pranayama, I recommend checking out these techniques:  Alternate nostril breathing, Skull shining, and 20 connected breaths.


#6 Eat Raw and Natural Foods

There’s no way to escape it.  Even if you are practicing all of the above techniques, you will not get much mileage without making at least a few adjustments to your diet.  Remember that raw, living foods provide the body with pure energy, and also take little energy from the body to digest and assimilate.  They also provide life-force energy to the subtle energy system. 

Some of the most important foods to avoid when working to improve energy levels are: anything high in sugar (especially processed white sugar), foods with large amounts of carbohydrates, and anything that should be brown that is processed and bleached white (ie: sugar, flour, rice) These foods all give the metabolism a huge “spike” that increases energy for a short amount of time, and then cause the metabolism to crash, leaving you more tired and with a less sustainable energy throughout your day.  Needless to say foods high in caffeine also have a similar effect.


#7 Cleanse!

There are many cleanses that one can do, but in my experience the biggest energy booster is a colon cleanse.  One of the reasons is that this is the most effective cleanse at cleaning out toxins from the body.  A good colon cleanse with bentonite clay will not just cleanse the colon, but the rest of the body too.  

Another reason why the colon cleanse is a good energy lifter lies in the fact that the colon is largely responsible for absorbing the majority of the nutrients in your food and supplements.  When the colon walls are lined with toxins, calcium build up, and impacted fecal matter, it is much harder for the body to absorb the full amount of nutrients that are passing through the digestive tract.  If you have not ever done a colon cleanse, you can rest assured that many of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you are putting in your body are not being absorbed and utilized.  So, in essence, cleansing the colon helps you get more mileage out of your fuel.


#8 Silence the Mind

Managing your emotional energy is one step, but beyond that is the management of thought itself.  Though thought does not use as much energy as emotion, it is still a use of energy.  

The average human being thinks between 12,000-70,000 thoughts in a day.  Anyone will notice, when observing their daily streams of thought, that the large majority of them are completely unnecessary.  Though we have all accepted this compulsive habit as normal life, it does not need to be this way.  By harnessing your thoughts (and I don’t mean the quality of your thoughts, but the actual frequency of your thoughts) through the basic practice of mental stillness you can gain a control over a very special type of energy; a very primordial type of energy.  Doing so will not only increase your energy level, but lend you the ability to tap into the metaphysical abilities of the mind.  It will also greatly increase your ability to manifest your goals and dreams into existence. 

So learn to silence the mind!  This is such an important skill, and one that can be easily learned through practice.  Start with just one minute.  Once you can hold the mind steady for one minute, move on to 3, then five, then 8, then 10, then 15, and so on.  You may discover a whole new side of life in this stillness.  There are many meditative techniques that you can use to help yourself do this.  Mantra Yoga is another effective tool for this.


#9 Meditate with Brainwave Entrainment

Zen Buddhist Monks, Yogis, and mystics from all time periods and traditions have been well-known to need less sleep and down time than “regular” folks.  One of the main reasons for this (aside from their mastery of the human energy system through pranayama that we talked about above) is that they have mastered the discipline of meditation.  With a level of mastery, one is able to consistently reach the lower brainwave states (ie: theta and delta) and remain in them for as long as they choose.  When in these states, many of the chemical, neurological, and physical processes that happen during sleep will occur.  In other words, in these deep brainwave states, many of the same effects of deep sleep are mirrored, thus giving the body less of a need for the common 8 + hours that we are used to.  

As most of us don’t have time to meditate for multiple hours daily, we are fortunate to have brainwave entrainment technology at our disposal.  This technology can give the complete novice to meditation access to these same deep brainwave states by just listening to an audio with headphones on. 

Pretty magical stuff! To check out some high-quality audios at the best prices on the market, check out: http://www.brainwavelove.com/high-quality-discounted-brain-entrainment-audios/



Obviously it will take you time to fully implement any of these solutions into your life, so I’d encourage you to pick 1-3 of them first, and start taking gradually and gentle steps towards mastering them.  As with most of the tips I share in these articles, mastering these areas of your life will overflow into much more of your life than your energy level.  We are holistic beings.  Everything that we do, feel, experience, and think is intertwined with everything else.  By addressing and improving one aspect of your life, you enhance others. 

My last piece of advice in this article is to hold your standard high!  It really is possible, regardless of age, schedule, disposition, etc, to have an overflowing level of energy.  It’s possible to wake up and jump out of bed feeling great!  It really is possible to work hard all day and still have energy at the end of it to work on other projects and have fun with your friends and family!  If this is not your experience, then something is out of balance.  Rather than accepting a low energy level as the norm, take action and reap the results you deserve!

That’s it for now.

In Love and service,

-Ashton A.

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