Is Changing Your Thoughts Really Enough?

Is Changing Your Thoughts Really Enough?

Changing your thoughts in order to change your life has been a hot topic for quite some time now.  The idea that you need to change your thoughts has been introduced into all kinds of different self-help teachings over the past several decades.  Though I believe that this is very important, the question is, is it enough? 

It has been asserted many times that all you need to do to manifest your dreams is change your thoughts to resonate with the things that you want in life.  The basic idea being, if you can think like you have a lot of money, you will create a lot of money.  If you think that you are worthy of that perfect relationship, and think about being in one, as if it is already happening, you will attract that into your life. 

Changing your thoughts to resonate and attract the success you want into your life is indeed critical, but I would not say by any means that this is all that needs to be done to be successful in the endeavor of manifestation.  I can see, however, how this idea could be misunderstood.

There are a lot of other things that come into play in intentionally creating the dreams that you have for your life. 

Emotions are also very important, and powerful.  Actions are equally important.  You could think all day about your life being the way you want it, but if you take no action towards that direction, you’re going to get nowhere but jaded from imagining what you want and forever keeping a distance between them and where you are now. 

Aside from emotions and action, beliefs are really the most crucial part of manifesting your world.  Your beliefs manifest almost automatically, whether you want them to or not.  Also, once you truly believe something, your mind and brain will be constantly and consistently sending your awareness evidence to support them.  This is why good beliefs are incredibly powerful, and negative or limiting beliefs can be incredibly detrimental. 

Your brain is a very powerful thing.  One of its most crucial and important functions is taking in information, sorting through it, and deciding what information makes it to your conscious awareness as an important matter, and what gets processed into the unconscious realm.  The brain is processing over 2 billion bits of information at any given moment, but will only send about 4 thousand of those bits to your awareness.  One of the largest determining factors in this type of sorting and omission of information is your beliefs. 

So you can imagine how powerful having a strong belief in something positive can be. 

Nevertheless, I believe that the reasoning for the idea that changing your thoughts is the most important thing in this game has its validity.  One way to change or form a new belief in your mind is to have the corresponding thought repeated over and over again, until it sinks deep into the unconscious mind, and is accepted as true.  This is the basic idea behind the practice of using affirmations, and it works.  The thing to keep in mind is that this requires a good deal of consistency.  

My personal opinion is that focusing too much on changing your thoughts can limit you, as there are other components to the formula, and there are even a few shortcuts that do not require so much disciplined “thought watching” and repetition of positive affirmations.  In other words, there are other options. 

I am of the belief that working directly with the emotions can bring about positive change faster than working heavily on your thoughts. 

Emotions send a much more intense and concise signal to the unconscious belief system.  In fact, we have talked about how thoughts repeated can form beliefs, but it is also worthwhile to note that even just one event in one’s life with a charged emotional intensity (either positive or negative) can immediately form a new and very strong belief without the person undergoing the experience even being aware of it.  In fact, this has happened to all of us, and is a reason why clearing and processing past trauma is important in the endeavor of goal achievement.

And again, it is also absolutely necessary that action is taken.  Sometimes this works much faster than changing your thoughts as well.  If you think you can’t do something, but try it anyways, you may find out through that action that it is indeed possible for you to do it, or at least learn how to do it. 

This experience will change your thoughts and beliefs much quicker than you sitting at home and thinking or stating affirmations about it.

(For example, you can take action right now and download my free book on Emotional Mastery, which is going to enable you to immediately take action on one of the points I’ve emphasized here – using your emotions as a powerful tool for manifestation)

What I am getting at with this whole discussion is that, yes, paying attention to your thoughts, and changing them as you go to be more in alignment with what you want in life, and who you want to be is absolutely important.  At the same time, this is not the only key to the equation, and, in my experience, is also not the primary or most important one either.  

It is just as important to learn how to process, release, and direct your emotions, and to take action, as these affect the belief system just as quickly, and sometimes more quickly than your thoughts. 

And really, the most important thing to set as a foundational understanding with manifestation is that beliefs manifest your experience, not your thoughts.  Your thoughts are something that happens in your conscious mind, which does program the unconscious mind, but does not actually do the manifesting.  Your beliefs are in the realm of the vast unconscious mind, which does do the actual manifesting. 

So keep your focus on how you can change and affect your beliefs, rather than your thoughts.  Changing your beliefs is the real project.  The practice of controlling your thoughts is a tool in your manifestation tool belt, along with other important and convenient tools as well.

The thought I’d like to leave you with is that as long as you keep your intention and motivation on achieving the end result, you will get there, regardless of the path you choose.  So keep taking action, keep moving towards what you want in any way you can!




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